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  1. C

    German-French MBT-90

    So I have been looking at various late cold war tank projects (abrams block 3, Panzerkampfwagen 2000 ect) and one thing that keeps popping up but which i can not find any information about is the mbt-90 program, aperintly Germany figured 3ed times a charm (after mbt-70 with the US and mbt-80...
  2. P

    Proposed outgrowth variants of Spähpanzer Luchs 8x8 reconnaissance vehicle?

    I've been trying in vain to assertain if there was proposed outgrowth variants of the by Daimler-Benz Spähpanzer Luchs 8x8 armoured reconnaissance vehicle? I'm particularly interested as to the adoptability of the Spähpanzer Luchs turret ring size and if larger and heavier armaments were...
  3. M

    The German Wiesel AWC replacement project, the airborne weapon carrier (GSD LuWa)

    Translated form German. CGI of the demonstrator.
  4. Grey Havoc

    Waffenträger Wiesel 1 development

    One of Porsche KG's (from 1972 onwards Porsche AG) interesting Cold War military projects. View:
  5. hannesjo

    Unbekannte Panzerstudie

    Hello dear tank friends :) Here I show an unknown tank concept that dates back to the 70s! There are no details available, just the contour! Its in 1:10 scale Greetings from Frielendorf Germany
  6. monochromelody

    Unknown Rheinmetall 75mm mortar/RCLR weapon system

    Happen to see this weird shoulder fired recoilless launcher several months ago, named Speer, 75mm caliber smoothbore. When looking for infos in Rheinmetall weapon handbook 1977, found this, Hellebarde, a vehicle mounted weapon, Düsenkanone=recoilless gun. Same caliber, similar effective range...
  7. M

    European MGCS ( Main Ground Combat System)

    RM released this late last year. MGCS=Main ground combat system= the supposed Leo III MBT.
  8. uk 75

    Re-arming the Bundeswehr: Which Projects?

    Just a thought that occurred. The German Armed Forces have been massively downsized since the end of the Cold War. Assuming a decision were taken to re-arm to meet current threats what projects would be back on the table? Or what stuff would you like to see?
  9. eshelon

    Gefechtspanzer Puma.

    Found today ;D
  10. Jemiba

    IFV Marder 1A3 Mod - Systronic Demonstrator

    Seen today on the open house of the German Ministry for Defense, the Marder 1A3 Mod is used as the so-called "Systronic Demonstrator". Basically the same vehicle as the Marder 1A3, it is fitted with a drive-by-wire system, usable from three stations inside, a remotely controlled weapons turret...
  11. M

    Unknown Leopard 2 or SP-70 tank chassis

    Hi everybody Here a unknown Leopard 2 ? or SP-70 ? tank chassis with 8 roadwheels . The website says it was a prototype for a bridgelayer. Maybe...
  12. M

    German postwar 4x4 projects Transportpanzer-2, Spähpanzer-3 and ATAK

    Hi everybody Anybody knows more about the german postwar 4x4 projects Transportpanzer-2 , Spähpanzer-3 and ATAK. Maybe anybody knows pictures of these vehicles ? Here the prototype of the ATAK (P3 from EWK) Here infos about the ATAK from EWK...
  13. Abraham Gubler

    Kampfwagen 90 - Marder 2

    Developed as the first of the West German Army KW 90 vehicles in the 1980s (the others being the PZH 2000 and a new tank) was the Krauss Maffei Marder 2. The design won a competition in 1988 and two prototypes were built. German Army requirements published in 1984 were: Same mobility as Leopard...
  14. airman

    Weser Tilt Rotor Designs

    Than the "Weser-Flugzeugbau GmbH" was active also after wwii ! :o :o
  15. Jemiba

    German HS 30 Prototypes, Derivatives and Projects

    Probably no need to post more infos about this HS30 derivative, just 3 additional photos of the Kanonen-Jagdpanzer and another use of the 90mm gun in the prototype of the "Spähpanzer mit Turm und 90mm Kanone" (Recce tank with turreted 90mm gun) (all photos from Werner Oswald "Kraftfahrzeuge und...
  16. Abraham Gubler

    APE Amphibious Engineer Reconnaissance Vehicle

    The following information has been copied from Jane’s Light Tanks and Armoured Cars 1984 by Christopher F. Foss. It is posted here for educational purposes: APE Amphibious Engineer Reconnaissance Vehicle Development In the early 1960s EWK (Eisenwerke Kaiserslautern Göppner GmbH) developed a...
  17. RyanC

    DIVAD Proposals

    Sperry's Proposal for the DIVAD system: Was based off their earlier T37 VIGILANTE AA Gun, but rechambered in 35mm NATO instead of 37mm. ------ General Electric's Proposal for the DIVAD system: Utilizing their GAU-8A AVENGER cannon system.
  18. hesham

    Heinkel He 212 / VFW VC-400 tandem tiltwing

    My dear Jemiba, Did you hear about the Heinkel He 212 army reconnaissance tilt propeller aircraft project ? thanks in advance.
  19. A

    Leopard 1 variants

    Can someone provide me with some facts on the Leo 1A6 program. I know that it entailed fitting a 120mm gun and somekind of armour upgrade but what else?
  20. GTX

    Panther Anti-Tank/Anti-Helicopter

    This was a project of the (then) West German Army during the late '80s/early'90s. It was designed for anti-tank and anti-helicopter warfare roles and was based on the hull of the Leopard 1 chassis converted by removing the turret and fitting an elevating arm with weapons/sensors that could reach...
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