1. Grey Havoc

    Poland going for Abrams MBT? (M1A2 SEPv3)

  2. Apophenia


    The Polish PZA (Przeciwlotniczy Zestaw Artyleryjski) Loara SPAAG system is fairly well known but not so its planned SPAAM companion. The former is usually referred to as Loara-A (or, for export purposes, Loara-G for Gun). The SPAAM was designated PZR (Przeciwlotniczy Zestaw Rakietowy) Loara but...
  3. JAZZ

    Poland's Gorilla MBT - 1994

    Reported in JDW March 1994 was a concept model of the Gorilla, a prototype which was to be completed by 1998. PZl developed a 1000kW engine and it was armed with a 125mm gun with hull; based on T-72. See attached Later in 2002 Poland also developed a concept MBT Obrum PT-2001, which sought to...