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  1. R

    MOTS Phantom for the RN?

    I'm putting this here because the premise is alternate reality. Its a world where the RN focuses on its big carriers, Eagle rebuilt as per normal, Ark Royal getting its 'Phantom' refit starting in 1964 and CVA01 & 02 getting started as soon as the Fearless class are off their slips at JB and...
  2. F

    more successful US vtol projects

    i have been looking at a lot of old US vtol project that had promises but it got cancelled and it got me thinking. what would happend if some of those projets succeed, and what would happenend if thay did .
  3. N

    F-117X Remora

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here. For months I have been fascinated by the fictional "F-117X Remora" from the film Executive Decision. In the movie's lore, the Remora was originally created by ARPA (Now DARPA) for the space program, to conduct supersonic low-orbit link ups with the...
  4. L

    Bristol Engine Development (Mercury & Pegasus)

    I'm considering Kaiserreich-esque Alt Hist timeline where Canada + a bunch of British exile engineers have to build aero engines -- for speed of development, reliability, and simplicity they just develop the Bristol Mercury/Pegasus, avoid sleeve valves and stick with poppet valves, and also go...
  5. U

    What's the situation of the Royal Navy if the WW2 broke out in 1944, not 1939?

    When I was surfing the Internet, I saw a post on the World of Warship Forum( that an article assuming World War II would have broken out in 1944. And after reading that, I wondered what would...
  6. F

    1936 Cierva-FW and alternative helicopter history

    Starting point Juan de la Cierva had already decided to continue his work motorizing the gyroplane's rotor. He misses his flight at Croydon which crashes in December 1936 because his car has a flat tire. He travels on the next flight, meets with Focke, and together they design and develop two...
  7. Rhinocrates

    Surprisingly Realistic Predictions in SF-Literature

    Good sf doesn't just introduce new concepts, it explores the ramifications of those concepts. As HG Wells introduced tanks, DEWs, nukes, transnational organisations, and air power, he also explored what they would mean. Now, I really can't recommend : Lem enough. Under this topic, his 1964...
  8. U

    If an aircraft carrier had been assigned to Force Z, what would have happened in history?

    While I was reading about a report abou Sinking of Prince of Wales and Repulse, I suddenly wondered what history would have been like if HMS Indomitable had been assigned to the Force Z without any damage, or if the Implacable Class Aircraft Carrier had been built earlier than the original...
  9. C

    French dominance

    This was idea I had reading the merage IV threads, the idea being the the lockheed bribery scandal breaks in Germany befor the deal goes though leading to anything American becoming politically toxic, this leads to Germany (and though them the rest of the nato f-104 block) to buy the Mirage III...
  10. B

    Prospective WW2 lightweight multi-role single seat fighter

    I got this idea from some discussions I've had elsewhere and something that was brought up in a thread about making a "Spitfire into a baby Tempest". I sort of don't think that the Spitfire IX as built would be 100% suitable for what was mentioned in that thread for a "multi-role" fighter...
  11. A

    Seaplane Striking Force versus Ekranoplans Seriously... Orlyonok versus Seamaster. That would be fully and entirely awesome to watch. Shame Alexeyev and his...
  12. T

    MiG 19 -> Soviet F-5 -> Soviet F-20?

    Lets send the MiG company on the path not chosen wrt. their 'budget' fighters. Instead, they make a spin-off of the MiG 19 that has a wing better suited for high speeds (not 8.74% t-t-c at root as on the -19, but under 4.5% as it was case with MiG-21; wing is also of the shorter span), and...
  13. Grey Havoc

    Routine (Horror game)

    On a very topical note, a horror game that, appropriately enough, has recently returned from the dead. Not to be confused with the 2020 game of the same name.
  14. airman

    What if De Havilland Mosquito had hydro version..

    Model posted by Bob Gibson in What if and alternate history Facebook Group it's a speculative model reconstruction of fictional hydro version of Mosquito.
  15. S

    Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising animated chapters by FIXEDIT

    These are well worth a look. I wonder what FIXEDIT could do with a bigger budget! View: View: View: View:
  16. Tomahawk missile fan

    Tu-22M Backfire in mass culture

    Many Tu-22M squadron fire cruise missile raid on enemy target and Japanese SHINKANSEN devastation screen shot from Japanese animation ″Future War 198X″. This post added Japanese SHINKANSEN devastation screen shots.
  17. airman

    What if Messerschmitt 210

    What if Messerschmitt 210 was produced based on V1 ? (Without any thousand modifications that made Me 210 a failure). I suppose that, probably an hypothetical Me-210A ( based on V1) could have been more success than real history of Me 210.
  18. Lascaris

    Fate of Aquila had she survived intact WW2?

    So what the title says. Say that cme the armistice in 1943 the Italians are able to tow away the ship to some secure port. Or alternatively if you want things simpler Italian commandos do not scuttle the ship in April 1945 and the Germans fail to sink her on their retreat. Either way you have...
  19. uk 75

    HMS Hermes as Sea Control Ship

    The saga of HMS Hermes is well known. But it might have been different if the RN had followed the US example and kept her as an ASW carrier or interim Sea Control Ship. The US were introducing the S3 Viking on to their attack carriers but were keen to get as many to sea as possible. HMS Hermes...
  20. uk 75

    Which airliner should have been built?

    I love airliners but hate the whole rigmarole of flying today..So here is another typical UK 75 thread. British Airways became one of the world's largest operators of the iconic Boeing 747 and even painted and.even painted one up in the colours of their predecessor BOAC. Imagine if instead of...
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