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All users should be familiar with the rules of the forum.
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Posting Guidelines

  • The primary purpose of the forum is to discuss unbuilt military and aerospace technology in various forms.
  • Posts on UFOs, Nazi wunderwaffen/flying saucers, conspiracy theories, alien crashes, moon landing denials and the like are specifically discouraged and would be better posted elsewhere.
  • Political, religious and nationalistic posts are discouraged.
  • Posts on alternative history or speculation should be posted in the Alternative History and Future Speculation board here.
  • The primary purpose of the "Secret Projects" sections of this forum is to document real, but unbuilt, projects. Prototypes that didn't enter series production may also be appropriate at the discretion of the moderators. Aircraft built in series production should generally be discussed in the "Aerospace" section, warships, tanks and other military vehicles in the "Military" section, etc.
  • Please do not post your own "fantasy" projects in the Secret Projects forum. Designs by aeronautical engineering students, professional speculation by informed artists and the like can be posted in the Fictional, Theoretical and Speculative Projects forum here.
  • Scale modellers wanting to post about potential ideas for models should probably sign up to our sister board What if Modelers Forum or Beyond The Sprues.
  • Do not post patent images in the Secret Projects sections unless you have good reason to believe they may represent a real project or illustrate technology used in a real project. Other potentially interesting (but not identified to a particular project) patent images should go in "Patent Pending" section.
  • Before you post, please try searching the forum to see if there is already a topic existing for your theme. Unlike most forums this is not just a discussion site, its also a database of unbuilt projects. Posting in a many years old topic with new information is perfectly fine. However, don't put posts in topics they don't fit in. Try to create sensible topic titles for new posts that accurately describe the contents and will help others find the content easily.
  • Please don't repost existing pictures in other topics - link to the original topic and pictures, don't duplicate and waste resources by uploading the same picture again.
  • No Sponging. Endless requests for information without contribution is not encouraged. If you need some information on a project, why not start by sharing what you found already, and see if others join in with additional material. This also means if moderators or other members give you links to relevant materials, please READ them before coming back to the topic with more questions.
  • No Bumping. This means don't post a reply to a topic, be it your own topic or another topic, just to get it back on the first page, or complain at the lack of answers to your question. You have no right to a reply, and can't expect instant results.
  • No Trolling. This means no posts aimed at stirring controversy with other users, inciting racial or religious arguments or pointless speculations.
  • Don't Feed Trolls. If you see a troll post (as above) report it to the moderators. Don't start posting replies, it only encourages them.
  • Google is your friend. Try searching the internet to see if the information you seek is already out there. Then share what you found.
  • Give your sources. This is vital to allow other forum members to judge your contribution appropriately and to appropriately credit the original source.
  • Judge your source's reliability. Wikipedia is rarely a useful source on aircraft projects. Hesitate before posting Wikipedia information - at least, find the source cited on Wikipedia.
  • Moderators can and will move split or delete posts and topics to help organise the forum better or if they are posted in an inappropriate section.
  • Persistently ignoring the posting guidelines may result in your posts being moderated, temporary, or permanent banning from the forum.
  • When quoting posts, try to limit your quote to just the relevant portions of the post you are replying to.
Posting Images & Copyright
  • ALWAYS post images via the forum's attachment option, not as links. This way we won't lose the image if the original source website disappears.
  • Where possible, seek permission from the copyright holder before posting any images. Images posted under a defence of "fair use" (e.g. US) or "fair dealing" (e.g. UK/Europe) should be low resolution (e.g. no larger than 1200 pixels in width and height), for discussion and comment, and not cause financial harm to the copyright holder. The rights of the copyright holder to object to posted material always take priority over "fair use".
  • If you are the copyright holder, or have permission from the copyright holder to post an image, you can use as high a resolution as you like, subject to the file size limit of uploaded images.
  • NEVER post images or whole pages from currently available books or magazines without the permission of the copyright holder. This harms revenues and may jeopardise the production of future books and magazines. Aviation publishing isn't a big money maker and we must support the authors and publishers. Posting a summary in your own words is acceptable.
  • Copyright law can be complex and vary from country to country. We fully respect the rights of photographers, artists, authors, publishers and manufacturers. If you feel that a post infringes your copyright, report it using the "report" button found in each post and explain what the problem is and it will be removed.

Posting Video Links
  • The forum software knows about many video hosting sites such as Youtube. You don't need to use any embedding code, just type in the link and the forum software will automagically embed the video in the page for you.

General Conduct
  • Remember The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would have them treat you.
  • ALWAYS be polite and civil in forum posts.
  • Personal attacks on others are ALWAYS inappropriate. Disagree all you like with their ideas or opinions, but don't resort to name-calling or flaming. Argue facts, not personalities.
  • Remind yourself that these are people with whom you are dealing. They have feelings. Try to treat others with dignity. The world is a big place, with different cultures and conventions.
  • If other users are not as civil as you would like them to be, be more civil, not less in response. That way you don't contribute to the degredation of the tone of the forum by your own actions but are actively doing something about it. Some of our older members in particular are actively turned off from the forum by rudeness, lack of respect and pointless slanging matches, and some valuable former engineers have been lost from the forum's membership.
  • Keep in mind that raw text may be ambiguous and often seems ruder than the same words coming from a person standing in front of you. Irony is not always obvious when written. Remember that text comes without facial expressions, vocal inflection, or body language. Be careful choosing the words you write: what you mean might not be what others understand. Likewise, be careful how you interpret what you read: what you understand might not be what others mean, especially if English is not their first language.
  • If you feel that a post is in the wrong section, is pointlessly stupid, or otherwise obectionable, report it using the "report" button found in each post and explain what the problem is. Your compaint will be reviewed by a moderator as soon as practicable. Don't jump in and post replies in the topic.
  • Some forum members are (former/current) engineers with years of industry experience, or respected journalists in their fields. Be respectful of their knowledge and experience where appropriate.
  • Give back what you can, when you can. If you have nothing to add, but you really appreciated something somebody posted, like their post, or send them a private message of thanks. Keep an eye out for information others on the board might find interesting, even if you don't, while researching your own interests.
  • Membership of this forum is a privilege not a right. The site administrator and moderators reserve the right to delete accounts, edit posts as appropriate, and ban users if abuse of this privilege take place.
  • Only one login per user is allowed on the forum. Users creating duplicate logins may face temporary or permanent ban. If you have a genuine reason to create an additional logon, for example a problem with your account, message me @overscan via the forum or email. (Paul Martell-Mead) and I will sort it out.
  • Please invite any likeminded people you know to join us here.
  • If you like, introduce yourself in this topic.
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