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  1. Combat-Master

    Turkish Land Based Systems

    After lessons learned from incursion into Syria. Turkey sought out to develop ways in which to increase survivability of it's MBTs Leopard 2A4-TM , Armour packages developed by Roketsan. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q84A9sM4TE8 M60-TM, Roketsan Improved armour packages replacing...
  2. Pre_historyX

    Giant Wheeled Armoured cars and Giant Landships

    Giant wheeled armoured cars from any country and any war, I want to show some armoured cars and Landships I found in webs like Tank enyclopedia and Military Review Some of these are Russian, American, French and British but if you know other from other country, feel free to post it here Thx
  3. Logan Hartke

    Tank Thermal Sights in the Cold War

    Hi everyone, I've dipped my toe into a topic that I previously new next to nothing about and still find myself woefully under-equipped for. Long story short, I'm trying to determine which tanks had thermal imaging sights prior to the Persian Gulf War. Please correct my errors (I'll edit this...