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French Aircraft Carrier Never-Were Designs and Proposals


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Apr 3, 2020
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I've now bought 3 of the books from Beerbaum (French, Italian and small Navies). It's a good source, but a bit limited in data at times.

If you ever manage to get Francis Dousset's book, I'd be very interested in what designs there were after the Joffre. I think it's our best bet to get some hard data on the PA-27 & PA-29 designs.

I've also emailed the Institut de Recherche Stratégique de l'Ecole Militaire last week, but I've received no reply.


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Feb 1, 2011
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Can you give design dates for these post WW2 proposals?

That PA-25 surely had British heavy AA as no other country used the 4,5" / 114mm calibre.
20mm is surely the Oerlikon most likely the US version as mounted on the Bearn late war
The 37mm is an interesting choice.
French had two 37mm guns pre occupation the Modèle 1940 Zénithaux which was an anti dive bomber weapon and the older Modèle 1935
Britian might be considering this calibre for it's DACR system post war but it was finally cancelled by the early mid 1950's when the 40mm/70 Bofors gun took over it's place in the designs.
Sweden did not had a modern 37mm gun, Soviet Union is an unlikely candidate which leaves us the German guns probably spares from the war the 37mm FlaK M43 and M42.
Italy too had this calibre but too prewar

Akaloso Dudu

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Nov 15, 2019
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Mr Tzoli,

There isn’t much more information I can give you from this source, wich has good references but is very poor in details.

The PA25 design is related as a 1945’s project.

The PA28 is a 1947’s Design.

France received the Britain ex-Colossus CV in 1946.

So in my opinion - if this information is correct - this 37mm gun should be a french model. Probably the Modèle 1940.

I hope I can give you the correct answer when, and if, I receive a more complete source of information.


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Nov 29, 2010
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not sure if right thread
but here we go



The initial artist impressions released by Naval Group confirm some of the technical details which we have been reporting since July:

  • Nuclear powered (CVN) with two K22 reactors (2 x 220 MW thermal)
  • Length between 285 and 295 meters
  • Full load displacement around 70,000 – 75,000 tonnes
  • Maximum speed: 26 to 27 knots (similar to Charles de Gaulle)
  • Propulsive power would be around 80 MW delivered to three or four shaft lines
  • Total power around 110 MW, including the electrical plant
  • Future air wing: 32 Next Generation Fighters with 2 to 3 E-2D Advanced Hawkeyes and a yet to be determined number of remote carriers/UCAVs
  • Two side elevators with 40 tonnes lifting capacity
  • Three 90-meter electromagnetic catapults (EMALS) by General Atomics
  • Flight deck: 16,000 m²
  • Aircraft hangar: 5,000 m²
  • Crew: 900 and 1080 sailors (not including the air element of 550 to 620 sailors) with higher comfort compared to Charles de Gaulle.
  • Thales SeaFire radar
  • PAAMS with MBDA ASTER surface to air missiles for self defense

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