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Jan 31, 2010
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Translated form German.

On June 22nd, IABG, commissioned by the BAAINBw as general contractor, presented the complete system demonstrator for an airborne weapon carrier (GSD LuWa) after a project duration of 14 months.

Together with the project partners ACS, FFG and Valhalla Turrets, the vehicle, weapon system and interior were presented to a ministerial and official specialist audience at ACS in Derching near Augsburg.
With the GSD LuWa, the subsystems that are considered to be particularly risky are to be examined and evaluated by mid-2022.

A digital twin of the GSD LuWa accompanies the investigation and can be used for the further development process. For the possible successor to the Wiesel 1 MK, technical specifications are being developed that could be incorporated into the performance description for future development.
CGI of the demonstrator.




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Feb 11, 2007
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Interesting! The twin-tracks are different. I do wonder about the strips at the side - the two under that small side viewport are clearly tapped to receive something, but the positioning is odd - too central for add-on armour and anything bulky will cut down the field of view from the port. The bigger group of strips to the rear are so flat to the surface they almost look velcro-like.

There's a couple of interesting articles linked off the one in the OP, one about the Jaegers (German light infantry units), plus one gebirgsjaeger battalion, adopting the Boxer in IFV configuration as a Wiesel replacement in their heavy companies (which makes sense given they've lost their airmobile role), and the other about a Chinese Wiesel look-alike.


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