world war ii

  1. klem

    Hermann Oberth Design of a Long-Range Rocket 1941

    Another project by Professor Hermann Oberth.A Long-Range Rocket capable of reaching America.Towards the end of 1941 professor Oberth developed the design and schematics of a long-range rocket over 6000 km at a distance between Europe and North America.The device had to carry an explosive charge...
  2. Grey Havoc

    Royal Afghan Army

  3. Senshi_Isamu

    Mizuno Shinryū II

    Hi again after long while. I recently finished some new 3d pieces so I thought I may drop these by. Below my latest (and some older) artwork for IJN's Mizuno Shinryū II. If you feel like it, look up more on or Cheers!
  4. N

    Lesser Known WW2 Midget Subs

    Welfreighter Gimik
  5. Tzoli

    Japanese Radar Type Designation Systems

    I've tried to collect the WW2 Japanese radar Type designation systems with data and if possible photos and drawings. Gathered from these sources:
  6. E

    Bf 109 tested with the direct injection of liquid oxygen

    A most astonishing discovery. A photo of the Bf 109 appears on the Falkeeins blogspot here: Uffz. Karl Hannes 5./JG 2 and Erla factory Einflieger
  7. hesham

    Drawings to Early Lavochkin Aircraft

    From, Самолеты С. А. Лавочкина.
  8. ptdockyard

    Development of the Italian Comandanti Medaglie d'Oro-class destroyers

    I have quite a bit of information on this design but a couple sources imply that early on there was consideration of using at least one twin turret for the 135mm guns. Can anyone verify if this was true and, if so, what was the intended arrangement of the guns? Thanks, Dave G
  9. airman

    Heinkel 177 A7 R2 - an alternate version

    "The Heinkel He 177 Greif (Griffin) was a long-range heavy bomber flown by the Luftwaffe during World War II. Purpose-designed for high-altitude bombing with pressurized crew accommodation. The He 177 A-7 R2 variant was intended to use original "power system" engines, each of which consisted of...
  10. Arjen

    OSGA-25 hydroplane catamaran

    A design by Vladimir Gartvig, drawing by Vladimir Meshcherin. Images OSGA-25 1-4 from Russisches Design - Tradition und Experiment 1920-1990 by Alexander Lavrentiev and Yuri Nasarow, Ernst & Sohn 1995. Images OSGA-25 5-7 found here: View...
  11. E

    Drawing of proposed People's Aircraft on German eBay
  12. hesham

    Polikarpov U-2 Drawings

    From, Поликарпов У-2, here is a drawings to Polikarpov U-2 and its variants.
  13. hesham

    Brabazon Type-3, possible Competitors ?

    Hi, the Brabazon Type-3 or Specification 6/45,the known tenders were; Airspeed,Armstrong-Whitworth and Avro-692 & Avro-693,but can I ask if those companies involved or not; Blackburn,Bristol ,De Havilland,Fairey,Folland,Handley Page,Miles,Percival,Scottish Aviation, Shorts,Vickers and Westland ?.
  14. X

    WINGS at SEA, Landing a Pusher-Prop on a Postage Stamp....

    A knotty design conundrum! Using some 'imagineering', what if the Curtis XP55 'Ascender' and the Kyushu J7W 'Shinden' went into production and both spawned navalised variants for carrier deployment. The thorny issue of deck landing arises; 3-point tricycle landing gear means the awkward...
  15. Grey Havoc

    HMS Flat Iron

    It is unclear if she was still in service post-World War II, but if she was still around in 1948 it is debatable whether or not she would have been technically entitled to the HMAFV (His Majesty's Air Force Vessel) prefix, given that she wasn't a powered vessel.
  16. P

    Panther with a radial engine

    According to Spielberger, the Panther was tested with a BMW 132 radial engine. Tests were promising, but the book has no details. Anyone with further information?
  17. _Sarcasticat_

    KRIEGSMARINE CENTRAL - KM Ship Plans/Discussion

    Heyo. I've decided to turn this into a hub for all the KM ship plans and information I currently have. I may not be able to include pictures of everything in this OP so the link to the Google Drive containing everything in its highest quality is included below. If you have questions about the...
  18. blackkite

    The Hawker P.1052, P.1072 and P.1081.

    Hi! The Hawker P.1052 swept-wing version of the Sea Hawk for high speed research. "The Hawker P.1052 was an experimental aircraft produced by Haker Siddeley for research and development of swept back wing designs. As preparations were being...
  19. M

    Does anyone have a copy of "Wireless for the Warrior" by Meulstee?

    I'm putting together an article on the Wireless Set No. 10, which deserves to be MUCH better known - it was the first TDM and PCM comms system in the world. Sadly there is very little info on it, but I know that "Wireless for the Warrior" had a relatively detailed description including post-war...
  20. Graham1973

    Krupp - 105 mm leichte Feldhaubitze 18/1 L/28 auf Waffenträger Geschützwagen IVb (Heuschrecke 10)

    When the Germans realised they needed self-propelled artillery (as opposed to Assault guns) to keep up with the Panzers, their initial efforts involved conversions of various captured vehicles to carry artillery along with the creation of three interim conversions based on tanks already in...