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  1. T

    A Lukewarm War - Alternate History Idea - Open to criticism, critique and more

    Hello, I really like this forum so I decided to. Alternate history as a genre or subgenre, is one of my favorite things to read. Now, unfortunately, alternate history does require a lot of time, research and more which I can’t often or in deep as much as I want due to a variety of reasons : My...
  2. T

    How can Brazil, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal have better armies, navies, air forces and information technology AFTER 1946?

    I am feeling a bit better now. After the first days, it’s a bit better and I can have a bit of vague leisure for a few minutes a day. So I decided to ask a What If from a different point of view. What if the armies of these following nations were better armed and had better information...
  3. Dilandu

    BAP "Independencia", Peruvian Navy battlecruiser (AU)

    In 1922, Royal Australian Navy was quite dissatisfied to learn that they must get rid of their only battlecruiser, HMAS "Australia". Not exactly because the ship was very valuable (by this time it was outdated), but mainly because Australia did not have breaking capabilities to scrap it, and the...
  4. isayyo2

    No B-1: Alternative SAC's

    Inspired by the Projects that should have been killed at birth thread's recent conversation about the B-1s futility/utility I thought I'd make a "What If" thread if the AMSA/B-1 program never saw flight. So for whatever reason the AMSA program is not revived by the Nixon Administration...
  5. J

    Kissinger never gets to leave Germany

    Kissinger never gets to leave Germany. The United States wins every war of the twentieth century. In the 21st century the United States is the most respected and influential power in the world and succeeds in creating a free, rich and democratic global society.
  6. Tzoli

    The Decisive Battle at Antivari

    I've already asked this on the battlecruisers forum but I ask here as well: Historically the Battle of Antivari was a minor battle at the start of WW1 and the first one of the...
  7. uk 75

    A4 Skyhawk in Royal Navy service

    An interesting take on the A4 Skyhawk in Royal Navy service with nice artwork.
  8. airman

    Heinkel 177 A7 R2 - an alternate version

    "The Heinkel He 177 Greif (Griffin) was a long-range heavy bomber flown by the Luftwaffe during World War II. Purpose-designed for high-altitude bombing with pressurized crew accommodation. The He 177 A-7 R2 variant was intended to use original "power system" engines, each of which consisted of...
  9. helmutkohl

    What if India did not acquire the Gorshkov?

    the sale of the Gorshkov was, and still is one of India's most controversial naval acquisitions. I recalled that it was close to not going through due to changes in pricing and schedule. Lets assume that India decided NOT to go with the Gorshkov - How would this happen? - What would India's...
  10. X

    WINGS at SEA, Landing a Pusher-Prop on a Postage Stamp....

    A knotty design conundrum! Using some 'imagineering', what if the Curtis XP55 'Ascender' and the Kyushu J7W 'Shinden' went into production and both spawned navalised variants for carrier deployment. The thorny issue of deck landing arises; 3-point tricycle landing gear means the awkward...
  11. uk 75

    Replacing the Canberra

    Surprisingly we have not had a thread devoted to how the RAF should have replaced its Canberras? The Canberra was such a success that it was even bought by the USAF as the Martin B57. With the benefit of hindsight it ought to have been simple. The Buccaneer S2 did the job for a while with 2 RAF...
  12. Foo Fighter


    G'day folks, consider this. The TSR2 goes into service and later requires a SLEP, what engines are avaulable and could a big wing be fitted/would it be an improvement?
  13. uk 75

    1968 revisited

    The year 1968 will always be remembered for its upheavels. But it also saw Nixon elected in the USA and the Breshnev doctrine crush new thinking in Eastern Europe. Alternative departures from real history in 1968 could go either way. The toymaker Marx went so far as to make a President Hubert...
  14. helmutkohl

    What if the Sino-Soviet split did not occur

    What if the Sino-Soviet split did not occur? Basically there were ideological differences between Mao and Khruschev, which led to the split. Lets say in this scenario, both sides were a bit more flexible about the interpretation of Communism and agreed to some how respect each others...
  15. helmutkohl

    What if Germany went through with VTOL aircraft?

    Germany was experimenting with various VTOL aircraft during the cold war in the end they didn't go for any of them. in this alternate scenario.. what if Germany did order some into production? 1. Which design would be the most likely to lead to operation? they had the VAK 191, DO 31 (this...
  16. uk 75

    RAF Fighter Command after 1957

    The thread about the V Force has shown how brilliant some of the researchers here are at providing us with material unique to this site. So as we are still a bit limited in where and what we can do this Summer, I am adding the subject which has cropped up in many other threads: RAF Fighter...
  17. uk 75

    Alt 60s Soviet Navy

    I am delighted that others are already making good use of the Alt 60s US Navy thread. It probably needs a balancing thread to cover the Soviet Navy, which for both the USN and the RN was "the enemy fleet in being". After the fifties scare surrounding the Swerdlow class cruisers, the nuclear...
  18. R

    What if Italy went communist after World War 2?

    What if the northern, industrialized part of Italy remained under communist control after World War 2? What if Italian trade unionists developed a unique, ITALIAN form of communism? ... more like Yugoslavia? ... with few Moscow trained communists?
  19. uk 75

    HMS Vanguard

    The Triang company produced a range of waterline model ships in 1/200 scale in the early 1960s and briefly again in the 1970s. Star of the Royal Navy models in the range was HMS Vanguard. Rather like Vanguard there were also models of the other recently scrapped big ships, the cruisers HMS...
  20. Hood

    What If, Japanese Post-War Military Exports

    I don't usually post what-if scenarios but we've had a few what-ifs for smaller nations like Italy etc. So I was thinking the other day, what if Japan had been able to constitutionally export weapons in the post-war period? General Hackett in his The Third World War has Japan by the 1970s...