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  1. B

    "Improved F-5" and STOL F-5, from 1964

    I have come across an article from Air Force Magazine (link below) about the F-5 dated December 1964 that briefly talks about two variants of the F-5 apparently being offered at the time. First, an improved F-5A with slightly higher thrust ("J85-13/J5", 4300 lbf, 220 lbf higher than the...
  2. Antonio

    The art of NASA
  3. uk 75

    Salamander Books nostalgia

    Although we are well provided for these days with books, magazines and above all the Internet, I still enjoy my collection of Salamander books from the 70s and 80s. These big glossy full colour books were amazing at a time when most books on modern weapons were mainly illustrated in black and...
  4. uk 75

    Lance Missile for naval use

    I recall seeing in a little paperback book with artwork on "Rockets and Missiles" from.1970 or so a drawing of an SRN5 hovercraft equipped either side of the cabin with Lance battlefield missiles. I have the book on US Amphibious ships by Friedman and could not find if this version of Lance was...
  5. J

    Armstrong Whitworth 680

    I have come across this cutaway drawing of the Armstrong Whitworth AW680. I cannot find anymore info on it, does anyone have specifications or other drawings of it?
  6. Foo Fighter

    Grand slam bombs on Korean targets.

    I have seen somewhere that Grand slam weapons were considered for use on high value targets on the Japanese mainland. If the B-29 was in fact ready even in small number for use then, would they not have value against logistical high value targets in the conflict with North Korea? Just a...
  7. hesham

    Terra-Tires for Light Aircraft,1956

    From Flying 1956;
  8. Z

    AI.25 hypothetical musings

    It struck pondering what I now know about UK AI radar efforts... Whether like the AI.21 and AI.23, there was a similar parallel in AI.24 and AI.25...? Consider the following. AI.24 was always an ambitious system that originally was FMCW. The back-up option on this all new system and...
  9. K

    Soviet space dogs

    On this day in 1951, the Soviet Union launched the R-1 rocket into space with two dogs. The names of the dogs were Dezik and Cigan the flight lasted 20 minutes and the rocket reached an altitude of 110 km these were the first living beings to leave the earth
  10. C

    chinese type69 variant With five small wheels
  11. J

    McDonnell Douglas F101B Voodoo - carrying MIM-23 Hawk Missile

    I have come across these pictures of McDonnell Douglas F-101B Voodoo Serial Number 57-0272 with a strange under nose sensor and carrying a MiM-23 Hawk missile. It is late 60's or early 70's from my guess. Does anyone have any more information on this project, its name and what was being tried?
  12. P

    Grumman Ranger Missile system

    Once again, I've come across this 'official' Grumman 'Ranger' missile cutaway desktop model, which I've never seen or heard of before. On the page it's from, it states Grumman 'Ranger' Infantry Heavy Assault Missile ( Anyone know...
  13. uk 75

    Replacing the Canberra

    Surprisingly we have not had a thread devoted to how the RAF should have replaced its Canberras? The Canberra was such a success that it was even bought by the USAF as the Martin B57. With the benefit of hindsight it ought to have been simple. The Buccaneer S2 did the job for a while with 2 RAF...
  14. blackkite

    The Hawker P.1062, P.1068 and P.1067.

    Hi! source: Anthony Leonard Butller...
  15. hesham

    Nanchang Q-5 Drawings

    From; Авиаколлекция 2010 № 8. Штурмовик Q-5 (A-5)
  16. hesham

    Tupolev Tu-14 Origins and Derivatives

    Hi, here is a Tupolev Tu-14 Origins ad Derivatives,please note the tables.
  17. trajan

    a question about DL1 Nofork's weapon

    Does 3"/70 (7.62 cm) Mark 37 have the potential to shoot at the sea. Just like British 3"/70 (7.62 cm) Mark VI? DL1 NOFORK known as a destoryer killer(ddk)and it has four mountings of this type,but i can't find any ammo about this gun that can attack sea target. so how NOFORK anti ships?
  18. blackkite

    The Hawker P.1052, P.1072 and P.1081.

    Hi! The Hawker P.1052 swept-wing version of the Sea Hawk for high speed research. "The Hawker P.1052 was an experimental aircraft produced by Haker Siddeley for research and development of swept back wing designs. As preparations were being...
  19. M

    Does anyone have a copy of "Wireless for the Warrior" by Meulstee?

    I'm putting together an article on the Wireless Set No. 10, which deserves to be MUCH better known - it was the first TDM and PCM comms system in the world. Sadly there is very little info on it, but I know that "Wireless for the Warrior" had a relatively detailed description including post-war...
  20. hesham

    Light Aircraft Prototypes & Projects from Finland

    From Flying 1956-5, here is a Juhani Heinonen HK-1.