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  1. Schneiderman

    Air Ministry specification R.2/33 - Short Sunderland

    I'm on the scrounge. Does anyone have a copy , or just the key text, of specification R.2/33 that they would be willing to share? Failing that does anyone know whether the text of the specification has been included in any article or book, most likely one about the Sunderland. Thanks
  2. airman

    United States Strategic Bombing Survey

    The United States Strategic Bombing Survey was a written report created by a board of experts assembled to produce an impartial assessment of the effects of Anglo-American strategic bombing of Nazi Germany during the European theatre of World War II. After publishing its report, the Survey...
  3. Grey Havoc

    Afghanistan withdrawal, Bagram Air Base
  4. uk 75

    Replacing the C130 Hercules

    With the A400M in service with the RAF we now know what a C130 replacement looks like. Of course the original C130 "replacement" for the RAF would have been AW/HS 681 had it made it into service. The US tried to replace the C130 in the 70s with the YC14 and 15. Instead the 15 morphed into the...
  5. J

    Armstrong Whitworth 680

    I have come across this cutaway drawing of the Armstrong Whitworth AW680. I cannot find anymore info on it, does anyone have specifications or other drawings of it?
  6. Foo Fighter

    Grand slam bombs on Korean targets.

    I have seen somewhere that Grand slam weapons were considered for use on high value targets on the Japanese mainland. If the B-29 was in fact ready even in small number for use then, would they not have value against logistical high value targets in the conflict with North Korea? Just a...
  7. Z

    AI.25 hypothetical musings

    It struck pondering what I now know about UK AI radar efforts... Whether like the AI.21 and AI.23, there was a similar parallel in AI.24 and AI.25...? Consider the following. AI.24 was always an ambitious system that originally was FMCW. The back-up option on this all new system and...
  8. Grey Havoc

    HMS Flat Iron

    It is unclear if she was still in service post-World War II, but if she was still around in 1948 it is debatable whether or not she would have been technically entitled to the HMAFV (His Majesty's Air Force Vessel) prefix, given that she wasn't a powered vessel.
  9. uk 75

    Replacing the Canberra

    Surprisingly we have not had a thread devoted to how the RAF should have replaced its Canberras? The Canberra was such a success that it was even bought by the USAF as the Martin B57. With the benefit of hindsight it ought to have been simple. The Buccaneer S2 did the job for a while with 2 RAF...
  10. blackkite

    The Hawker P.1062, P.1068 and P.1067.

    Hi! source: Anthony Leonard Butller...
  11. blackkite

    The Hawker P.1052, P.1072 and P.1081.

    Hi! The Hawker P.1052 swept-wing version of the Sea Hawk for high speed research. "The Hawker P.1052 was an experimental aircraft produced by Haker Siddeley for research and development of swept back wing designs. As preparations were being...
  12. Foo Fighter


    G'day folks, consider this. The TSR2 goes into service and later requires a SLEP, what engines are avaulable and could a big wing be fitted/would it be an improvement?
  13. A

    Ford B-24H RAF/Coastal Command??

    I'm trying to find any record of RAF/Coastal Command of the Ford-built B-24H. Thus far I've found small references to B-24H-15-FO 42-52776 going to the RAF as VB904. Also, B-24H-20-FO 42-94797 being drawn from USAAF stocks in the UK to the RAF as Liberator B.IV TT340. Any info on either of...
  14. blackkite

    BAe Warton P.109 supersonic fighter

    Hi! BAe Warton P.109 supersonic STOVL combat aircraft. Three side view drawing source : Twitter According to “BRITISH SECRET PROJECT Jet Fighters since 1950, Tony Buttler”, The engine fan and core flows (Without PCB) through two rotating nozzles integrated with the wing root trailing edge...
  15. uk 75

    RAF Fighter Command after 1957

    The thread about the V Force has shown how brilliant some of the researchers here are at providing us with material unique to this site. So as we are still a bit limited in where and what we can do this Summer, I am adding the subject which has cropped up in many other threads: RAF Fighter...
  16. M

    Tarrant Tabor, 1/72, scratch build

    You can read about the prototype here It was very interesting to build the model.
  17. blackkite

    Hunting H.126

    Hi! Hunting H.126
  18. blackkite

    Handley Page HP88

    Hi! Handley Page HP88. "The single HP.88 aircraft was designed to Air Ministry Specification E.6/48 as an aerodynamic testbed for the proposed Handley Page Victor V-bomber."
  19. blackkite

    Bristol F18/37 fighter project

    Hi! Bristol F18/37 fighter with 'Centaurus’ engine.(Except the last drawing) (Original source : TONY BUTTLER BRITISH SECRET PROJECTS FIGHTERS & BOMBERS 1935-1950)
  20. uk 75

    Getting a British Phantom

    The subject which perhaps has been kicked around on this website more than any other is whether the UK could have designed and built a two seater fighter-bomber in the 1960s to replace RAF Lightnings and RN Sea Vixens and replace RAF Hunters (The RN already had Buccaneer). The Hawker P1154 was...