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Tornado (Panavia) Topic

overscan (PaulMM)

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Dec 27, 2005
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No, this is fine. DIscussions about series built aircraft are exactly the kind of topic that belongs here.


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Nov 29, 2010
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on the subject of the Tornado.
I'm surprised Germany chose the Super Hornet and Typhoon as its replacement.
should have went F-35, especially since they wanted something that could drop the gravity bombs

by the way.. could the Tornado have been navalized (both versions)?
I am wondering if they could.. would a navalized Tornado IDS and ADV been a better option for the British carriers than the Harriers.
the IDS flew before the Ark Royal and Hermes (catapult UK carrier) retired
and was about the same weight as the F-4 that the Ark utilized. and also shorter than the F-4 so I think it could fit on the same elevators.
the swing wing would probably make it easier to land on the Ark than the F-4
Ark and Hermes flying Torando IDS and ADV would have probably done more damage to the Argentinians in 82

and perhaps instead of ski-jump follow-ons like the Invincible, the next line of ships would have been CTOL.


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Aug 4, 2019
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The F3 would have required extensive modifications to the basic structure of the fuselage to make it able to regularly take an arrestor cable.
During the early days of training RAF aircrew, the pilots were each given practice arrested landings, as they had been with the Phantom it was replacing.
Engineers found they couldn't stop fuel weeping from one of the airframes, as well as being unable to get replacement panels to fit properly. On closer inspection they found the fuselage to be considerably longer than when produced.
Checking the paperwork showed a larger number of practice arrested landings had been carried out on this particular airframe, so the practice of regular arrested landing training was halted and restricted to emergency use only.
The airframe was not up to the stresses of that kind of operation.


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Nov 29, 2010
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new video from two weeks ago.
Tornado F.3 pilot talks about his DACT experiences against the F-14, 15, 16
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHDoCzoIvp0

a quick summary

F.3 didnt do well WVR

against F-14:
went against them twice
picked the up early on radar due to its size. picked them up BVR and both sides generally equal there
not worried about Phoenix but more about Sparrows
could tell what mode F-14 radar was operating in
during WVR, F-14 circled better. But the F3 pilot was able to get the F-14 to overshoot

against F-15:
worked a lot with.
said always superior to F.3 at all regimes.
generally better in terms of radar, better or same with weapons, but felt the ASRAAM were better than the AIM-9X
the only F3 advantage he felt was the 2 people cockpit (against the F-15C), and they focused on that through confusion by keeping them busy with flying and radar tracking and using gaps in miscoordination to attack to sneak through.
Skyflash not as long ranged as AIM-7M, but not that far behind either. It changed when they got AMRAAMs which gave the Brits a challenge.
F-15s easy to see due to larger size

F-15 pilots attitude "we're coming down in the middle of the street, you can see us, but we dont care, what can you do against us" lol

against F-16:
F-16s started the fight closer. They were not really counter air fighters.
Smaller size and more maneuverable, much better for WVR
F.3, no matter what version or weapons, could not keep up. F-16 would end it quickly, usually in the first circle.
the pilot thought they stood a slightly better chance against the F-18s, but def not the F-16s in wvr.
Tactic was to keep the F-16 at arms length. had to use guile and cunning

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