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  1. CJGibson

    Britain's Military Helicopters

    Just published by Key https://shop.keypublishing.com/product/View/productCode/KB0091/Britain's%20Military%20Helicopters Helicopters in British forces service. Includes photos of some not very well camouflaged Agusta A109s.... Chris
  2. Grey Havoc

    HMS Flat Iron

    It is unclear if she was still in service post-World War II, but if she was still around in 1948 it is debatable whether or not she would have been technically entitled to the HMAFV (His Majesty's Air Force Vessel) prefix, given that she wasn't a powered vessel.
  3. blackkite

    Boulton Paul P.105 and P.107

    Hi! https://plane-encyclopedia.com/ww2/boulton-paul-p-105-p-107/ "Late in the Second World War, the Royal Naval Air Arm began seeking out an aircraft design that would be able to fill both the fighter and bomber roles. Having one aircraft perform multiple roles would eliminate the specialization...
  4. blackkite

    Blackburn B-54

    Hi Blackburn B-54 and B-88 shipborne, anti-submarine aircraft, Fairey Gannet competitor. https://www.baesystems.com/en/heritage/blackburn-b-54-and-b-88 "The first design in this series was the Blackburn B54 or YA5. This type was designed around the proposed Napier Double-Naiad turbo-prop...
  5. J

    Blackburn B-37 Firebrand

    Blackburn B-37 Firebrand
  6. CJGibson

    The Admiralty and the Helicopter

    Blue Envoy Press are pleased to announce The Admiralty and the Helicopter by James Jackson. A companion volume to The Air Staff and the Helicopter, this latest addition to the Project Tech Profile series charts the development of the Admiralty’s pioneering requirements and the numerous...
  7. P

    Battle of France and RAF light bomber choices.

    I've caught papacavy's "What If" disease, but this is purely for interest rather than literary purposes. As we all know, the Fairey Battle was an airplane which, once tested in combat, did not imbue its crews with any confidence that they would come home from attacking defended targets. Let's...
  8. M

    Hawker Siddeley « Buccaneer »

    Just wondered why this amazing aircraft doesn't enjoy such a reputation as compared to TSR2? Thinking back to the sixties would it not have made sense to take up the Yorkshire suggestion rather than one from a neighbouring county? After all a supersonic Bucc would have saved developmental...
  9. H

    Blackburn B.29

    Anyone have a three view drawing of the Blackburn B.29 torpedo bomber? prior posting: http://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,4519.msg35771/topicseen.html#msg35771
  10. Mike Pryce

    Future RAF/RN fleet

    Latest stories are that the entire RAF Tornado fleet may be retired. The £7.5bn 'saved' may help pay for a Trident replacement. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1298871/RAF-Tornado-fleet-faces-axe-bid-save-7bn.html This is still speculative (the 'leak' was hardly an agreed policy...
  11. Z

    Sea Vixen avionics

    Searched a lot have'nt found much, and nothing here on this. So since I'm interested thought I'd start a thread and see what people know. Seems from testimonials on the SeaVixen site the AI.18 set had a average detection range of just 20nm. Apparently has a lock on feature. The dish is 28...
  12. Apophenia

    Hawker P.1035 Hawk

    Hawker P.1035 Hawk with F.2/43 Fury undercarriage. Source grade 1. While searching for P.1035 images I came across the beginnings of a model by Paul Bradley (attached). Until seeing it, I hadn't considered the possibility that the P.1035 retained the tail-wheel undercarriage (a la Attacker)...
  13. uk 75

    BAC Brochure on Mirage VSTOL

    In his book on attack aircraft of the West Bill Gunston refers to a British Aircraft Corporation brochure published in the early 60s showing the Mirage III vstol in RAF and RN colours in the process of being delivered to the UK forces, the final page of which is described as being the first...
  14. hesham

    British Spec. S.24/37: naval torpedo/dive bomber reconnaissance aircraft

    from Great Britain: in S24/37 specification, for naval torpedo/dive bomber reconnaissance aircraft which led to develope Fairey Barracuda,anther six companies competed in this competition, Shorts S-24 and Percival P-25 were from the rivals. do anyone have a 3-View to them ?.
  15. C

    Blackburn Buccaneer Competing Aircraft

    Hi Everyone! Presented here is a three-view line drawing (I have little else information) on the Hawker P.1108, one of the aircraft that competed with the ultimate winner of the contract, Blackburn. The only information given besides the three-view, is the following: "Two-seat Naval Strike...
  16. overscan (PaulMM)

    Advanced Harrier Projects

    Thanks to Evan, heres a nice PDF of a British Aerospace Harrier II Plus brochure showing it in RN colours.