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27 December 2005
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The design was started in 1968 after a request for proposals for an armed escort helicopter (Bewaffneter Begleithubschrauber, or BBH) was issued by the BMVg (deadline for submission was July 1969).

* requirements:
* Speed: 375 km/h (200 kt)
* Maximum rate of climb: 20 m/s (65.6 ft/s)
* Maximum hover altitude: of 2,500 m (8,200 ft) out of ground effect.
* Capacity: two seats
* Take-off weight: < 6 t (13,230 lb)
* All-weather capable
* Armored around the crew and the most important components

MBB studied two designs, designated BBH 1 and BBH 2.

* BBH 1 with small wing
* Speed: 375 km/h (200 kt)
* Rotor: a six-bladed rotor
* Take-off weight: 5.7 t (12,600 lb)

* BBH 2 with large wing, a fan-in-fin tail rotor, and a pusher propeller on the tail.
* Power: two Daimler-Benz DB 720, GE T58, or Lycoming T53 engines
* Cruise Speed: 385 km/h (208 kt)
* Rotor: four-bladed hingelessrotor
* Take-off weight: 5.9 t (13,000 lb)

The helicopter was designed to escort transport helicopters and attack enemy tanks. Both designs could carry various types of armament: one or two machine gun(s) in a revolving turret, a movable cannon, Home-on-Target (HOT) missiles, and rockets.

Although the original plan expected the prototypes to fly in mid-1972 and series production to begin in 1975, the projects were never funded for development. After additional design studies, a Memorandum of Agreement between Germany and France in 1979 - ten years later - began the development of the PAH 2 (Panzer abwehr Hubschrauber = anti tank helicopter), now known as the Eurocopter Tiger, roll out of the first serial production machine on March 22 2002.


BBH-2 Pic:


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MBB BBH-1 (small wing) armed escort helicopter, from Flug-Revue 8/1973


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Source unknown : the Fancopter was a GYROcopter development of the Rhein Flugzeugbau Fantrainer


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richard said:
Source unknown : the Fancopter was a GYROcopter development of the Rhein Flugzeugbau Fantrainer

Why would a gyrocopter need a Fenestron?

Good question. Perhaps for low-speed maneuvering
Looking at the type card, which attributes the concept to MBB rather than RFB, and the overall design, I think it's really a compound helicopter comparable to the AH-56.

That sounds more likely. But the suggestion regarding control authority makes some sense. Conceivably you could have the rotors and fenestron on clutch, used only for take off and landing, but I doubt that's what is going on here.
spring cleaning at the office. found this and thought it might be of interest.


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Many thanks for that . . .
I've taken the liberty of converting your file to an image, cleaning it up a little, then cropping out the illustration, and attaching them both here.



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Very interesting design. What year is that article and drawing from? Thanks.

500 Fan.

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