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west germany

  1. Grey Havoc

    Taktisches Luft-Verteidigungs-System (Tactical Air Defense System) [TLVS] 1980s

    The primary contractors on this late 1980s program were MBB, AEG and Siemens. Unfortunately it fell prey to the post-Cold War peace dividend, being cancelled in favour of what originally had been a stopgap program as far as Germany was concerned, the US led Advanced Tactical PATRIOT, later to...
  2. uk 75

    UK and FRG cooperation (Not the MBT 80, Challenger etc)

    I thought it might be helpful to tease out this aspect from the British centric discussion. Originally the West Germans intended to replace their M48s with the MBT 70, a joint production with the United States which ground to a halt because of complexity and high cost. German sources on the...
  3. S

    HWK series AFVs

    In "Encyclopedia of Tanks" by Crow and Icks, there are brief details of a series of AFVs on a common chassis. The picture is clearly of the small turret 20mm cannon version, though it is captioned by the arrow as having a 90mm recoilless rifle. Has anyone a picture of the 90mm variant, please...