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11 March 2006
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Reported in JDW March 1994 was a concept model of the Gorilla, a prototype which was to be completed by 1998. PZl developed a 1000kW engine and it was armed with a 125mm gun with hull; based on T-72. See attached

Later in 2002 Poland also developed a concept MBT Obrum PT-2001, which sought to upgrade the T-72 series MBT's with a Leopard-2 turret.


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Goryl (Gorilla) AD 1995
weight: 54 t
crew: 3
armament: 120 mm o 125 mm smoothbore (L/48 or L/52), 130-140 mm ATGM launcher, coax 7,62 mm MG, AA 12,7 mm HMG
optoelectronic sights: TC - HL-70 (SFIM) or VIGY-40 (SAGEM); gunner - HL-60 or ST72
powerpack: RR Condor V12-1200 + Renk ESM 500
suspension: torsion bars or hydropneumatic
Also Goryl`s was considered as a base for various vehicles, f.e. tank destroyer, AA Tank, ARV and CEV.

Ad attaches - diagram is simplified (made in Paint) and far from 100% accurate. As you can see proportions are much Leclerc-like - but turret is not low profile (as Leclerc`s is), seems to be pretty big.


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Nice pictures and information. Looked a bit like Italy's Ariete MBT.


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