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From USA,

Fairchild-Hiller Model-473 :(it wasn't helicopter sorry)it was C-130B fitted
with twin underwing jet engines to become C-130K.
Fairchild Model-484 :was modified a C-119 military transport aircraft to YC-119K
standard by add two pylon-mounted auxiliary turbojets and
installing a more powerful version.
Fairchild FA-228 (Metro V) :was Metro III with T-tail,deeper cabin,heavier landing gear,
stronger wing 5-blade props and 1100 hp Garrett TPE331-12UA-70G
Let us begin to complete the Fairchild M-... list.
If anybody know something about designations from Fairchild please let me know.
Just what I've found with a quick search:

M-185: Four engined highwing executive jet, engines in two underwing pods
M-186:Twin engined jet transport with a kind of crescent wing
M-225: Four engined lowwing executive jet, engines in the rear fuselage
M-232: Twin engined military STOL transport, 1956
M.77 = XAT.13/14
M.80 = AT.21
M.105 = XC.119A
M.110 = C.119B/C
M.160 = C.119H
M.205 = C.123B/H/J
M.473 = C.123K
M.538 = FH.227
Hi All!

Model M-62----PT-19, PT-23
Model M-78----X,C-82...
Model M-79----XBQ-3
Model M-84----civil 4 plase, singe engine
Model M-90----feederliner (project)
Model M-92----XNQ-1
Model M-95----feederliner (project)
Model M-99----heavy cargo, 4xT35-1 (project)
Model M-103---Navy 5 place personal aircraft, 1xR-985B-5 (M-103) or Fairchild Ranger SGV-770C-2C (M-103A), development of XNQ- 1 (project)

to be continued...
Hi All!

Model M-104---a track gear installation was retrofitted on C-82A( manufacturer serial number 10116, Air Force tail number 45-57746)
Model M-107---XC-120 Pack Plane
Model M-121---High-Speed Intercontinental Bomber, competitor of XB-52 (project)
Model M-122---a track gear installation was retrofitted on Boeing B-29 (project)
Model M-123---a track gear installation was retrofitted on Boeing B-50 (project)
Model M-129---XT-31

to be continued...
Hi All!

Model M-164---C-119H, 4xP&W R-2800 (project)
Model M-167---YC-128/YC-119D & E with cargo pod (project)
Model M-172---Global Bomber Study (project)
Model M-175---Pack (?)
Model M-194---Study C-119 Advanced Base Version (project)
Model M-195---competitor of Bell X-16, 1xP&W J57-P-37 (project)
Model M-197---STOL aircraft (project)

to be continued...
Hi All!

Model M-203---C-119J
Model M-206---Modified of C-123, 2xAllison T56-A (project)
Model M-208---M-208B Army Unit Support Aircraft, highplane,Pi-Tail aircraft design, 2 x turboprop
engine (projrct)
Model M-219---Military Transport (project)

to be continued...
Hi All!

Model M-222---Whill-ski kit conversion of C-123
Model M-224---S/VTOL research aircraft VZ-5FA
Model M-225---7 place, swept low-wing monoplane, 4xJ44,
Model M-226---Transport, Fairchild proposed Pi-Tail on the C-123B to become the Model 226 (project)
Model M-230---WS-123A, XSM-73 "Bull Goose" decoy missile
Model M-231---STOL version of C-123 (project)
Model M-232---STOL Transport, 2 place, twin-boom design, 2x 800hp Lycoming SO-580 (project)

to be continued...
Hi All!

The additive:
Model M-82---4 place low-wing Cabin aircraft (project)
Model M-85---Fighter, 2 x Ranger SGV-770-D-4B (project)

Model M-225---project
Model M-252---AN/USD-5, Drone Surveillance System
Model M-253---"Torboboxar", 4 x Lycoming T55, based on C-123 (project)

to be continued...
Hi All!

Model M-255---Carrier Onboard Delivery Transport, in 1957 proposal to the USN to adapt the C-123 assault transport for aerial resupply of carrier task groups at sea. Design the Model 255, the extensively
modified aircraft would have had folding wings and vertical tail, an arresting hook, catapult hooks, and Fairchild J44 auxiliary jet engines installed in the aft end of the nacelles for the main R-2800 reciprocating engines (project)
Model M-258---Fairchild F-27 military conversion
Model M-270---Jet Transport, 4xJT3D-4 of 18,000 lbs thrust each (project), US Patent: D190304.
Model M-286---Big Jet Airliner (project)
Model M-288---Executive Transport (project)

to be continued...
Following Nugo's listing of Fairchild M-258 (a military version of the F-27), I googled for some more info on this and came across the NASM Archives
Fairchild Industries, Inc. Collection (1989-0060, 1990-0047) at http://www.nasm.si.edu/research/arch/findaids/pdf/Fairchild_Finding_Aid.pdf.

This listing provides the following items that are in one of the many folders in the archives:

Fairchild Model Number listing (M-80 – M-313)
M-142 Model Specifications, Report No. R142-000, November 1, 1949; Report No.
M-262, photographs
Fairchild M-490 Tank Security Requirement Check List and photographs
Fairchild M-220 Model, photographs
Fairchild M-491 Tank, photographs
Fairchild M-492 instruments, photographs
Fairchild M-522 Tank, photographs
Fairchild M-527 Tank, photographs
NASA Booster Carrier M-534, photographs of drawings
Fairchild M-3028, photographs
Fairchild M-3102, photographs
Fairchild M-236 Model, photographs
M-144 brochure
M-232 article
M-189A Configuration Study, Engineering Report No. R189A-002, October 1954
Fairchild M-192, brochure and photograph

These have not been listed by Nugo so far.
All we need now is somebody who can go to those archives and collect the information. Since I live in Western Australia it is a bit too far for me. But if somebody goes, please check out the details of the Fairchild M-258 in Box 98, Folder 11 and Box 503, Folder 12 (the latter with a photo of a model).
Hi Nugo,

thank you for your contributions in this thread! But it would be nice if you could, if possible, name your sources for the numbers you are posting. Not that I don't trust you, but with these kind of data sooner or later someone will come up with something that contradicts what has been said, and then it would be helpful to compare the credibility of the conflicting sources. Thank you :) !

I agree with Andreas, sources should be capital given the nature of our subject of study. Thanks for your effort Nugo :)

M-484 was a modified C-119 military transport aircraft to YC-119K
standard by add two pylon-mounted auxiliary turbojets and installing
a more powerful version.
Hi All!

Fairchild Model M-290---Sea Skimmer. "...The purpose of the talks was to determine the feasibility of a huge logistics transport aircraft for transokeanic flight, which would skim the waves with its wings in "ground effects"....The engineers' first sketch for such an aircraft depicted a 10-engine turboprop behemoth, at 1 million pounds takeoffgross weight, that could carry 500,000 pounds of payload in its fuselage and wing cargo compartments. That design would have had a 375ft. wing span, a lenght of 250 ft., and a height of 77 ft. It would have had acruising speed of 175 knots and a maximum range of 10,000 nautical miles...." (project)
Fairchild Model M-534---Outsize Booster Carrier Aircraft. " In March of 1964, the Aircraft-Missiles Division of the Fairchild Stratos Corporation submitted a feasibility study to NASA's George C. Marshall Space Center at Hunstville, Alabama. The purpose of the study was to determine the technical feasibility and to estimate the initial cost of providing air transportation for the Saturn S-2 stage and other large booster rockets.
The On-Mark Engineering Co. of Van Nuys, California, had in 1962 already modified a Boeing 377 Stratocruiser dubbed the "Pregnant Guppy" for Aero Spacelines to transport the Douglas S-4 secnd stage of the Saturn I launch vehicle, the Rocketdyne F-1 engine, and other NASA cargo. However, NASA still had to rely on slow surface transportation, such as barges, for the larger stages of the Saturn V rocket.
Fairchild considered the possible modification of nine different aircraft for transporting the boosters, but settled on three: a Convair B-36J Peacemaker, a Douglas C-133B Cargomaster, or the Saunders-Roe Princess Flying boat...." (project)
Fairchild Model M-541---Stol Tactical Airlift Transport and would have become the C-123L and have been powered by two GE T64turboprops and two GE J85 turbojets, and have a wide-tread landing gear for soft and rough field performance. Another modification would have been a wider fuselage to use the standard Air Force cargo pallet....( project)
source: Journal, American Aviation Historical Society/Winter 1997, Vol.42, No. 4, page:274-284
Fairchild "Could Have Been" Aircraft Designs-Kent A. Mitchell

another source....
AAHS Journal, Vol. 48, No. 1 - Spring 2003
Armand J. Thieblot, Aircraft Designer - Kent A. Mitchell
and AKA


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Journal, American Aviation Historical Society/Winter 1997, Vol.42, No. 4, page:274-284
Fairchild "Could Have Been" Aircraft Designs-Kent A. Mitchell

Which "could have been" designs are ilustrated in this that article?
Hi pometablava!

Journal, American Aviation Historical Society/Winter 1997, Vol.42, No. 4, page:274-284
Fairchild "Could Have Been" Aircraft Designs-Kent A. Mitchell
Text---T, Three-view drawing---3, Picture---P.
1) M-99 (T,3,P)
2) M-103 (T,P)
3) Six-engine Cargo Plane (T, US Patent Des.148,595, patent drawing)
4) Twin Turboprop Swept-wing Bomber (T, US Patent Des.158,817, patent drawing)
5) M-121 High-Speed Intercontinental Bomber (T,3,P,...wing/fuel tank being jettisoned)
6) M-185F Jet Utility Transport (T,3)
7) M-195 High Altitude Reconnaissance Plane (T,P)
8) M-186C Jet Transport (P, inboard arrangement)
9) M-208B Army Unit Support Aircraft (T,P)
10) M-226 Transport (T,3)
11) M-253 Four-Engine Transport(Turboboxcar) (T,3,P)
12) M-255 Carrier Onboard Delivery Transport (T,3)
13) M-270 Jet Transport (T,P)
14) M-290 Sea Skimmer (T)
15) M-534 Outsize Booster Carrier Aircraft (T,P---The M-534 utilized a B-36J airframe and engines)
16) M-541 Stol Tactical Airlift Transport (T,3)
The Fairchild M- list:

I have two to add: M-252 AN/USD-5 "Osprey" Surveilance Drone
M-232 SM-73 "Goose" Decoy Drone
I personally worked on the AN/USD-5 from 1960-62 during flight test in Yuma, AZ at the then titled Yuma Test Station now the Yuma Proving grounds. The Osprey had many similar parts to the Goose and we would receive parts boxes with the M-232 designation on them

M-128 was long range special attack aircraft with jettisonable auxiliary wing.
hesham said:

M-128 was long range special attack aircraft with jettisonable auxiliary wing.




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Here's a recap of all we know collectively about Fairchild M- designations.

Model 45 US Navy JK-1 utility transport (45-A: Argentina export variant)
Model 46 F-46 (also known as the Clark GA-46)
Model 47 F-47
M-62 tandem-seat trainer / A: PT-19 CORNELL / A-3: Ranger 6-440-C5
M-62B designation F-62B found, could indicate a projected civilian version
M-62C PT-23 CORNELL (also a strange M-62CF-23B designation found)[/i]
M-79 XBQ-3
M-80 80/-1/-2 AT-21 GUNNER
M-82 4-place low-wing cabin proposal (1943)
M-84 civil 4-place PT conversion, single engine (M-84A/C) (1944)
M-85 twin-engine fighter project with 2 x Ranger SGV-770-D-4B engines (1944)
M-90 90-F feederline airplane tractor proposal (1944)
M-92 US Navy XNQ-1 trainer
M-95 centerline thrust feederline airplane (1945)
M-99 heavy cargo project with 4 x T35-1 turbines
M-103 USN 5-place aircraft developed from XNQ-1 (-103: R-985B-5, -103A: Fairchild Ranger SGV-770C-2C)
M-104 track gear installation retrofitted on C-82A (c/n 10116, USAAF s/n 45-57746)
M-105 XC-119A FLYING BOXCAR (XC-82B) (M-105A)
M-107 XC-120 PACK PLANE (M-107B)
M-110 USAF C-119B/C/D/E/F/G; Navy R4Q-1 FLYING BOXCAR and R4Q-2
M-121 high speed biplane intercontinental SAC bomber project (XB-52 competition)
M-122 track gear installation was retrofitted on Boeing B-29 (project)
M-123 track gear installation was retrofitted on Boeing B-50 (project)
M-128 long range special attack aircraft project with jettisonable auxiliary wing
M-129 USAF T-31 trainer developed from M-91
M-142 engine proposal
M-144 no data
M-159 projected helicopter from American Helicopter Co.
M-160 XC-119H SKYVAN
M-162 no data
M-164 C-119H SKYVAN with 4 x P&W R-2800 (M-164C) (project)
M-167 YC-128/YC-119D & E FLYING BOXCAR with cargo pod (project)
M-172 Global Bomber study (project)
M-175 Projected pulse jet pack helicopter from American Helicopter Co.
M-185 4-engined high wing utility jet transport/business jet projects, engines in 2 underwing pods (M-185A/B/F)
M-186 Jet bomber / twin engined jet transport with a kind of crescent wing (M-186/B/C)
M-189 M-189A no data
M-192 no data
M-194 C-119 FLYING BOXCAR Advanced Base Version (study)
M-195 high altitude reconnaissance plane, competitor project of X-16 and U-2, 1 x P&W J57-P-37 (project)
M-197 STOL aircraft project with 4 x T-55 turboprops
M-206 Modification of C-123 PROVIDER with 2 x Allison T56-A (project)
M-208 Army Unit Support Aircraft project, Pi-Tail aircraft design with 2 x turboprops (M-208B)
M-209 C-119J FLYING BOXCAR (or confusion with M-203?)
M-216 no data
M-219 military transport aircraft project, a C-123 derivative?
M-220 no data
M-222 Whill-ski kit conversion of C-123
M-224 S/VTOL Army VZ-5-FA FLEDGLING research aircraft (M-224-1)
M-225 Swept low-wing executive jet business project, 4 engines in the rear fuselage, 7 seats
M-226 proposed Pi-Tail transport version of C-123B, project only
M-230 XSM-73 BULL GOOSE (WS-123A) decoy missile / also GOOSE production version?
M-231 projected STOL version of C-123B PROVIDER (M-231/B)
M-232 DRAGONFLY twin-boom military STOL project, lateral propellers, 2 x central 800hp Lyc. SO-580 (1956)
M-236 no data
M-252 AN/USD-5 OSPREY (XE-1/XE-2) surveillance drone program (M-252/C)
M-253 TURBOBOXCAR project, based on C-123 PROVIDER with 4 x Lycoming T55 turboprop engines (1957)
M-255 Carrier Onboard Delivery Transport proposal, C-123 mod., aerial resupply of carrier task groups at sea (1957)
M-258 Fairchild F-27 military conversion, planned for procurement as C-138 then cancelled (M-258G/H/J/K)
M-262 no data
M-268 VTOL turboprop transport project (M-268C)
M-270 Logistic transport jet aircraft project 4 x JT3D-4 of 18,000 lbs thrust each (M-270/D)
M-280 AN-USD-5 (XE-2) DRONE BOOSTER multipurpose drone weapon system (M-280) (mock-up made)
M-284 no data
M-286 big jet airliner project
M-288 executive transport aircraft project
M-290 SEA SKIMMER huge logistics wing-in-ground transport aircraft project for transoceanic flight
M-294 FRIENDSHIP. STOL version for the US Navy / standard version for Strategic Air Command
M-398 Heat Shield, 1963
M-450 no data
M-473 YC-123H, (U)C-123K PROVIDER
M-484 YC-119K, C-119K, C-119L, EC-119L FLYING BOXCAR
M-490 Tank
M-491 Tank
M-492 instruments?
M-522 Tank
M-527 Disseminator, tank
M-534 NASA Outsize Booster Carrier Aircraft, utilized a B-36J airframe and engines (Aircraft-Missiles Division)
M-541 STOL Tactical Airlift Transport with 2 x T64 + 2 x J85 turbojets, would have become the C-123L (-123S?)
M-616 AERCAB aircrew escape rescue capability for combat aircraft

Non-sequential/dubious designations :

M-1942 proposal for modification of C-119C airplane (1949)
M-3028 no data
M-3102 no data

XF-21 possible Model 21 prototype, or erroneous transcription?
PD 19 no data
D-100 Project D-100 (no data)
300 no data
A-400 A-400 AVS variable sweep wing project (with Germany)

Unknown designations :

? SST project (same as Republic SST REP-10 project?)

? SD-3 surveillance drone
? SD-4 surveillance drone
? SD-35 surveillance drone

? J83 jet engine

? AT-21MM GUNNER project, 1943

? KAQ-1/XSAM-2/CTV LARK missile
? AUM-N-2 PETREL missile
? KUN-1/XASM-N-5 GORGON missile
Gleaned from the Spangenberg Index, courtesy of RyanCrierie:

- M-109 four-place utility trainer proposal for US Navy
- M-216 proposed naval version of PROVIDER for US Navy
- M-220 proposed AEW and land transport variants of PROVIDER for US Navy
- M-229 observation reconnaissance design study for US Navy
- M-238 AEW/CIC carrier-based aircraft proposal
- M-249 observation aircraft proposal for US Navy
hesham said:
hesham said:

M-128 was long range special attack aircraft with jettisonable auxiliary wing.


And here is the Fairchild M-128 aircraft which was designed by Armand
J. Thieblot.



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Very interesting! Are you positive that it is M-128? Or is it just an assumption, given the dates?
Based on Jared Zichek's (fantastic!) book, I'd say that's the M-121 design for the Air Force. The Navy's M-128 had a bubble canopy and "only" six engines.
But M-121 was a contender for the XB-52 competition. This design doesn't seem to correspond to that specification...
...which is why it was never a serious contender, despite Fairchild's enlisting Hap Arnold's support.
Hi All!

If so, then:

FH-129---A-10 Thunderbolt II (Republic Aviation Division, Fairchild Hiller Company---FH)
FR-150---USN VFA V/STOL fighter, a.k.a. SCS fighter (Fairchild Republic Company, Fairchild Industries- --FR)
FRC-225---T-46A ( a.k.a.---FRC)
There is no "Fairchild Hiller" list as such. These designations are those of the Republic division, and therefore they continue the Republic list after the AP- list.

Do you have confirmation for FH-129? Any sort of source? I listed the A-10 as FRC-160 but I'm not sure of that myself.

FR-150 was indeed the V/STOL fighter design proposed for the Sea Control Ship competition. It lost to the Rockwell XFV-12A.
FRC-225 is also correct and well-known, and FRC-226 was the sub-scale demonstrator of the T-46A which was at the Long Island museum when I visited (and is presumably still there).
Hi Stargazer2006!

The picture look, please:



  • republic361A-10AXdwginflight[1].JPG
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Maveric said:
? FH.129 = A.10 and FR.150 = A.10A ?

No, no! FR-150 is the aircraft below.


  • Republic SCS FR-150.jpg
    Republic SCS FR-150.jpg
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