Kamov Projects

1. Ka-50 - interceptor project. 2006.
2. Ka-50 - first option for placement on ships. 1991.
Additional images Ka-50I - the Ka-50 anti-UAV and anti-helicopter version.


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Probably not? They did try mounting R-77 on the Su-25 - but it would have carried a large external radar pod to do so!
Technically, one could use R-77 not unlike R-73 because it does have it's own active seeker. R-27 could also be launched, but only an IR variant ( if guys in Yemen could launch it from a truck an d actually shoot down an UAV, why couldn't an helo with proper wiring from manufacturer?).
R-27R shown on picture is out of question, though, not w/o proper radar. Unless there is a pod verison of Kopyo in the other side that was proposed for Su-25TM.

If I recall correctly, the R-27T/R-27ET requires external cooling for the seeker - so that might require more extensive modifications.

The use of an active radar missile is actually something of an interesting idea - as the low launch speed of a helicopter would mean that the kinetic likely range wouldn't be meaningfully greater than the acquisition range of the missile's own radar.

P.S. I find the asymmetric load of the kopyo an amusing image. Not likely obviously, but still definitely worthy of imagination.
Russian answer for AH 66Comanches . Interesting concept of k 50 ISTREBITEL( Fighter) as a hunter for helicopters or drones

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