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  1. Voltzz

    MBB Anti-Armour Projects

    I just found a very interesting picture on wikipedia, and i dont know where else to post it. All information i have for now is from wikipedia so take it with a grain of salt. i found it on the LRAC F1 article so maybe it was an alternative proposal for that program. In the image the rocket...
  2. Grey Havoc

    Maritime Airborne Warning System (Franco-German project)

  3. uk 75

    West German Bundesmarine Naval Projects

    Just bought the 1968/9 and 1969/70 Jane's Fighting Ships and found two interesting West German naval projects which were planned for the 1970s but were different from the final vessels. The first is for 16 missile equipped fast patrol boats. These would carry the Tartar missile system in...
  4. Grey Havoc

    Rheinmetall Autonomous Combat Warrior

    View: https://www.reddit.com/r/TankPorn/comments/xzln4a/german_manufacturer_rheinmetalls_autonomous/
  5. Spey_Phantom

    Future Mid-Size Tactical Cargo (FMTC)

    France, Germany and Sweden have agreed to develop a new medium-size tactical transport plane. this is intended to replace the C-130J in the 2040's and supplement the Airbus A400M https://www.janes.com/defence-news/news-detail/france-germany-sweden-launch-future-transport-aircraft personel...
  6. C

    Franco-german super Caravelle

    So I was reading " concorde and the Americans" and one of the things that caught my eye was that neither Britain or France were each others first choice. Britain originally wanted to work with America inorder to build the first supersonic jet, but the Americans were set on there mach 2.7 speed...
  7. lantinian

    Rheinmetall KF51 Panther

    That seems to have been an early peek into the KF-51 Panther, a 59 tons version of the KF-41 Lynx armed with 130 mm cannon aimed to replace the Leopard 2. The vehicle will be unveiled at Eurosatory 2022 on June 13th at 14:00 local time...
  8. C

    German-French MBT-90

    So I have been looking at various late cold war tank projects (abrams block 3, Panzerkampfwagen 2000 ect) and one thing that keeps popping up but which i can not find any information about is the mbt-90 program, aperintly Germany figured 3ed times a charm (after mbt-70 with the US and mbt-80...
  9. M

    German Bundeswehr contracts Polaris Raumflugzeuge for scaled demo Aurora hypersonic "spaceplane"

    More in German. https://www.flugrevue.de/militaer/auftrag-an-polaris-raumflugzeug-demonstrator-fuer-die-bundeswehr/
  10. E

    Germany shuts down half of its 6 remaining nuclear plants

  11. P

    Rheinmetall W&M GmbH 105mm smooth bore gun program???

    Does anyone know what came of this Rheinmetall W&M GmbH 105mm smooth bore gun program? Did Rheinmetall actual finish developing and commercialising this gun? If so what is the guns designation...
  12. E

    German pensioner given hefty fine for WW2 tank in house

    Well, this is embarrassing. (Fortunately, my JagdTiger is well hidden and camouflaged in a nearby woods. If they haven't spotted it by now...) https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-58077039
  13. P

    Proposed outgrowth variants of Spähpanzer Luchs 8x8 reconnaissance vehicle?

    I've been trying in vain to assertain if there was proposed outgrowth variants of the by Daimler-Benz Spähpanzer Luchs 8x8 armoured reconnaissance vehicle? I'm particularly interested as to the adoptability of the Spähpanzer Luchs turret ring size and if larger and heavier armaments were...
  14. M

    The German Wiesel AWC replacement project, the airborne weapon carrier (GSD LuWa)

    Translated form German. https://soldat-und-technik.de/2021/07/bewaffnung/27778/luftbeweglicher-waffentraeger-luwa-gesamtsystemdemonstrator-vorgestellt/ CGI of the demonstrator.
  15. monochromelody

    Euromissile HOT ATLAS launcher

    Few years before I came over a unique HOT missile launcher mounted on a rover. Known as HOT ATLAS, it is the only man-power operated HOT launcher, service in Moroccan Army. Any further info or pics about it?
  16. uk 75

    Alt Germany post 1950

    West Germany in our timeline has since 1951 been a constant pillar in the Western Alliance and a key partner or customer for modern weapons and other secret projects. What if things had been different and other forms had occured. German unification along Austrian or Finnish lines as a member...
  17. hannesjo

    Unbekannte Panzerstudie

    Hello dear tank friends :) Here I show an unknown tank concept that dates back to the 70s! There are no details available, just the contour! Its in 1:10 scale Greetings from Frielendorf Germany
  18. J

    Replacement of Challenger 2 with Leopard 2

    I've seen a number of threads on Youtube that is suggesting that the British Army is considering replacing it Challenger 2's with Leopard 2's instead of undertaking the CLEP. I've got to admit the videos are not brilliant; one of the makers Huff Hack is awful - the read of the stats of various...
  19. uk 75

    Trigat missile family

    Back in the Cold War the France, Germsny and the UK embarked on an ambitious programne to produce a family of third generation anti tank missiles. The only survivor is the long range helicopter launched version https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/PARS_3_LR. Like the SP70 gun and RS80 (described in...
  20. monochromelody

    Unknown Rheinmetall 75mm mortar/RCLR weapon system

    Happen to see this weird shoulder fired recoilless launcher several months ago, named Speer, 75mm caliber smoothbore. When looking for infos in Rheinmetall weapon handbook 1977, found this, Hellebarde, a vehicle mounted weapon, Düsenkanone=recoilless gun. Same caliber, similar effective range...
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