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  1. Mike Pryce

    Transcript of an in depth interview with Hawker's Ralph Hooper

    30 Jan 2016 is the 90th birthday of Ralph Hooper - father of the Harrier (and P1216!) https://twitter.com/MichaelJPryce/status/693087096026849280 http://www.bl.uk/voices-of-science/interviewees/ralph-hooper Ralph was both the inspiration and a great help in my Master's and PhD studies, and...
  2. blackkite

    The Hawker P.1052, P.1072 and P.1081.

    Hi! The Hawker P.1052 swept-wing version of the Sea Hawk for high speed research. https://www.baesystems.com/en/heritage/hawker-p1052 "The Hawker P.1052 was an experimental aircraft produced by Haker Siddeley for research and development of swept back wing designs. As preparations were being...
  3. J

    Hawker tempest prototypes

    Hawker tempest prototypes
  4. hesham

    Hawker Fury Monoplane Project of 1933

    Hi, the Hawker company developed in 1933,a monoplane version of its Fury biplane fighter,it remained a drawing board only. http://alternathistory.org.ua/fury-monoplane-ili-nemnogo-o-kharrikeine
  5. Apophenia

    Hawker P.1035 Hawk

    Hawker P.1035 Hawk with F.2/43 Fury undercarriage. Source grade 1. While searching for P.1035 images I came across the beginnings of a model by Paul Bradley (attached). Until seeing it, I hadn't considered the possibility that the P.1035 retained the tail-wheel undercarriage (a la Attacker)...
  6. overscan (PaulMM)

    Hawker designation list

    Source: Donald Hannah, Flypast Reference Library - Hawker, Key Publishing 1982
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