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  1. hesham

    MBB HST-230 hypersonic civil transport

    Hi, I aware that my dear Boxkite mentioned this aircraft before here; http://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=2924.msg23631 and here is its model from Flightglobal; http://www.flightglobal.com/PDFArchive/View/1987/1987%20-%200980.html
  2. hesham

    Bolkow Bo.125 helicopter

    Hi, my dear Boxkite spoke about that helicopter project before,and I don't know its shape,until I found it in Flightglobal site. http://www.flightglobal.com/PDFArchive/View/1977/1977%20-%203705.html
  3. C

    SP 70 / PzH 155-1

    I read long time ago in Armies & Weapons the prototype of the SP-70, a cancelled self propelled howitzer but nothing on the web. Do you have something about it ? ;D
  4. RyanC

    DIVAD Proposals

    Sperry's Proposal for the DIVAD system: Was based off their earlier T37 VIGILANTE AA Gun, but rechambered in 35mm NATO instead of 37mm. ------ General Electric's Proposal for the DIVAD system: Utilizing their GAU-8A AVENGER cannon system.
  5. hesham

    Hamburger HFB-209 & HFB-314 Projects

    Hi, Does anyone hear about HFB-209 twin turboprop transport aircraft which developed from CASA C-209 and HFB-314 airliner which intended to compete the Caravelle ?.
  6. hesham

    Meindl-van Nes M.15/A.XV from Austria

    Hi, there is unknown aircraft I found it,it was from Austria, any informations.
  7. P

    Saunders Roe P.177 / SR.177

    I've cut and pasted this from another site SR.177 is a mixed powerplant interceptor and quite a flexible design to boot. Japan had a look at it too, and at one point examined weather to buy the SR.53's. and the production jigs. Had it entered service, its most likely the RAF and RN would...
  8. richard

    Heinkel Postwar Fighters

    Who could post a picture of the 1957 Heinkel He 012 ( or 021 ? ) fighter project ? Thanks a lot for the help ! Richard
  9. S

    HWK series AFVs

    In "Encyclopedia of Tanks" by Crow and Icks, there are brief details of a series of AFVs on a common chassis. The picture is clearly of the small turret 20mm cannon version, though it is captioned by the arrow as having a 90mm recoilless rifle. Has anyone a picture of the 90mm variant, please...
  10. boxkite

    Messerschmitt designations (post-war and pre-MBB)

    Sorry for the delay, I was busy with non-aviation things :( . Here are the P xxxx numbers of unbuilt Messerschmitt/MBB projects (mainly source is “Willy Messerschmitt – Pionier der Luftfahrt und des Leichtbaues” by Ebert, Kaiser and Peters/ISBN 3-7637-6103-9): · P 1118 – four-seat touring...
  11. GTX

    Panther Anti-Tank/Anti-Helicopter

    This was a project of the (then) West German Army during the late '80s/early'90s. It was designed for anti-tank and anti-helicopter warfare roles and was based on the hull of the Leopard 1 chassis converted by removing the turret and fitting an elevating arm with weapons/sensors that could reach...
  12. P

    West German Leopard 3 MBT

    In the late 1980's I remember the West Germans talking about their plans for their next gen of MBT that was going to replace the Leopard 1. It was called the Leopard 3. Does anyone have anything in the way of how far this project got - i.e prototype? is there any art work or drawings or...
  13. overscan (PaulMM)

    MBT 70 family

    Nice pics of an MBT-70 prototype http://tanxheaven.com/mbo/MBT-70/MBT-70.htm
  14. C

    Grob G850 Strato 2C

    Hi Everyone! I'm very interested in the Grob G850 Strato 2C, (a research aircraft), and I was wondering if anyone had any three-views of this aircraft and if so, could you possibly post them on this website. I'd like to do some illustrations of this aircraft and possibly a scratch-built model...
  15. R

    Messerschmitt Me 321/323, pre- and follow-on projects (ZSO 523)

    Have you ever heard about the Zeppelin/SNCASO ZSO 523? I´ve been trying to find info about it, but it was very hard, all I have is it was a big aircraft with six engines. Raravia
  16. Jemiba

    VAK 191, Development, Variants & Prototypes

    Just found in an brochure from DaimlerChryslerAerospace. Probably well known, nevertheless ...
  17. overscan (PaulMM)

    Northrop P700 / N310 / N/D-102 tailless fighter

    Here are some pics of the Northrop/Dornier ND102