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27 September 2006
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Because I have the modelling skills of Homer Simpson I have to get models made for me. Recently I persuaded a friend who builds kits to build the Academy (I think) 1/72 Avro Arrow in two of my favourite Lightning squadrons. I already posted some years back pictures of an Arrow from the Philippines in Firebirds red and silver.
111 Squadron's classic early 60s livery really suits the Arrow, I have seen other builds of this one.
The harsh green all over of the 92 Squadron Lightnings also looks good on the Arrow. This is similar to the Canadian all over green of the period.
Although more fantasy than what-if I like the Arrow (I have various diecast models of the Canadian prototypes). No armament is fitted externally as I did not want to try my friend's patience too much.
The Arrow goes with the 60s Lightning schemes well
Hope you like em
UK 75


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I believe Hobbycraft and not Academy is the company that makes Arrow kits.


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