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  1. G

    unknown late war german missiles...

    Photo taken by Italian POW in Germany, 1945. Any idea what they represent?? The bigger missile looks like a BV 246 but with different wings and empennage... The smaller missile is a real mystery...
  2. Grey Havoc

    Switzerland in World War II

  3. Grey Havoc

    Luftwaffe Ace Erich Brunotte

  4. V

    Secret Projects of the Luftwaffe

    A couple new books are on pre-order at Amazon.co.uk: https://www.amazon.com/Fighters-1945-Secret-Projects-Luftwaffe/dp/1911658085/ref=sr_1_1?qid=1563554467&refinements=p_27%3ADan+Sharp&s=books&sr=1-1&text=Dan+Sharp...