1. K

    Char AMХ-30 with Garrett GT601 gas-turbine engine

    There is information that in the 80s the Garrett GT601 gas turbine was tested on the AMX 30 tank. Does anyone have any more information about this vehicle or any pictures?
  2. L

    Super Mirage IV

    hi , while doing some research about the mirage IVB , i found what appears to be an early study for an enlarged mirage IV called "super mirage IV" i posted it in here because i d ont know if this is a fake or not since i couldnt find a lot of...
  3. T

    French-Brazilian BR-1 and BR-2 Launchers

    In the 70s, Brazil was slowly trying to develop its space technologies, which resulted to the Brazilian Complete Space Mission (MECB) program and the ill-fated VLS-1, but while digging a bit around it, I found that before deciding on the VLS design circa 1980, there was a period of time of a few...
  4. T

    The best way to properly prepare Brazil militarily for an actual Lobster War Against France In Late 1964?

    What would the best equipment they could get before hostilities start ? Even experimental or prototypes could count.
  5. GTX

    Naval Group Blue Shark
  6. B

    RIP Bernard CHABBERT

    Well-known French journalist, author, pilot, THE voice of aerial meetings in France (La Ferté-Alais air show, Salon du Bourget air show, Paris Villaroche Air Legend and so on). He was 78 y.o.
  7. Grey Havoc

    Lancaster Mk VII NX611 'Just Jane'
  8. C

    French dominance

    This was idea I had reading the merage IV threads, the idea being the the lockheed bribery scandal breaks in Germany befor the deal goes though leading to anything American becoming politically toxic, this leads to Germany (and though them the rest of the nato f-104 block) to buy the Mirage III...
  9. Grey Havoc

    Inspiration for the 2004 movie, 'The Terminal', passes away :( RIP.
  10. Grey Havoc

    Noisy-Le-Grand metro project (France, late '80s / early '90s)

    View: From the comments thread:
  11. TomTom

    Secret Projects of the French Armoured Forces

    I don't know if you have more info about this. The French magazine RAIDS, dedicated its special issue N°73 to the "Secret Projects of the French Armoured Forces" published during winter 2019-2020. I haven't managed to get hold of the magazine yet, but it mentions the AMX-APX ALLARM project with...
  12. Grey Havoc

    Maritime Airborne Warning System (Franco-German project)
  13. Grey Havoc

    Canada buys land in France's Juno Beach due to condo plan (BBC News)
  14. Grey Havoc

    Naval Group working on MUSV and LUSV concepts for French Navy (2022)
  15. Grey Havoc

    ex-NS São Paulo currently in limbo

  16. 5S5JASH

    Can someone provide any details about Super 530F&D missiles?

    AII information I can get from wiki about the missiles is vague. “The Super 530F and Super 530D share the same general aerodynamic features and internal layout with cruciform low aspect ratio wings, cruciform aft controls, and 30 kg high explosive fragmentation warhead. However the 530D has a...
  17. klem

    The French prototype rifle (RFCT).

    Quoted by Gary Paul Johnston and Thomas B. Nelson in "The World's Assault Rifles" - This rather curious and unusual weapon was part of a program during the 1970s to develop a very high rate of fire assault rifle (RFCT: Rifle à Forte Cadence de Tir ). Firing rate experiments were carried out by...
  18. T

    Strasbourg - light aircraft carrier project?

    After reviewing various resources, I found information, about battleship Strasbourg, after the end of the war, was proposed to be rebuilt as a light aircraft carrier. But there is very little information and this is at the level of "mentions". Now I wondered if there was such a project or did it...
  19. Spey_Phantom

    Future Mid-Size Tactical Cargo (FMTC)

    France, Germany and Sweden have agreed to develop a new medium-size tactical transport plane. this is intended to replace the C-130J in the 2040's and supplement the Airbus A400M personel...
  20. C

    Franco-german super Caravelle

    So I was reading " concorde and the Americans" and one of the things that caught my eye was that neither Britain or France were each others first choice. Britain originally wanted to work with America inorder to build the first supersonic jet, but the Americans were set on there mach 2.7 speed...
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