l'aéronautique navale

  1. blackkite

    Various Latécoère project

    Hi! Latécoère 550. You can see some vertical tail stabilizer shape. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lat%C3%A9co%C3%A8re_550 "The Latécoère 550 was a four-engined French seaplane, designed in the early 1930s as a bomber/torpedo bomber. Though initial handling problems were partly resolved, the...
  2. P

    Battle of France and RAF light bomber choices.

    I've caught papacavy's "What If" disease, but this is purely for interest rather than literary purposes. As we all know, the Fairey Battle was an airplane which, once tested in combat, did not imbue its crews with any confidence that they would come home from attacking defended targets. Let's...
  3. hesham

    Bréguet 760 Transport Project of 1936

    Hi, http://aerophile.over-blog.com/
  4. hesham

    Amiot Projects & Prototypes

    Hi, The Amiot-170 was a high performance bomber floatplane project, it was to be a twin float with two inline Gnome-Rhone 14 N20/21 engines and twin fins and rudders and it had a high wing,maximum estimated speed was 459 km/h.
  5. S

    Bréguet flying boat projects and prototypes

    Jemiba, is there any designs by Breguet?
  6. Jemiba

    Various Latécoère flying boat projects

    .. and of course there were the vast numbers of Latécoere flying boat projects, just have a look at Heshams list in "designation systems". Just three examples, the Laté 120 from 1940, with four HS 12Z engines in two tandem installations, the Laté 124 from 1942, powered by four GR 14R and the...
  7. hesham

    Bréguet Combat Projects and Prototypes

    Hi, the Breguet Br.600 was a twin engined amphibian seaplane Project,intended for A46 competition with Br.790.
  8. hesham

    Blériot and SPAD Projects and Prototypes

    Bleriot-SPAD S-45 :four engined passengers transport biplane. Bleriot-SPAD Berline S----?: single engined biplane transport aircraft. Bleriot Model-101 :amphibian flying boat project. Bleriot-SPAD S-48: derivative one S-33 transport aircraft fitted with a 275-hp...