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  1. Cy-27

    Aviatik (German) Aircraft Types to 1920

    Automobil und Aviatik AG was a German aircraft manufacturer during World War I. The company was established at Mülhausen (today in France) in 1910 by Julius Spengler and soon became one of the country's leading producers of aircraft, relocating to Freiburg in 1914 and establishing a subsidiary...
  2. hesham

    German WW1 Fighters and Recce Aircraft Prototypes and Projects

    Hi, I will repeat the info about Halberstadt,the B Type was two seat unarmed recce biplane of 1914,powered by one Oberursel U D engine,not to be confuse with B.I,B.II & B.III.
  3. hesham

    Friedrichshafen Little Known Prototypes & Projects

    Hi, the Friedrichshafen G.VI was a biplane heavy bomber project,here is its drawing and data.
  4. hesham

    AEG Projects

    Hi, we can also here,speak about AEG projects,and we talk about AEG R-Project and R.II in this topic;,15020.0.html But,does anyone hear about AEG G.VI bomber project ?.
  5. Jemiba

    LVG (Luftverkehrs-Gesellschaft) Civil Aircraft/Projects

    The LVG was ordered in 1917 to develop a "Großflugzeug" (large aircraft) in tri-plane configuration, because it was hoped to increase climbing performance and maximum ceiling this way. The aircraft was finished just shortly before the armistice and the company was thinking about a civil use...
  6. Jemiba

    German Airship Projects

    After WW I Schütte-Lanz, led by Prof. Schütte tried to get into the civil airship business by designing Trans-Atlantic airships. SL 101 "Atlantic" would have had a volume of 95,000 cbm, whereas SL 102 "Panamerica" would have been considerble bigger with 205,000 cbm. Apart from the wartime...
  7. hesham

    LFG (Luft-Fahrzeug-Gesellschaft) Projects

    Hi, V.14 Binz was float plane of 1922. V.15 Sellin was flying boat with enclosed cabin for passengers. V.16 was an airliner biplane. V.17 was float plane and powered by Benz engine. V.23 Anklam was a low-wing monoplane powered by one Siemens Sh 4 engine,a high wing also planned. V.25...
  8. T

    Experimental ww1 fighters from Albatros and Siemens

    Hello people IM looking for info about experimental and never build projects from the German Albatross and Siemens company Ill hope some one could provide me with some info /pics thanks in advance T-50
  9. T

    Dornier D1

    hello guys at the end of WW1 Was there a aircraft designer the later famous Claudius Dornier. He had designed an entirely metal biplane like his big rival Hugo Junkers did before him. It was Named the Dornier D1 Falke,did someone having info about this very advanced aircraft? A set of good...
  10. T

    Never build German WW1 fighters

    hello I hope that someone can help me on info about never build German WW1 fighters,I m a great fan of unbuild aircraft projects. So I'm very curious what the Germans had store for us if WW1 continued after 1918 thanks in advance T-50
  11. W

    German Independent Designers

    Hi guys :), I wonder if any of you knows more about those freelance engineers who presented their own designs to the competent authorities. The one depicted here, sent to me by Lark ( thanks again ;), Paul ) is from Wilhelm Hillmann, an engineer at Bremen. From "Die deutschen Flugboote...
  12. Michel Van

    Luft '1919 ?

    you know Luft '46 over proposed aircraft project during WW2 but is there a similar webpage over proposed project during WW1 ? thanks in advance...
  13. Retrofit

    German WW1 Bomber projects

    Hi, FockeWulf261, I have found some more data concerning the German bombers R series from the book "Prof. Junkers nannte es "Die Flieger"" by Hermann Pohlmann: 1- Junkers R1 power-plant installation (4 x 250hp) 2- Siemens R-1 (Span: 30m, Weight: 5500kg, 3 x 150hp) 3- Zeppelin-Staaken R-VI ((4 x...
  14. hesham

    Various Gotha projects

    Hallo, some Gotha projects: P.35 twin engined transport aircraft,P.39 three engined transport aircraft,P.40 asymmetric transport aircraft and P.46 assault glider.
  15. Skybolt

    Zeppelin projects

    This is the Zeppelin project for a long-rage, high capacity land-based airliner. Only data I have are: 4 engines, 2000 hp each (actually this could be, 4 double engines, i.e. two 2000 HP-each engines coupled); structure similar to ZSO 523; hatch in the nose; upper deck arranged with 1st class...