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found these,dont know where could be from here


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PlanesPictures said:
... or fake

Then at least an officially launched one ! Would be called "disinformation" then, I think. ;)

BTW, I noticed, that we had this thread an another, titlrd "New Kamov Projects", already
duplicating quite a lot of posts. So I merged them, hopefully making finding things somewhat


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Very cool drawings,thanks a lot everyone for sharing,the kamov 10,kind reminds me of a mix between the ah-64 and the ov-10.

best regards

to stimpy75: I have done these pictures for Avicopress as Ka-65 but I wasn't sure if it is correct
PlanesPictures said:
to stimpy75: I have done these pictures for Avicopress as Ka-65 but I wasn't sure if it is correct
very nice work,could be that i found these pictures on Avicopress while google searching for pictures of the KA-65,
stimpy75 said:
very nice work,could be that i found these pictures on Avicopress while google searching for pictures of the KA-65,

We have seen the Ka-65 designation used for the UVK (Udarny Vertolyotny Kompleks "Strike Helicopter System") and for a rigid coaxial-rotor utility compound helicopter with pusher prop similar to the Sikorsky/Boeing SB-1 Defiant from graphics we believe originated within Kamov. So there is confusion over which design has been given the designation Ka-65.
Speculative illustration of Kamov Ka-92.



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I assume that Ka-92 remains "speculative" at best.
Jemiba said:
yasotay said:
I assume that Ka-92 remains "speculative" at best.

It has shown considerable evolution and the shown layout wasn't the last iteration, but
IIRC the one here http://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,2766.msg78028.html#msg78028
But especially helicopters have a long "gestation period"! today, no matter, where they are designed ! ::)
Fair point. I have not seen any mention of Russia moving forward with high speed efforts beyond the high speed conventional helicopter that was first mentioned last year.
deep modernization of the V-80 helicopter in the high-speed helicopter attack plane of new generation.The high-speed helicopter attack plane according to ABC scheme
with an operated jet nozzle (the project of 1989)


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Transmission of coaxial bearing screws under ABC concept


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Control run from lateral handles mechanical, without EDSU application. http://www.aex.ru/docs/1/2014/9/16/2118/print/


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borovik said:
Hmmmm... about 10 t HAL I have nothing.

And yet I forgot to post this - early Kamov Ka-12, 3 views. Taken from "Samolyoty mira" (World Aircraft) magazine some 10 years ago :)

My dear borovik,

I heard that,there is anther Kamov Ka-12 project,it was single seat helicopter and powered
by one 600 hp engine,it was designed in 1945.
In Reply # 25 is a picture of the preliminary design of single screw
passenger helicopter Ka-12 with the motor M-21
capacity of 600 hp. Other projects with a designation of Ka-12, dated 1945, I do not know. (At the moment))
[/size]/Via Google translate/
Many thanks to you my dear Borovik,

and Ka-12 of 1945 also was powered by one M-21.
A new tandem version of the Ka-50/Ka-52 family for an Asian country (South Korea?)
It is based on the Ka-50-2 „Erdogan“.

Source: Авиация и Космонавтика 2015-04, pages 13-20

Maybe our Russian members can translate the article and give us so more information. ;) :)


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That is one loong helicopter!
Flying Wiener Dog ;D
Indeed a great find. I have to wonder about the CG range. Greater or lesser given how far out in front the gun and gunner are?
Here the Ka-50УБ / Ka-50UB trainer project.
This project led later into the Ka-52.

Source: Авиация и Космонавтика 2015-02, pages 3-10


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thank you so much my dear fightingirish for sharing these awesome illustrations of the Erdogan!!!
in years i tried to figure out how you could fit a front mounted cannon and sensor at the front of the Erdogan!!!!you really made my day :)
the Erdogan was of special interest for me(not only carries my first name!)
if you were here i would hug you
thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. that radome?mmw radar or guidance radar or collision warning radar?
Another project "heavyweight" was
OKB proposed NI Kamov-based
a five-blade main rotor diameter of 125
meters with jet drive from turboreak?
tive engine. According to calculations, a similar
superheavy helicopter? valve could create
lift 600 tons, which allowed
transported on external sling cereals?
nogabaritnoe and heavy industrial
equipment weighing up to 250 tons!


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Ka-29 "Sunrise" Helicopter single-rotor design 1963


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1. Ka-50 - interceptor project. 2006.
2. Ka-50 - first option for placement on ships. 1991.


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horrido mil,
do you have some technical data for the Ka.29 project?
Kamov Minoga (sea-based).


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stashandr said:
Kamov Minoga (sea-based).

Hmmm...I thought that was an illustration of the recently announced naval helicopter called "Lamprey"?

So is it Minoga or Lamprey?
kaiserbill said:
So is it Minoga or Lamprey?

Ahem... As you might infer from the spelling, "lamprey" is not and cannot be a Russian word. See below:


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Preliminary design of an embodiment of attack helicopter, transverse rotor system (V-80, V-100 concepts) Development and drawing head of the department of technical design S. Fomin. |source Наука и техника, 12. 2015|


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