cold war

  1. Hood

    Vickers VC.4

    I have come across some information on the proposed VC.4 three-engined transatlantic airliner project of 1949. Information on the VC.4 was used to demonstrate aerodynamic drag issues in a Royal Aeronautical Society lecture by E. J. Edwards on 24 November 1949 entitled A Review of Aerodynamic...
  2. Moose

    S.S. United States Facing Eviction

    The SS United States conservancy has been beating the drum for awhile that time is running out on their current moorage. Unfortunately, there is now a firm date looming. View: 9/12/24 is entirely too close to comfort...
  3. D

    AFFDL Cold Thrust Augmentation Fighter Concepts

    Taken from Structural Design Considerations for Cold Thrust Augmentation Fighter Concepts.
  4. YourChair

    American Postwar 14-inch rocket, "Richard"

    In the US Carriers book, Friedman mentions that after the war, considerations had to be made in carrier designs for a "14-inch rocket", that did not progress far enough to enter service: The only information on this rocket I could find comes from the Wikipedia article on the Tiny Tim: (I would...
  5. F

    Martin Marietta SSTO ( Space Shuttle Competitor)

    I am doing research regarding Martin Marietta Single stage to Orbit vehicle. I have not found much information online and was wondering if anyone had any information. All I have found is the NASA Contractor report. Thank you
  6. uk 75

    NATO big SSMs

    When the UK gave up carriers in the 60s the alternative was supposed to be a family of helicopter, ship and sub launched missiles. In the event while Wasp helicopters did get AS12s it took nearly a decade before Exocet equipped some destroyers and frigates. Sea Skua for Lynx did not arrive...
  7. uk 75

    Failed Deterrence

    The Cold War in retrospect seems almost an oasis of reasonable behaviour. From 1945 to 1991 the US and Soviet Union only ratcheted up deliberately to threaten nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 and the October 1973 Arab Israel war. There were other occasions (notably Able...
  8. R

    RAAF F-104A in 1957?

    In late 1956-early 1957 the RAAF received Cabinet approval to acquire 30 F104A to equip a single sqn, this was announced publicly, but in mid 1957 this order (or approval) was cancelled and instead the RAAF ordered 40 Australian built CAC Avon Sabres. It is important to note that this order, if...
  9. quellish

    Sandia Extended Range Bomb (ERB) concept

    In the late 1970s Sandia explored the design of a maneuvering glide bomb, the Extended Range Bomb: "Aerodynamic Design of an Extended Range Bomb" "TIGER -- A technology to improve the delivery capability of nuclear bombs and the survivability of the...
  10. G

    William Anders dead; killed in plane crash; was 90

    News just came over the transom to me.
  11. bercr

    AJ SAVAGE IN ACTION - David Doyle
  12. K

    Divergence on the Runway: An Alternate History of Military Aviation (1956-1982)

    Quick background: I like building what-if scale model aircraft, especially cold-war timeframe and I have a collection of kits that I wanted to weave into a comprehensive story. To that end as a thought experiment I did a little alternative history. The timeline basically starts in the late 50s...
  13. Mark Nankivil

    McDonnell Model T196-4

    Good Day All - From last week's visit to Gerry Balzer to pick up the remainder of his personal library and collection, we came across a sealed box of small rolled drawings out in the garage. Covered in dust and grime, sure glad it was sealed. This drawing was in the box and is a new design to...
  14. E

    Challenger: A True Story of Heroism and Disaster on the Edge of Space

    Available now.
  15. Arjen

    GPS location and mapping errors compared to the real world

    Found on Anastasia Bizyayeva's More at the link.
  16. Grey Havoc

    Ethiopian Navy (, registration or subscription may be required)
  17. R

    WI 'Dogfight' Red Top and/or Matra R530?

    In response to the demands of the Vietnam War RoE forcing 'dogfights' the US developed the AIM9E version of the Sidewinder and the AIM7E-2 version of the Sparrow, while the AIM9D had started production in 1965. WI if the British and/or French found themselves in a similar situation as the US in...
  18. uk 75

    1984 vs 2024 how bad are things?

    Back in 1984 the Reagan administration had faced up to the Soviet threat and produced a report for the public called "Soviet Military Power" which set out the Soviet arsenal and the US forces lined up against it. In 2024 the Biden administration has produced nothing similar setting out the...
  19. flateric

    ex-Skunk Works chief Sherman 'Sherm' Mullin RIP

    as I understand went mostly unnoticed, did happen back in April It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Sherman Mullin, retired president of LMCO's Skunk Works and a valued member on our Board of Trustees Sherman "Sherm" Mullin had an illustrious 56-year career in aerospace...
  20. Y

    CH-113 Labrador helicopter HF set question

    I'd like to ask for help in identification of the High Frequency (HF) radio set from ca. 1963 used on the Canadian CH-113 Labrador helicopter (a version of the CH-46 Sea Knight). The control unit of the HF set is visible on the image below under #8. Notably it has separate controls for the...
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