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25 July 2007
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Hawker P.1035 Hawk with F.2/43 Fury undercarriage. Source grade 1.

While searching for P.1035 images I came across the beginnings of a model by Paul Bradley (attached). Until seeing it, I hadn't considered the possibility that the P.1035 retained the tail-wheel undercarriage (a la Attacker).


The model itself stays true to the Sea Hawk fuselage and intakes. But most descriptions say that the P.1035 was low-winged. The model canopy is also Sea Hawk (I've taken the written descriptions more literally and used the narrower Fury sliding canopy).

The long jetpipe I've based loosely on the Canadair CT-133 (which was also Nene-powered). A tricycle-gear version of this P.1035 is in Early Secret Projects.



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I do believe you've discovered an intermediate design between P.1035 and P.1040. Low-mounted Fury wings but with the P.1040/Sea Hawk split jet pipes!
shows a 'Tempest winged' 'Hawk' with teardrop canopy like the prototype P.1040

Any possibility to see this pic posted here? ;)

Thanks in advance,
As always, nice model Joe. And thanks for the P.1040 vs P.1035 clarification.
It should really be "of WWII" or "of the Second World War". No native speaker would say "of the WWII".
Next Book;)

Great News! When will it be released?
It should really be "of WWII" or "of the Second World War". No native speaker would say "of the WWII".
Is this release date still on? I definitely want to buy that book!
Publication of the book delayed till the second half of 2021:confused:

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