Hawker Siddeley HS.133 VTOL Airliner

Looks like an enlarged HS.145,maybe the HS.147 ? This is described in Paynes "Stuck
On The Drawing Board" as a series of design studies for a fan-lift STOL airliner.
According to the Flight article, it's Hawker Siddeley's HS.133.

The HS.133 would have 16 lift engines ("possibly the RB.202") and two 10,000 lb.st RR Trent for propulsion (the FH-228 is mentioned so the Trent variant was related to that aircraft's 9,733 lb.st version). High cruise speeds were the reason for the delta wing.

Ah, shame !
Richard Payne even has it with artist impression AND 3-view. Not in
the projects list, but in the article about VTOL projects .
Of course, he has it !

(from R.Payne "Stuck On The Drawing Board")


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An artist's impression of the Military version:

(h/t zebedee)

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