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Secret Projects


Forum Indices by topic, manufacturer, or requirement

Space Projects

Unbuilt spacecraft projects

Army Projects

Unbuilt tanks, APCs etc

Missile Projects

Unbuilt missile projects

Research Topics

Designation Systems

A place to research manufacturers' designation systems

Patent Pending

A forum to post patent images which might correspond to unbuilt projects


Built, unbuilt and prototype engines of all types

Alternative History and Future Speculation

Discussions on what might have been in the past or what might be in the future.

User Artwork

Computer drawings and CGI images of real projects created by our users

Modelling Forum

Scale Modelling of Unbuilt Projects

Other Resources

Bookshelf & Marketplace

Book reviews, prerelease information, & related products

Museums, Events & Shows

Museums, Events and Shows of interest to forum members



Aerospace discussion on any topics you like - not unbuilt projects


Discussion about tanks, ships, and other military technologies - not unbuilt projects

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