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  1. Grey Havoc


    https://earth.esa.int/web/eoportal/satellite-missions/c-missions/cospas https://cospas-sarsat.int/en/ https://ec.europa.eu/growth/sectors/space/galileo/sar_en
  2. Grey Havoc

    Tank AA, 20 mm Quad, Skink

    View: https://www.reddit.com/r/TankPorn/comments/lodlit/canadian_skink_quad_mount_20mm_anti_aircraft/
  3. Grey Havoc

    Canadian Surface Combatant

    https://www.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca/app-acq/amd-dp/mer-sea/sncn-nss/navcom-surfcom-eng.html Related thread: https://www.secretprojects.co.uk/threads/lockheed-spy-7-confirmed-for-canadian-surface-combatant.35814/
  4. robunos

    Canadian 'Wolf' heavy armoured car from WWII . . .

    I recently purchased a copy of the excellent 'The Otter Reconnaissance Car in Canadian Service' from Service Publications (www.servicepub.com), and, upon reading it, came across a reference to a 'Wolf' 8x8 heavy armoured car. This was unknown to me, so an Internet search was in order. All I...
  5. Triton

    Firms Prepare for $35B Canadian Naval Boom

    "Firms Prepare for $35B Canadian Naval Boom" by David Pugliese Source: http://www.defensenews.com/article/20121112/DEFREG02/311120012