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  1. Grey Havoc

    Sir Clive Sinclair, RIP (1940 - 2021)
  2. uk 75

    Sensible conclusion by the Irish Army

    Interesting time capsule which reminds us that military planners are usually wiser than their political masters.,safety%20of%20the%20minority%20population%22.
  3. uk 75

    A4 Skyhawk in Royal Navy service

    An interesting take on the A4 Skyhawk in Royal Navy service with nice artwork.
  4. Roland55

    Short Skyvan for COIN Operations.

    Hello guys, i dont mean to bother you, but i found the mentioning of the Short Skyvan being modified for COIN operations and also receiving a modification/variant of the Sea Cat missile called "hellcat" (that i couldn't even find a single picture), do any of you have info of this "Counter...
  5. uk 75

    A childhood memory finally found

    Over many years I have been trying to find images of Bekonscot model village from the 1960s. Unlike today's Bekonscot which is set frozen in the era of Hercule Poirot and offers an escape from the modern world, the 1960s version used to get updated regularly to reflect the exciting world...
  6. M

    Tarrant Tabor, 1/72, scratch build

    You can read about the prototype here It was very interesting to build the model.
  7. uk 75

    Vickers Single Arm Seadart

    I am still looking for a painting /model I saw in a 1970s Vosper Thorneycroft brochure of a Mk10 frigate with a single arm Seadart launcher forward in place of the 4.5 gun. I assume that this was proposed to Brazil in answer to the two T42s sold to Argentina.
  8. RavenOne

    Royal Air Force Chinook 40 Years

    On this day 4 decades ago, the Royal Air Force receives its first Chinook helicopter (Photo courtesy of Boeing) And the rest is history serving Falklands, Beirut, Kuwait...
  9. F

    The Black Arrow & Britain’s Rocket Program

    Another of Scott Manley’s historical documentary videos:
  10. M

    Violet Friend

    I've posted my work on this so far: But I'm wondering if anyone here has Air Pictorial back issues? Google mentions this article...
  11. F

    Project Moonflower

    Is this the F-117A that they are referring to here?
  12. S

    British post-war 5000 lb HC and 10000 lb HC bombs - any info?

    Such bombs are mentioned in some books or articles about V-bombers and Canberra. E.g. in Aerofax "Vickers Valiant" as a alternative loads (beside of nukes) are 1 x 10000 lb HC or 2 x 5000 lb HC bombs. Maybe someone have some information about these bombs? Are they really existed, or only in...
  13. hesham

    Bristol Type-172 & Type-174 Bomber Projects

    Hi, here is a two drawings to Bristol Type-172 long range bomber project for B35/46,and Bristol Type-174 scale flying model for E8/47,please note the drawing for 172 differs from Mr. Tony Buttler drawing of the book; British Secret Projects : Jet bombers since 1949. Air International magazine
  14. overscan (PaulMM)

    British Experimental Combat Aircraft of WWII

    From Tony
  15. Maveric

    Hawker Tempest III drawing wanted

    Hi all, I search for a good 3view drawing of the Hawker Tempest III or IV. Thanks for your help. Maveric
  16. robunos

    'Mythological Creatures...'

    Looking for more information (especially drawings) about the Bedford 'Cockatrice', and AEC 'Heavy Cockatrice' flamethrowers, developed in 1940 as anti-invasion weapons... cheers, Robin.
  17. JFC Fuller

    UK Thermonuclear Warheads.

    Prior to the abandoning of truly indigenous British nuclear warheads in 1958/1959 and the adoption of the US Mk28 and its associated technology in various guises as Red Snow all the way through to the WE.177 series the UK pursued its own megaton Thermonuclear weapons warheads. Amongst these...
  18. M

    Vickers 4 inch Medium anti aircraft gun 1950's

    I am a new member so I apologise if anything is not as it should be I am looking for information on the Vickers 4 inch medium anti aircraft gun prototypes built i think in the early middle 1950's The gun was designed as a medium AA gun to supplement the Heavy anti aircraft gun Green Mace. I...
  19. Flitzer

    Boulton Paul Defiant

    I was wondering...(always a bad sign)... The Defiant proved quite effective for a short time, until Luftwaffe crews quickly learned its limitations. How good a fighter might the Defiant have proved if it had been designed from the outset to have a more conventional armament arrangement rather...
  20. Michel Van

    British 1960 manned Lunar Project

    back in 1960 P. A. E. Stewart proposed a British manned Moon Program with the use of Blue Streak and Black Knight technolgy phase 1, 1960 to 1963 first probes (ranger types) to the moon Phase 2, 1964 to 1967 Hardware testing on earth Low orbit and Lunar Orbit. phase 3, 1968 to 1969 the...