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14 January 2007
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Can anybody post the designation list from Hiller and Fairchild-Hiller?

:D Servus Maveric ;D
Hiller Model 1031 (ONR) Flying platform 1955
Model 1033 (XROE.1) 1957
Model 1035 Convertiplan P
Model 1045 Convertiplan P
Model 1048 Convertiplan P
Model 1056 Convertiplan P
Model 1057 Convertiplan P
Model 1058 Convertiplan P

Servus Maveric
Hiller Model 1085 (X.18) 1959
Model 1099 Helicopter 1961
Model 1100 (Fairchild-Hiller) 1963

Model 697 (X.16) ???

Servus Maveric
Hi Maveric!

Model 1098---STORC, a tip turbojet helicopter the rotor of which would be inverted and locked in position, transforming the aircraft - on the ground - into an airplane. Ferrying itself at high speed overseas to its operational theater, STORC would be free of ships and transport planes, and complexity of re-assembly.
Hiller Model 1067 (transport/rescue)
Hiller Model 1084 (multipurpose-transport)

... these proposals based on the X-18.

SOURCE: X-Planes by Jay Miller (1st edition, page 140)


Hiller Model 720 (combination of two Model 360)
Hiller Model 1005 (crane helicopter)
Hiller Model 1059 (deflected slipstream STOL aircraft)

SOURCE: One Way Up by John F Straubel

Of course, all of them were unbuilt projects ...
Thanks boxkite and nugo...

...any drawing and technical data?

Servus Maveric
To get an impression of the Model 720 ...


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found only Model 1091 (CAMEL), without any details ???

Servus Maveric

the Model-1048 was based on X-18 as civil transport aircraft project.
Please read the remark by Andreas Parsch...
My dear lark,

the source is the X planes X-1 to X-29,by Jay Miller (book).

1108 was tip turbojet-powered very heavy-lift helicopter.
A small recapitulation so far (and then some):

XH-44 HILLER-COPTER (NOT a military designation!)
J-10 world's first helicopter with a NOTAR system
360X "YELLOW PEARL" prototype of the 360 / UH-12 line
360 civilian demonstrator that started the UH-12 series
UH-12 civilian helicopter and YH-23 RAVEN for USAF
UH-12A civilian helicopter / Army (O)H-23A RAVEN / Navy HTE-1
UH-12B civilian helicopter / Army (O)H-23B RAVEN / Navy HTE-2 / Royal Navy HT.Mk.1
UH-12C civilian helicopter / Army (O)H-23C RAVEN
UH-12D civilian helicopter / Army (O/U)H-23D RAVEN
UH-12D-1 civilian helicopter
UH-12E civilian helicopter / Army H-23E RAVEN / Army OH-23G RAVEN / Canada CH-112 NOMAD / Royal Navy HT.Mk.2 RAVEN
UH-12E-4 civilian helicopter / Army (O)H-23F RAVEN (also known as Model E-4 STATION WAGON)
UH-12L-4 (also known as Model L-4)
UH-12SL-4 (also known as Model SL-4)
VJ100 passenger rocket project; test models only
HH-120 HORNET, prototype of the HJ-1 series
HJ-1 HORNET, small helicopter with rotor-tip jets (also found as J-1)
HJ-1 Navy XHOE-1 / Army YH-32 HORNET
HJ-1 Army YH-32A ULV HORNET "Sally Rand" (to TH-32A)
LZ-5-2 Development of Doman LZ-5 (acquired by Hiller)
8RJ2B Hiller-designed ramjet, the first US-designed jet engine of any kind to be approved for production by the CAA
697 X-16 competition proposal
720 combination of two Model 360 helicopters

1005 crane helicopter project (AERIAL CARRYALL?)
1031(-A) AIRBORNE PERSONAL PLATFORM designed upon Charles Zimmerman concepts (ONR evaluation)
1031-A-1 FLYING PLATFORM, procured by Army as VZ-1E PAWNEE
1033 XROE-1 ROTORCYCLE for Navy; cancelled development was YROE-1
1035 first tilt-wing project under an Army contract; design began in 1953
1045 small tilt-wing transport project, proposed to Army for 1954 utility helicopter (lost to "Huey")
1048A first government-funded tilt-wing study contract, encouraged by ONR
1056 tiltrotor design in a comparative study for the Navy's BuAer
1057 tilt-wing design in a comparative study for the Navy's BuAer (the tilt-wing won)
1058 tilt-duct design in a comparative study for the Navy's BuAer
1059 deflected slipstream STOL aircraft project
1067 transport/rescue project based on X-18 design
1084 multipurpose/transport project based on X-18 design
1085 X-18 PROPELLOPLANE (1958)
1091* CAMEL (Collapsible Airborne Military Equipment Lifter)
1094DO CAMEL, a variant of Model 1091, no details
1098 STORC (Self-ferrying Trans-Ocean Rotary-wing Crane) tip turbojet helicopter
1099* TEN 99 Assault Support Helicopter proposal to USN; first PT6-powered helicopter (1961)
1100* Army HO-5/OH-5A helicopter (1963) / OH-5B variant proposal
FH-1100* commercial variant of OH-5 known by Fairchild-Hiller
RH-1100 B PEGASUS (Rogerson-Hiller)
RH-1100 M HORNET (Rogerson-Hiller)
RH-1100 S unbuilt seven-seat variant (Rogerson-Hiller)
FH-1108* Hiller-Continental FLYING CRANE, tip turbojet-powered very heavy-lift helicopter entry in Army program; won but was canceled soon after
1117 rotorcraft, no details

VHR-447 XC-142A VTOL transport (Vought-Hiller-Ryan) (=Vought V-464)

NOTE: a page of this forum shows a flying crane model "to perform midair recovery of the first stage of the Saturn 5" which is given erroneously as the Model 1045.

*asterisk indicates projects identified as Fairchild-Hiller
My dear Stargazer2006,

I suggest that the Fairchild-Pilatus PC-6 Porter was the design FH-1117.
Thanks, hesham! Any document or link to back up that piece of information?
My dear Stargazer2006,

I think that report spoke about many little known aircraft and projects,
they mentioned the Hiller Model-1117,so I suggest only it was Fairchild-
Pilatus PC-6,and I am not sure.
Ok, then I already had that source and didn't know what to make of it. Perhaps allocating this to the Pilatus Porter is jumping to conclusions a bit too fast... I'll continue to investigate the matter, anyway. I'll also update the Hiller list a second time soon, there's a lot more to that name than the UH-12 series!
My Hiller list on page one has been updated.

Here is a list of as yet undesignated Hiller projects (photos provided when *):

- "FLYING SHOES", the first Zimmerman flying platform*
- Hiller autogyro*
- BARC (Besson's Aerial Railhead Crane)
- SKYBUS, a large forty-to-fifty passenger civil ram jet transport helicopter project*
- mixed-propulsion aircraft project, apparently for COIN missions* (perhaps same as Model 1059?)
- shrouded rotor VTOL proposal*
- transonic VTOL project*
- FLYING JEEP four-duct proposal for Army*
- AERIAL SEDAN four-duct personal flying car project*

(continued in next post)


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(continued from previous post)

All the following undesignated projects are shown in picture form as attachments:

- FLYING CRANE Hiller/NASA helicopter to perform midair recovery of the first stage of the Saturn 5
- four-duct flying platform with bubble canopy at front (seems like an armed version)
- twin-duct flying gun platform
- tandem tilt-wing project
- twin-duct military transport aircraft with conventional tail
- twin-engine retractoplane type with additional folding-rotor retracting into wing surface
- three-duct flying-crane with pilot positioned on top
- four-duct flying-crane with bubble-type canopy at front


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Not a single forum member to identify the above designs more accurately? Ah well...

An addition to the list: Model 1051 is given as the X-18 PROPELLOPLANE, although this already appears as Model 1085. The difference between the two is unknown to me, though I can speculate the former may be the paper project while the latter was the finished product.

Concerning Model 1117, it is mentioned as a "rotorcraft", so it's definitely NOT the PC-6 Porter.
From the Bernard Lindenbaum Vertical Flight Research Collection:

1031-B............variant of PAWNEE flying platform, no details [possibly the later deep-duct version] (1957)
1051...............initial designation of X-18 [System 451L]; became Model 1085 after modifications [System 607A]
1069...............rotor-prop convertiplane project
1082...............Multi-Purpose Turbine Powered Helicopter proposal (1958)
1099A.............TEN99A Missile Site Support Helicopter proposal to USAF (1962)
1117...............Light Armed Reconnaissance V/STOL Aircraft (1964)
Hiller ad with small drawings of models 1048, 1067 and 1084.
Also an ad for a large heavy lift helicopter, don't designation or if this design has been posted before.


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hesham said:
It's Model-1108 as I think.

No, it's actually the Model 1089, proposed circa 1961. Do you have the date of publication of the second ad, RAP?

The FH-1108 was a 1964 derivative of it, apparently a Hiller-Continental project for a tip turbojet-powered very heavy-lift helicopter.


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Skyblazer- Sorry can't provide a date but it was from AWST.
7 seat version of RH-1100.


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Hiller STORC


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We forget UTJ-800 design,a utility passenger transport helicopter project.


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The Hiller Model-1123 was a helicopter,with no details.


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Hi guys. I would like to scratch the subject of Model 1100 a bit. I dig out its FAA type certificate (>>H2WE<<) and there is clear distinction of models as follows:
  • Model 1000: 4 person helicopter powered by Allison 250-C10
    • also kind of includes US Army OH-5A (engine named as T63-A-5)
  • Model FH-1100: 5 person helicopter powered by Allison 250-C18 or Allison Model 250-C20B (after certain mod.)
Interesting is Note 5: If I am understanding it correctly, it says that Model 1100 as an ARMY OH-5A is actually bit different, and could be converted later to the certified state.

So, for me, there were three different variants: OH-5A, Model 1100 and Model FH1100.

I guess that model 1100 was still envisioned before Hiller was taken over by the Fairchild - that happened on May 7th, 1964, and the type certificate was granted on May 22nd, 1964 - clearly it was process of at least dozen of months of duration at that time.

Then, following this line of thought, the FH-1100 was a Fairchild's push to increase its performance (one more person on board).

Now I am trying to identify those variants on pictures. It is easy for FH-1100 - as several of them were built. Also well known is form of the OH-5A (or rather YOH-5A), as it is documented on pictures from its Army trials. Problem is with the Model 1100 as a civilian helicopter. So far I found one picture most likely showing that model, but described as FH-1100. Yet another picture clearly shows similar (or very same) helicopter, just with slightly modified cowling and writing FH1100 on it (although it is S/N 2).

I compiled a little chart with visual differences per variant as I perceive it right now (attached).

Am I right?


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Skyblazer- Sorry can't provide a date but it was from AWST.
Model 1089: The ad is from 1959 AWST. Flying Magazine mentioned it again in a small column in 1960


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Les Ailes in 1962 mentions the 1089 and the 1098 STORC


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The French Aviation Magazine briefly mentions the 1098 again in 1963. Or maybe this is not even the 1098. Hiller was really designing a lot of models at the time


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