post-cold war

  1. blackkite

    Japanese gliders

  2. Cerious

    Sukhoi S-32 Berkut prototype

    The Sukhoi S-32 is a Su-47 Berkut prototype that never left the drawing board (as far a I know), its a very interesting aircraft, that features a single flat vertical vectoring nozzle for both its engines. The tailfins are angled inwards, a internal weapons bay and close to zero information on...
  3. fightingirish

    Pierre Sprey 1937 - 2021

    The defense analyst and record producer Pierre Sprey passed away a few days ago. May he rest in peace. :( Sources: View:
  4. Antonio

    The art of NASA
  5. helmutkohl

    What if India did not acquire the Gorshkov?

    the sale of the Gorshkov was, and still is one of India's most controversial naval acquisitions. I recalled that it was close to not going through due to changes in pricing and schedule. Lets assume that India decided NOT to go with the Gorshkov - How would this happen? - What would India's...
  6. M

    The German Wiesel AWC replacement project, the airborne weapon carrier (GSD LuWa)

    Translated form German. CGI of the demonstrator.
  7. Grey Havoc

    Skjold-class fast missile corvette

    View: Original source
  8. Grey Havoc

    Afghanistan withdrawal, Bagram Air Base
  9. RavenOne

    Mil' Mi-8 Hip 60th Anniversary

    The Mi8 Hip Prototype made its first flight on June 24th 1961 (images courtesy Of Russian Helicopters JSC) So over the years it’s been a pleasure to see either Mi8 or M17 so here are my photos from likes of Farnborough 2016, Heli-Russia 2017, Dubai Air Show 2017 and Austrian Airpower 2019...
  10. monochromelody

    Euromissile HOT ATLAS launcher

    Few years before I came over a unique HOT missile launcher mounted on a rover. Known as HOT ATLAS, it is the only man-power operated HOT launcher, service in Moroccan Army. Any further info or pics about it?
  11. Grey Havoc

    32nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre
  12. helmutkohl

    Alt Vietnam

    In this scenario the Vietnam War follows the same path as the Korean war, and after years of intense fighting the two sides agree to a long term cease fire (but no peace deal, like the Koreas). splitting the two countries along the 17th parallel How would this change - the aircraft composition...
  13. Grey Havoc

    Russian-American Observation Satellite (RAMOS)
  14. Grey Havoc

    USCG Douglas Munro (WHEC-724)
  15. uk 75

    Chinese Naval Doctrine

    The growth of the Soviet Navy was symbolised by Admiral Gorshkov and a global maritime exercise (Okean 70). I was wondering if any clue was emerging to Chinese naval doctrine?
  16. Grey Havoc

    NAe. Sao Paulo (ex-FS Foch)
  17. blackkite

    Su-19M Model by DIzzyFugu

    Hi! Su-19M. View:
  18. F

    Aero Vodochody L-39

    I thought there was already a thread for this venerable aircraft, not that this model is venerable.
  19. J

    RAF Puma Replacement?

    The RAF's Puma's are due out of service in 2025. What are the likely replacements going to be? I think the most logical choice is one of the Leonardo products AW149?
  20. RavenOne

    Royal Air Force Chinook 40 Years

    On this day 4 decades ago, the Royal Air Force receives its first Chinook helicopter (Photo courtesy of Boeing) And the rest is history serving Falklands, Beirut, Kuwait...