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  1. X

    British/French WW2-era 0.5in Aircraft Machine Guns.

    It has always been a subject of some controversy as to why the British stuck with the rather paltry 0.303in calibre for aircraft machine guns. To address this Both BSA and ROLLS-ROYCE developed a 0.5in calibre AMG, the latter apparently quite successful (though strangely, never adopted) and the...
  2. J

    French Night Fighters

    French Night Fighters Between February 1918 and July 1922 the French Aéronautique Militaire used the Caudron R.XI heavy escort fighters from the Escadrille C 46, in joint operations with the Breguet XIV night bombers of the 3ême regiment de bombardement. In 1924 a night fighter unit was...
  3. Grey Havoc

    Panhard 201, aka the Panhard AM 40 P

  4. Armin Derer

    SPIESS French rigid airship

    Kinda lost for the appropriate placement of this rigid airship which has not been introduced to the forum (as far as I can see): The SPIESS was the first and only French rigid airship, built in 1913, named after its designer, Joseph Spiess. The patent for a rigid airship was registered first in...
  5. airman

    Website about French Air Force 1939-1940

    Website is here
  6. klem

    A self-guided French bomb in 1939.

    In the magazine "Décollage" N°64 of 06.19.1947- p 12 .a reader Mr. Alphonse Martin informed the editorial staff of the magazine that he realized in 1939 the plans of a self-guided bomb. It is a gliding bomb launched by plane and equipped with an automatic piloting device which directs it towards...
  7. L

    Nieuport 31 Fighter

    French two prototypes buildt in 1919... is said to be one of the best looking aircraft of the WW1. The name " Sesquiplane" means 'one-and-a-half wings.'" Its sleek smooth streamlined wooden monocoque shell of tulipwood, was produced by winding thin spiral strips around a mould in a series of...
  8. Tzoli

    The Decisive Battle at Antivari

    I've already asked this on the battlecruisers forum but I ask here as well: Historically the Battle of Antivari was a minor battle at the start of WW1 and the first one of the...
  9. Tzoli

    French Radar Sets

    Not sure where to ask but here it is: Is there a comprehensive list of French Radars (Both land and naval based) which was developed? Did France able to start developing radar technology before the capitulation or it was kick-started by British and American equipment after the war? To my...
  10. P

    British and French Intervention in German Invasion of Poland

    I am looking for some "professional" advice on an alternate history scenario that has been running around my mind for years: Given the political will to do something immediately about Hitler's 1 Sept 1939 invasion of Poland, did the British and French military have the resources and the assets...
  11. Tzoli

    French Pre WW1 Battleship proposals

    I've found this article in the Warship International, Vol. 22, No. 2 (1985) about Some French Fast Battleships—That Might Have Been: These are some interesting proposals from the Naval College graduates. The two battlecruiser designs mentioned at the end were Georges Edmond Just Durand-Viel...
  12. F

    French Aircraft Carrier Never-Were Designs and Proposals

    Hello there! I've been trying to find data on French aircraft carrier designs between the Joffre and the Clemenceau (PA-54). I've found plenty of data on the PA-28, but I'm very interested in the supposed PA-25 design from Vichy France and the PA-27, PA-29, PA-31 designs from 1945 onwards...
  13. uk 75

    Equipping the French and British armies in the 30s

    There is already a thread on what might have been in the 1930s. I want to focus on the land forces. Britain and France in 1940 had some tanks (Somua and Matilda 2) which could match the Germans. If the French and British General Staffs had understood the importance of armoured units in a...
  14. blackkite

    The Morita Aeroplane.

    Hi! The Morita Aeroplane. Source : ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JAPANESE AIRCRAFT VOL.8 KYUSHU CONTENTS Blog of Shinzo Morita's son about his father.(Four pages) Some strange duplication include in English explanation. Brief biography of Shinzo Morita by his son...
  15. hesham

    Goerges Botali Airplanes

    Hi, this French designer worked at de Marçay,and created a tourer aircraft and a fighter,he designed a biplane with Mandelli in 1933,followed by PAMA monoplane. With Mr. Rexonice developed a record breaker high-wing monoplane,with fixed main landing gear, and single 350 hp engine...
  16. Charlesferdinand

    French WW I AFV projects with 4 sets of tracks

    If you read French and you like weird tank projects, the latest issue of GBM Magazine (number 124) has a feature on the various French projects before WWII with multiple sets of tracks. Typically these would be two front tracks and two rear tracks, moving indepedently. The more spectacular are...
  17. Stargazer

    A very puzzling pair of would-be pre-war French bombers

    Although I was pretty sure this had been discussed on the forum before, I've searched many topics over the past couple of hours but found nothing... So I'm posting it here, hoping it doesn't duplicate anything (and if it does, by all means please show me where it was so the two can be merged)...
  18. blackkite

    Various Latécoère project

    Hi! Latécoère 550. You can see some vertical tail stabilizer shape. "The Latécoère 550 was a four-engined French seaplane, designed in the early 1930s as a bomber/torpedo bomber. Though initial handling problems were partly resolved, the...
  19. blackkite

    Arsenal VG-30 variants

    Hi! Arsenal VG-30 variants. "The Arsenal VG-33 was one of a series of fast French light fighter aircraft under development at the start of World War II, but which matured too late to see extensive service in the French Air Force during the Battle of...
  20. P

    Battle of France and RAF light bomber choices.

    I've caught papacavy's "What If" disease, but this is purely for interest rather than literary purposes. As we all know, the Fairey Battle was an airplane which, once tested in combat, did not imbue its crews with any confidence that they would come home from attacking defended targets. Let's...
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