cold war

  1. Roland55

    Fixed/land based Blowpipe system

    Ive seen the Blowpipe in its original configuration the one mounted on land rovers (as well as the submarine one), but this..? its a bit unusual! Could be just a concept/proposal, or even a prototype? The image was taken out of the MACH 1 magazine, where an article detailed the operation of...
  2. flateric

    ASWS Advanced Strike Weapon System

    Late 80s program - a low-cost LO ATG missile using Tomahawk and Maveric elements. Boeing ASWS report bits from Worthpoint + some details from Senate hearings
  3. V

    Northrop N-204 reconnaissance plane project

    The Northrop N-204 was an advanced high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft project conceived in the fall of 1957, derived from Northrop's earlier N-165 spyplane design. It was powered by eight Westinghouse J54 turbojets arranged in two groups of four side-by-side engines between the outer wing...
  4. Michel Van

    TP1 Fuchs 8x8 as Armoured troop carrier for Dutch Army.

    In end of 1970s the Bundeswehr issue the Transportpanzer 1 Fuchs The Dutch Army show interest in Fuchs but as Armoured Troop Carrier in 1980s So they build the TPz 1 Fuchs 8x8 prototype for Dutch. The TPz 1 Fuchs 8x8 BTR was longer as 8 m with a width of about 3 m and a height (on the roof of...
  5. uk 75

    HMS Cockade in Korean War

    A friend of mine has asked me to check out a rumour that HMS Cockade sank a suspected Soviet sub while serving with a US force in the Korean War. He thinks the papers are embargoed until at least 2050.
  6. P

    1963 Apollo

  7. P

    1962 lunar lander

  8. P

    USAF Lunex Spacecraft (1958)

  9. WANX

    Question about displacemant of the Minotaur class cruiser and 1944 cruiser of the Royal Navy

    This is a question troubled me while I was reading Rebuilding the Royal Navy. At the start of the second chapter, which is the chapter titiled "The Demise of the cruiser", there is a paragraph like this: "The new design had a flush deck, which resulted in a saving of only 40 tons over Design...
  10. Grey Havoc

    Colin Powell dead Complications from a breakthrough case of Covid-19 apparently. Despite his service as SecState, he was probably best known for his role (while still in the Army as head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) in Operation Desert...
  11. klem

    ID Bell glide bomb.

    I'm looking for more information about this Bell glide bomb.thanks
  12. Grey Havoc

    Royal Afghan Army

  13. uk 75

    Lessons from the USN Knox class

    With all the discussions on the post Cold War travails of the US Navy especially with its escort ship programmes it is worth recalling an earlier troubled programme. I will use Wikipedia to set the scene for those not familiar with the USN Knox class ASW escorts...
  14. A Tentative Fleet Plan

    PD-214 Security Class Maritime Administration conceptual mobilisation ship 1974-1981

    Source: p474-p475, US Amphibious Ships and Craft, Norman Friedman The Center of Naval Analyses (CNA) compared a number of different ship designs for the role of the Maritime Prepositioning Squadron (MPS). One of these was the PD-214 "Security Class" (C8-M-MA134), a conceptual mobilisation ship...
  15. sferrin

    Soviet P-20 "Sokol" Surface-Launched, Sea-Based Missile

  16. G

    Looking for: Data on Soviet reentry vehicles (used during ICBM launch tests to Kamchatka, and Pacific Ocean)

    Everyone, I am aware that there are lots of illustrations and even some photos of Soviet-era nuclear warheads intended to be put on their ICBMs. But what I haven't found is data about: a)--During ICBM launch tests from Tyuratam (to Kamchatka and/or the Pacific Ocean), what was the dimensions...
  17. uk 75

    Sensible conclusion by the Irish Army

    Interesting time capsule which reminds us that military planners are usually wiser than their political masters.,safety%20of%20the%20minority%20population%22.
  18. M

    Militavia - Military Aviation & Air Defense

    Here is the "first" video, it is the cont. of the series about the Soviet SAM systems. Move video will come about this and many other topics soon.
  19. Grey Havoc

    Soviet Space Elevator (1970)

  20. J

    Kissinger never gets to leave Germany

    Kissinger never gets to leave Germany. The United States wins every war of the twentieth century. In the 21st century the United States is the most respected and influential power in the world and succeeds in creating a free, rich and democratic global society.