1. novum

    Unknown 1944 VTOL Heinkel-Hirth plane by von Ohain (Secret patent) with RR2 (Rasender Roland 2) turbine

    Hi there, during my 20 year long research on secret Luftwaffe developments 1944/45 in several archives around the world, I never came across the following VTOL development sketches by von Ohain: It is describing a plane by the company of Heinkel-Hirth-Motoren GmbH, Dr. von Ohain, in 1944...
  2. F

    more successful US vtol projects

    i have been looking at a lot of old US vtol project that had promises but it got cancelled and it got me thinking. what would happend if some of those projets succeed, and what would happenend if thay did .
  3. R

    What if? Strap-on VTOL kits

    What if some one developed a strap-on VTOL kit for airplanes. This question was s motivated by the recurring rumours of VTOL replacements for all the C-130 military transports currently in service. VTOL is so heavy and expensive that it detracts from range. You do not a thrust-to-weight ratio...
  4. Skyraider3D

    Heinkel Lerche III action artwork (Luftwaffe Secret Projects)

    This month Dan Sharp is releasing his latest bookazine in his "Luftwaffe Secret Projects" series. I created the cover for it, featuring what must be the craziest airplane I ever made in 3D - and I've made some weird things the past 25 years! It's the Heinkel Lerche III VTOL nightfighter. This...
  5. R

    Republic AP-100 3D model render

    I represent you Republic AP-100 3D model made in blender and texture in substance painter do you think 6 engine thrust vectoring are practical ? :p the wing is only for roll
  6. jstar

    American Aircraft Corp. (Aerocraft) Patriot aka 'Unidentified Russian tilt-rotor' at Russell Military Museum

    Anybody know what this is? It's on display at a little museum near me, and they say they purchased it from a museum near Austin, Texas. It's got to be a figment of someones imagination, maybe for movie use? http://www.russellmilitarymuseum.com/hind.html thanks
  7. Triton

    Convair Model 49 Advanced Aerial Fire Support System

    Convair submitted the Model 49 as its proposal for the Advanced Aerial Fire Support System (AAFSS) competition. From Modeling Madness: Sources: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread72972/pg1 http://modelingmadness.com/scotts/viet/us/army/model49.htm
  8. A

    The Convair Model 200 / 201 /218 TL

    We have a whole bunch of threads, alt-history or not. But no full blown TL so far. The POD: May 1972, common sense prevails: Convair Model 200 carries the day over Rockwell NAR-356. It becomes the XFV-12 interceptor for Zumwalt Sea Control Ship. Even after that one is canned, two prototypes are...
  9. taildragger

    Unknown aircraft concept

    Here's a sketch of an unknown aircraft recently found on eBay. Any ideas on what I bought? My guess is that it's a proposed VTOL or extreme STOL aircraft intended for COIN applications. The signature is dated 1974 (I think) which would be right for the SEA-type camouflage. If the A3... number...
  10. RavenOne

    Bell High Speed VTOL (HSVTOL)

    Son of CV-22B Osprey: Air Force Research Lab signs Research contract with Bel for high speed VTOL study https://www.flightglobal.com/helicopters/us-air-force-signs-research-contract-for-bells-high-speed-vtol/143611.article
  11. Flyaway

    Daedalus Flight Pack

    The Royal Marines appear to have become early adopters of the Daedalus flight pack. View: https://mobile.twitter.com/AdmTonyRadakin/status/1388551547076894723
  12. Michel Van

    German VTOL Business Jet

    I need your Advice I working on Story were German history goes little different Here goes Aerospace industry in VTOL with Do-31 and EWR VJ 101 get into service. One of civilian application is a VTOL Business Jet I took the MBB HFB 320 Jet as template With Mass 9600 kg it need around...
  13. T

    The Jetpack thread

    Operational test of Jetpacks has resurfaced fuelled by Startups with no real market and a full trail of blazing innovation. I think it's time we have a thread to discuss gently and keep each other updated on the subject. Here is an illustration of a discutable experiment: View...
  14. hesham

    Martin M-380-2 V/STOL Tilt-Wing Lift Fan Aircraft

    Hi, I know we spoke about this aircraft before,but I get a new clearer PDF and I prefer to open a new topic for it,with a clearer artist drawing. http://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,2140.msg110711.html#msg110711
  15. hesham

    Focke Wulf Triebflügel

    By the way, the Focke Wulf Triebflugel was called FW.354.
  16. Jemiba

    Aerophysics (Curtiss-Wright) VZ-7AP « Aerial Jeep »

    Looking quite notional, but it's the only picture I've seen so far of the Aerophysics contender for the flying jeep: (from Aviation Week August 1957)
  17. Triton

    Hughes Jet Pack "Pogo Stick" concept

    Hughes Jet Pack Pogo Stick concept artwork found on eBay. [link no longer active]
  18. Hammer Birchgrove

    Real or fake? German WWII jet pack

    http://gizmodo.com/5524604/real-goddamn-flying-nazi-soldiers-with-jet-packs ??? Hurm.
  19. overscan (PaulMM)

    Rockwell NA-420, NA-430 and NA-431 (US Navy "Type A" proposals)

    Rockwell NA 430 VSTOL Multi Mission Aircraft Design definition study of NASA/Navy lift/cruise fan V/STOL aircraft. Volume 1: Summary report of Navy multimission aircraft Cavage, R. L. (Rockwell International) NASA-CR-137695 https://ntrs.nasa.gov/citations/19760005982
  20. hesham

    Rockwell unknown VSTOL transport aircraft of 1977

    Hi, I displayed this aircraft before,but I can't identify it,who can ?. Low speed aerodynamic characteristics of a vectored thrust V/STOL transport with two lift/cruise fans Renselaer, D. J NASA-CR-152029 https://ntrs.nasa.gov/citations/19770022151 [Admin - updated link and added report details]
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