pre-world war ii

  1. klem

    A self-guided French bomb in 1939.

    In the magazine "Décollage" N°64 of 06.19.1947- p 12 .a reader Mr. Alphonse Martin informed the editorial staff of the magazine that he realized in 1939 the plans of a self-guided bomb. It is a gliding bomb launched by plane and equipped with an automatic piloting device which directs it towards...
  2. hesham

    Drawings to Early Lavochkin Aircraft

    From, Самолеты С. А. Лавочкина.
  3. Arjen

    OSGA-25 hydroplane catamaran

    A design by Vladimir Gartvig, drawing by Vladimir Meshcherin. Images OSGA-25 1-4 from Russisches Design - Tradition und Experiment 1920-1990 by Alexander Lavrentiev and Yuri Nasarow, Ernst & Sohn 1995. Images OSGA-25 5-7 found here: View...
  4. P

    Diesel vs. petrol in aircraft

    I found an interesting chart comparing fuel efficiencies of actual aircraft. Please compare the Ju 86 with petrol and diesel engines. The difference is massive! The source is Shell Aviation News April 1939. Article by some Lufthansa director.
  5. _Sarcasticat_

    KRIEGSMARINE CENTRAL - KM Ship Plans/Discussion

    Heyo. I've decided to turn this into a hub for all the KM ship plans and information I currently have. I may not be able to include pictures of everything in this OP so the link to the Google Drive containing everything in its highest quality is included below. If you have questions about the...
  6. F

    The Last Zeppelin Raid 1939

    Actually an early example of a signals intelligence mission: View:
  7. X

    JUNKERS G.38 pre-WW2 mini-mystery.....

    Anyone solve the mystery?? Why, oh why did the JUNKERS G.38 4-engined prototype test-fly with a four-bladed propeller, inboard and a two-bladed propeller, outboard on each wing? All four driving engines were identical. Might this have caused any power imbalance/handling or thrust deficit issues...
  8. blockhaj

    SAAB, Svenska Aeroplanaktiebolaget, Svenska Aeroplan AB, Saab AB aircraft list.

    Note: I know there already exists a thread about SAAB designations etc but that thread also includes other companies besides SAAB. Link to thread. While i understand why those companies were included i personally think we should have a thread dedicated to each of them separately as they designed...
  9. C

    IJN post Taiho fleet carrier plans

    Taiho was ordered as part of Maru 4 fleet expansion program. She was a compromised design, mating an armored flight deck to a Shokaku size hull, resulting in lower freeboard an reduced hangar capacity. The first, prewar, draft of the subsequent Maru 5 plan included 3 more armored carriers of a...
  10. blackkite

    British B.1/39 Heavy Bomber Competition

    Hi! "The B1.39 spec was to carry 9,000lb over 2,500miles cruising at least 280mph. Maximum bomb load was to be 10,000lb and some could be carried externally if necessary. Provision was made to stow 20 x 250lb or 500lb...
  11. GTX

    Bristol 159

    Couldn't find a thread on this so here goes: In March 1938 the Air Staff put together a paper that described an ideal bomber, and then a few months later specification B.19/38 was produced which indicated that the bomber would have a strong defensive armament of eight 20mm “shell-firing gun”...
  12. hesham

    Parnall Heavy Bomber Project of 1938 ?

    Hi, in 1938,Parnall designed a twin boom heavy bomber Project,with no supporting tailplane or structure between the booms,how we can find a drawing or a more Info about it ?.
  13. H

    Swiss Saurer FLB engine from WW2 period

    Does anyone have any more or better information about the Saurer FLB 2000 engine from the 1940s? Some of the information indicates maybe 2 stroke, fuel injection, opposed pistons, rhombic drive?
  14. snark

    IJN Service Airplane Development Program Designations

    Hi Folks This is my list of (documented; not speculative) IJN Service Airplane Development Program designations. Any additions/corrections are welcome. This table is strictly for my own files. Thanks. Harry Known SADP Designations: • Kawanishi K-10 14-Shi High-speed Reconnaissance Seaplane...
  15. airman

    Japanese Focke Wulf fw 200

    The history about it i can see it : Anyone have more about it ?
  16. Tzoli

    Tone-Kai Type Heavy Cruiser Design

    According to the Japanese Wiki: There was a warship design which was proposed in 1939 for the Maru 4, Naval Armaments Supplement Program. This cruiser was to be based on Tone with same armament...
  17. Johnbr

    Daimler Benz Db- 608 and Db-607

    DB 608 Work on this engine were launched in 1938. DB-608 is a further development of the engine DB-601. When the working volume of 36.6 liters the engine developed takeoff power 1210 kW (1650 hp.) At 2800 rev / min. The estimated altitude is equal to 5200 meters. Dry weight was 745 pounds...
  18. blackkite

    IJN Specification 12-Shi (E12/E13, Reconnaissance Seaplane, 1937)

    Hi! Kawanishi E13K. Auto translation. In 1937, the Imperial Japanese Navy decided to change the old Scout Kawanishi E7K seaplanes (Navy Type 94 Reconnaissance Seaplane) to more advanced aircraft. For this purpose, contracts were signed with companies...
  19. Cy-27

    Gerhard Fieseler Aircraft

    Following the sad passing of the author Manfred Griehl last November, I doubt his pending volume on Fieseler (Fieseler: Flugzeuge seit 1933 - Typenkompass) will ever see publication. This is a great shame as Gerhard Fieseler was a World War I fighter ace who was also a stunt, aerobatic and test...
  20. C

    "Mothership" for flying boat land take-off.

    In a Italian magazine of 1939,"Panorama",i have read an article about Americans flying boats. Was said that a method at the study for land takeoff of flying boats ( in runways near sea aerodromes) was put the flying boat piggy-back on a sort of not flying launch vehicle for reach speed for...