west germany

  1. helmutkohl

    What if Germany went through with VTOL aircraft?

    Germany was experimenting with various VTOL aircraft during the cold war in the end they didn't go for any of them. in this alternate scenario.. what if Germany did order some into production? 1. Which design would be the most likely to lead to operation? they had the VAK 191, DO 31 (this...
  2. monochromelody

    Euromissile HOT ATLAS launcher

    Few years before I came over a unique HOT missile launcher mounted on a rover. Known as HOT ATLAS, it is the only man-power operated HOT launcher, service in Moroccan Army. Any further info or pics about it?
  3. uk 75

    Alt Germany post 1950

    West Germany in our timeline has since 1951 been a constant pillar in the Western Alliance and a key partner or customer for modern weapons and other secret projects. What if things had been different and other forms had occured. German unification along Austrian or Finnish lines as a member...
  4. A

    Project NEPTUN - 1967 German RLV study

    Hi. Found on the bay a (yet undocumented here) 1967 report authored by H.H. Koelle (Institute of space Technology / Berlin Technical University). The "student" study report might bear some interest today. Enjoy. A.
  5. Grey Havoc

    British Army Volkswagen Beetles

    Quick question: Does anyone know the official designation that the British Army and War Office used for the BAOR's Beetle saloons (initially referred to simply as the 'Volkswagen Saloon')? There seems to be some indication that other British Army commands and detachments in Western Europe may...
  6. hannesjo

    Unbekannte Panzerstudie

    Hello dear tank friends :) Here I show an unknown tank concept that dates back to the 70s! There are no details available, just the contour! Its in 1:10 scale Greetings from Frielendorf Germany
  7. uk 75

    British Army of the Rhine alternatives

    The British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) based in Germany for the duration of the Cold War was a significant component of British defence spending and equipment in the postwar era. It is a very complicated subject, and . unlike the Royal Navy or the RAF has not been such a popular subject for books...
  8. Wyvern

    Erprobungsträger mit 3-achs Stabilisiertem Turm

    This vehicle probably has the longest name for a tank I have ever seen, but there is something more special about than just the name. It had a 3-axis stabilisation system. Many World War 2 era American tanks, mainly on the Sherman, only had a stabilisation system in the vertical plane only...
  9. monochromelody

    Unknown Rheinmetall 75mm mortar/RCLR weapon system

    Happen to see this weird shoulder fired recoilless launcher several months ago, named Speer, 75mm caliber smoothbore. When looking for infos in Rheinmetall weapon handbook 1977, found this, Hellebarde, a vehicle mounted weapon, Düsenkanone=recoilless gun. Same caliber, similar effective range...
  10. Michel Van

    F-14 Tomcat for German Luftwaffe ?

    i found information (only in few sentence) That Germany look into option to by F-14 Tomcats Got some one more Information about that ? source: http://www.anft.net/f-14/f14-history-f14a-export.htm
  11. Grey Havoc

    Taktisches Luft-Verteidigungs-System (Tactical Air Defense System) [TLVS] 1980s

    The primary contractors on this late 1980s program were MBB, AEG and Siemens. Unfortunately it fell prey to the post-Cold War peace dividend, being cancelled in favour of what originally had been a stopgap program as far as Germany was concerned, the US led Advanced Tactical PATRIOT, later to...
  12. richard

    HFB Luft-Yacht project .

    Unknown to me , those HFB projects : 2 Mappen - H.F.B. Flugzeugentwicklung Nachkrieg Flugzeugbau | eBay - Twin jet Flying boat " Luft-Yacht " : - HFB 146 transport - ( BTW the HFB 145 (later HFB C-209) was a modernized CASA 207 )
  13. Kiltonge

    Euromissile HOT

    Some interesting snippets of could-have-beens about HOT as I slowly work my way through the COMHART volume on anti-tank weapons http://www.scribd.com/doc/38606186/COMHART-T10-Armements-antichars-missiles-guides-et-non-guides-France-2008. 1. Initially the booster motor exhausted through two...
  14. uk 75

    UK and FRG cooperation (Not the MBT 80, Challenger etc)

    I thought it might be helpful to tease out this aspect from the British centric discussion. Originally the West Germans intended to replace their M48s with the MBT 70, a joint production with the United States which ground to a halt because of complexity and high cost. German sources on the...
  15. S

    German Navalized ROLAND-II SAM system

    In the early to mid 1970's the German navy was experimenting with the navalization of both the Gepard SPAA gun system and the ROLAND-II surface to air missile system. I was wondering does anyone know if these systems were ever tested successfully and ever used? I remember seeing them in a old...
  16. Michel Van

    Germans Cold War Spyplanes - D-450 Egrett-1 D-500 G-520 Strato G-850 Strato C2

    in beginn of 1988, the German Media show picture of a unusual German Prototype Grob Werke D-450 Egrett-1 a propeller plane with extrem long wings [picture 1] this was joint Luftwaffe-USAF program "LAPAS" - called in U.S. "Senior Guardian" Luftgestütztes, abstandsfähiges Primär-Aufklärungssystem...
  17. Abraham Gubler

    Kampfwagen 90 Marder 2

    Developed as the first of the West German Army KW 90 vehicles in the 1980s (the others being the PZH 2000 and a new tank) was the Krauss Maffei Marder 2. The design won a competition in 1988 and two prototypes were built. German Army requirements published in 1984 were: Same mobility as Leopard...
  18. P

    Rapier SAM / Marder MICV Combination Project

    I found this proposal for a British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) Rapier SAM system incorporated into a West German Marder MICV chassis, in a copy of a 1972-73 Jane’s Weapon Systems, which I purchased the other day in a second hand book shop. This Rapier/Marder project looks a very thorough thought...
  19. Y

    Spanish/German LINCE

    Lince was a paper project, not very known. In 1974 -Franco still alive- arrived to Spain the first 19 AMX-30, made in France, to be quickly deployed in Spanish Sahara. The agreement with France included the license to manufacture this tank by Empresa Nacional Santa Bárbara. So, AMX-30 became...
  20. Abraham Gubler

    APE Amphibious Engineer Reconnaissance Vehicle

    The following information has been copied from Jane’s Light Tanks and Armoured Cars 1984 by Christopher F. Foss. It is posted here for educational purposes: APE Amphibious Engineer Reconnaissance Vehicle Development In the early 1960s EWK (Eisenwerke Kaiserslautern Göppner GmbH) developed a...