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  1. hesham

    Various Gotha projects

    Hallo, some Gotha projects: P.35 twin engined transport aircraft,P.39 three engined transport aircraft,P.40 asymmetric transport aircraft and P.46 assault glider.
  2. hesham

    Various Heinkel Projects and Prototypes

    Hi Jemiba, the Heinkel He.1000 was known,and there is a book to it only, but I have not this book.
  3. Skybolt

    Axis 1940 airliner dreams/projects

    Ok, in 1940 the war as just started or was about to start (for Italy and Japan) and things were going fairly well. In Germany and Italy airlines and governments started to plan for the expected post-war increase in air traffic, expecially on the Atlantic routes (sound familiar?). Diffrently...
  4. TsrJoe

    VL. (Finnish) pre.1945 projects and prototypes

    DELETED POST (please remove from the thread)
  5. Skybolt

    Zeppelin projects

    This is the Zeppelin project for a long-rage, high capacity land-based airliner. Only data I have are: 4 engines, 2000 hp each (actually this could be, 4 double engines, i.e. two 2000 HP-each engines coupled); structure similar to ZSO 523; hatch in the nose; upper deck arranged with 1st class...