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21 May 2006
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I was reading a little about the Avro Canada CF-100 on the net yesterday, and came across reference to a proposed CF-103 program.
It stated that the CF-103 was a refined and swept wing development of the CF-100, when the CF-105 Arrow was unfortunately cancelled.
The article stated that only a wooden mock-up was ever completed!

Does anyone have any specifications, artist impressions, 3-view drawings or pics of the mock-up?

Hi Pioneer.

The picture of a mock-up is, I shall find and I shall show
Sorry, it’s only a scan from a Xerox copy. It was published in Molson & Taylor’s Putnam title “Canadian Aircraft since 1909” (page 509). Neither specifications nor three-view drawing inside. Not much described about the background of this projected swept-wing version of the “Canuck”:
Considerable work was done on this project during early 1951 including wind-tunnel tests and the making of a full size mock-up. Cancelled in December 1951 as performance and delivery date were not compatible with the threat of Soviet attack over the arctic.”

In Larry Milberry’s otherwise excellent “The Avro CF-100” monography the CF-103 project is not mentioned :( .


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I've found a drawing on my HD, but it's about stamp size ... ::)


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From Arrow by R. Organ/R. Page/D. Watson/L. Wilkinson. The Boston Mills Press (A book recomended by Tony Buttler)

3 view drawings from C-100S and C-103


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Also from Arrow by R. Organ/R. Page/D. Watson/L. Wilkinson. The Boston Mills Press
C-103 mockup pics.

The C-100S was submitted in December 1950. The design was later redesignated C-103 and preliminary data indicated supersonic dive capability. The CF-103 was considered a good interim aircraft between the CF-100 and the C-104 project. Estimated first flight was July 1952. Increased shopwork on CF-100 Mark 3 and Mark 4 rescheduled first flight to June 1953. But wind tunnel test, completed in November 1951 indicated no supersonic dive capability and with a first flight by 1953, the aircraft was considered to be obsolete before it could be produced in quantity. The program was cancelled in December 1951 and the priority was therefore raised on the proposed C-104 Advanced Fighter.


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Thanks guys for your speedy response to my request.
Its funny, it seems like a natural and logical step from the CF-100!
Yet it did not happen.
I think the CF-100 / CF-103 would have served the Royal Australian Air Force well in the 1950's, due to its range and (then) two engine reliability over water, as an all-weather interceptor!
Does anyone know if the RAAF (or RAF for that matter) consided the CF-100 for service?

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Mock-up looks like someone dusted off the CF-100 MU and put new wings on it. And supersonic? with those inlets? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Johnbr said:
A list of the aircraft design that they worked on.

Fantastic document, Johnbr, thanks! (much more than just "a list", don't be modest! lol)

I feel mockup vertical tail stabilizer shape/horizontal tail stabilizer shape are different compared with this line drawing and this wind tunnel test model.
Also this line drawing shows fixed fuel tanks located wing leading edge.(But bottom drawing has no wing external tanks.)
I believe that mockup shows the final design shape.


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Also this line drawing is little different compared with mockup. Horizontal tail stabilizer position is low level and vertical tail stbilizer area is small.


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From Ailes 23/11/1957


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