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  1. ptdockyard

    Development of the Italian Comandanti Medaglie d'Oro-class destroyers

    I have quite a bit of information on this design but a couple sources imply that early on there was consideration of using at least one twin turret for the 135mm guns. Can anyone verify if this was true and, if so, what was the intended arrangement of the guns? Thanks, Dave G
  2. Graham1973

    Krupp - 105 mm leichte Feldhaubitze 18/1 L/28 auf Waffenträger Geschützwagen IVb (Heuschrecke 10)

    When the Germans realised they needed self-propelled artillery (as opposed to Assault guns) to keep up with the Panzers, their initial efforts involved conversions of various captured vehicles to carry artillery along with the creation of three interim conversions based on tanks already in...
  3. Grey Havoc

    D-Day 77th Anniversary

    View: View: View:
  4. C

    Any WW2 italian gas turbine?

    In a topic in the "early projects" section, I've seen a reference to a R-2000 Italian turboprop of WW2 vintage. That mention arouse in me a question: why Italy was the first to actively research some kind of jet engine but at the same time the only great power apparently not having some research...
  5. N

    Japanese Jet Engines of WWII

    Ah okay, that makes more sense. It seems the original description was incorrect. Justo, do you know where I can find more information regarding Japanese centrifugal-type jet engines? I’m curious how they compare to the axial series. and thanks for the amazing images and information, as always
  6. J

    Junkers EF-130 speculative drawings

    - Junkers / DFS EF-130 A four engine heavy bomber of ‘Uralbomber’ class designed in the autumn of 1944 to compete against the Arado E-555, the BMW ‘Strahlbomber Projekt II’, the Horten Projekt 18 (23/2/1945) and the Messerschmitt P.1108. It had a pressurised cockpit for a crew of three...
  7. Grey Havoc

    Secret Axis Flights

    (also mentions efforts planned or actually attempted with the Ju 290, Ju 390, and the Ki 77. Overlooks the Me 264 though.) The Rome-Tokyo flight was arguably one of the Regia Aeronautica's finest hours, though unfairly forgotten.
  8. archipeppe

    The Real Sparviero Aircraft Carrier

    Italian Navy during WWII started the conversion of the two almost-sister ocean liners ROMA and AUGUSTUS (they had only different engines), they was turned into AQUILA and SPARVIERO. While the AQUILA was pratically finished (even if not still entered in service) when Italian signed the Armistice...
  9. V

    I-400 sized German U-boat projects from WW2?

    The I-400 was the biggest ever submarine built in WW2 and the largest until the advent of the nuclear powered ballistic missile subs, but the Regia Marina is not known to have built any gigantic submarines because it was pounded big time in the November 1940 Battle of Taranto. However I wanted...
  10. T

    Porsche gas turbine for kingtiger

    Hello for all. The is are picture of drawings in W. J. Spielberger book, showing Porsche proposals to install a gas turbine into a Kingtiger hull. Is this an different early proposal for AFV gas turbine use ? Different than GT 101- 103 series ? Tomi
  11. T

    Fi-103 (V-1) missiles on Aircraft Carrier Impero

    Hi to all, I am still here to write about news written in the book "Aircraft Carrier Impero" (authors Davide F. Jabes and Stefano Sappino). We talked about it here:,30931.0.html and here about the DAAC antiaircraft missile...
  12. T

    Dispositivo Anti Aereo Campini

    Hi, first of all, Happy New Year at all. Secondly, I am reading the book "Aircraft Carrier Impero", authors Davide F. Jabes and Stefano Sappino. We talked about it here:,30931.0.html At page 159-163 there are some notes about the...
  13. Michel Van

    Messerschmitt Designations until 1945

    Known Messerschmitt Projects Numbers P.1091 a modified Me 109 G with Daimler Benz 605A & turbo loader P.1092 Jet Fighter with one Jumo 004C engine and arrow wing P.1093 unknow P.1094 unknow P.1095 that became Me328A There indication that number 1092 to 1095 was part design for one single...
  14. airman

    Japanese Focke Wulf fw 200

    The history about it i can see it : Anyone have more about it ?
  15. Foo Fighter

    Unbuilt German AFV.

    I hope I am posting this thread in the correct location. I have a long term research project which deals with the development of tanks and other AFV from just before to just after WWII. I am looking in particular at the ethos of various national development directions engine, armour and...
  16. W

    Luft’46: Earth 2 – What If Different Designs Had Been ‘Napkinwaffen’?

    Hi folks, Maybe this really belongs in 'The Bar' but just indulging in a little alternative history speculation, I wonder what might have happened if what are to us genuine American, Soviet and British 1930s-1940s designs such as (e.g.) the Tremulis ‘Zero’ Fighter, the Lockheed L-133, the...
  17. Cy-27

    Gerhard Fieseler Aircraft

    Following the sad passing of the author Manfred Griehl last November, I doubt his pending volume on Fieseler (Fieseler: Flugzeuge seit 1933 - Typenkompass) will ever see publication. This is a great shame as Gerhard Fieseler was a World War I fighter ace who was also a stunt, aerobatic and test...
  18. hesham

    Focke Wulf Triebflügel

    By the way, the Focke Wulf Triebflugel was called FW.354.
  19. J

    Early German gas turbine development as not to hijack the British thread! Let's start with a subject to which I hope to be able to make a meager contribution to: design constraints and philosophy behind design decisions. Hermione Giffard's PhD thesis and hopefully soon-to-be book "The Development and Production of Turbojet...
  20. S

    Various Blohm und Voss projects

    The MBI book on the Heinkel He 162 presents several contenders in the "Volksjäger" competition, including the Blohm & Voss P 211. Attached below are three-view arrangements of the two proposals described above.