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  1. Grey Havoc

    Lullingstone Airport

    View: Some background on decoy airfields:
  2. CJGibson

    British Aircraft Specifications 1950-1976

    Thirty-plus years in the making, this is a must-have for anyone researching postwar British aircraft. It's from Air-Britain, so you know it will be good. Pricey, even for members, but this time next year you'll wish you'd bagged one...
  3. robinbird

    What's Mustard Plaster?

    'Mustard Plasters' are mentioned in my wartime notes of trials carried out by the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment, Helensburgh. More information appreciated.
  4. robinbird

    V2 mystery

    Does anyone know the history of this particular captured V2, which I believe was at RAF Beaulieu (Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment) at the end of the war. My late father took the photograph as the AFEE photographer but that is all that I know.
  5. B

    Supermarine 312 cannon fighter?

    I've seen a few references to a Supermarine early World War II project called the Type 312. From what I've read, it was a derivative of the Spitfire but with standard cannon armament and a ventral radiator instead of the Spitfire's underwing radiators. Does any photos or plans or other details...
  6. H

    Bristol Britannia AEW: BEWARE

    In the 1960s, the RAF started to examine options for land-based AEW aircraft. NASR.6166 was a joint RAF/RN requirement issued in 1962, for a carrier-borne AEW aircraft that would also be used from land bases. This requirement specified an FMICW radar. That didn't stop companies from offering...
  7. Schneiderman

    Air Ministry specification R.2/33 - Short Sunderland

    I'm on the scrounge. Does anyone have a copy , or just the key text, of specification R.2/33 that they would be willing to share? Failing that does anyone know whether the text of the specification has been included in any article or book, most likely one about the Sunderland. Thanks
  8. hesham

    Brabazon Type-3, possible Competitors ?

    Hi, the Brabazon Type-3 or Specification 6/45,the known tenders were; Airspeed,Armstrong-Whitworth and Avro-692 & Avro-693,but can I ask if those companies involved or not; Blackburn,Bristol ,De Havilland,Fairey,Folland,Handley Page,Miles,Percival,Scottish Aviation, Shorts,Vickers and Westland ?.
  9. blackkite

    The Hawker P.1062, P.1068 and P.1067.

    Hi! source: Anthony Leonard Butller...
  10. uk 75

    RAF Fighter Command after 1957

    The thread about the V Force has shown how brilliant some of the researchers here are at providing us with material unique to this site. So as we are still a bit limited in where and what we can do this Summer, I am adding the subject which has cropped up in many other threads: RAF Fighter...
  11. blackkite

    Handley Page HP88

    Hi! Handley Page HP88. "The single HP.88 aircraft was designed to Air Ministry Specification E.6/48 as an aerodynamic testbed for the proposed Handley Page Victor V-bomber."
  12. blackkite

    Bristol F18/37 fighter project

    Hi! Bristol F18/37 fighter with 'Centaurus’ engine.(Except the last drawing) (Original source : TONY BUTTLER BRITISH SECRET PROJECTS FIGHTERS & BOMBERS 1935-1950)
  13. J

    Miles M.43 (7 September 1943 version) Specification F6/42

    Miles M.43 technical data Power plant: one Rolls-Royce Griffon Mk.VI, 12 cylinder ‘V’, liquid cooled engine, rated at 1,850 hp, driving one de Havilland six-bladed counter-rotating airscrew, front wingspan: 23.6 ft (7.2 m), rear wingspan: 37 ft (11.3 m), length: 26.2 ft (8 m), wing surface: 300...
  14. Hood

    Air Radio Installation Numbers

    The British Air Ministry created a designation system for the installations of radio equipment in the late 1930s, each number reflected the standardised installation of a particular radio transmitter or receiver and all the various elements including power units, aerial connections, and control...
  15. blackkite

    British F.7/30 fighter specification.

    Hi! F.7/30 Fighter capable of at least 250 mph and armed with four machine guns Blackburn F.3, Bristol Type 123, Bristol Type 133, Gloster Gladiator, Gloster SS.19, Hawker P.V.3, Supermarine Type 224, Westland F.7/30 Specification F.7/30...
  16. blackkite

    British B.1/39 Heavy Bomber Competition

    Hi! "The B1.39 spec was to carry 9,000lb over 2,500miles cruising at least 280mph. Maximum bomb load was to be 10,000lb and some could be carried externally if necessary. Provision was made to stow 20 x 250lb or 500lb...
  17. GTX

    Bristol 159

    Couldn't find a thread on this so here goes: In March 1938 the Air Staff put together a paper that described an ideal bomber, and then a few months later specification B.19/38 was produced which indicated that the bomber would have a strong defensive armament of eight 20mm “shell-firing gun”...
  18. hesham

    Parnall Heavy Bomber Project of 1938 ?

    Hi, in 1938,Parnall designed a twin boom heavy bomber Project,with no supporting tailplane or structure between the booms,how we can find a drawing or a more Info about it ?.
  19. Schneiderman

    Early Supermarine Attacker

    In July 1945 Supermarine had not yet finalised their design for the Type 392 Attacker. This drawing (39200 116) shows one of the alternatives considered; note the design of the tail surfaces, the repositioned air intakes, the four cannon mounted alongside the cockpit, and, of course, the...
  20. P

    On Atlas' Shoulders: RAF Transport Aircraft Projects Since 1945

    . Found this on ; On Atlas' Shoulders: RAF Transport Aircraft Projects Since 1945 by Chris Gibson (Author) Hardcover – 31 Oct 2016 Hardcover: 176 pages Publisher: Hikoki Publications (31 Oct. 2016) ISBN-10: 1902109511 ISBN-13: 978-1902109510
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