Gloster Meteor: special one-of-a-kind aircraft and unbuilt variants

Some other Meteor variants:

1. Gloster Ground Attack Meteor

2. Gloster Meteor F.8 Screamer Testbed

3. Gloster Jet Deflection Testbed

4. Gloster (Armstrong Whitworth) Meteor NF.11 WD686, used by the Telecommunications Research Establishment

5. Gloster (Armstrong Whitworth) Meteor NF.11 WD790, radar testbed

6. Gloster Meteor U.15 target drone

7. Gloster Meteor U.16/21 target drone


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Continuing the list:

8. Gloster (Armstrong Whitworth) Meteor NF.11-1 CEV

9. Gloster (Armstrong Whitworth) Meteor NF.11-3 CEV, ramjet testbed

10. Gloster (Armstrong Whitworth) Meteor NF.11-5 CEV

11. Gloster (Armstrong Whitworth) Meteor NF.14-747 CEV

12. Gloster Meteor F.4 Reheated Derwent Testbed


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All photos were found from the link below, from where you can find the performances and specifications of these aircraft as well.

British Secret Projects 3: Fighters from 1935-1950, by Tony Buttler, contains numerous built and unbuilt versions of the Meteor. These are:

P.147: Meteor with de Havilland Halford engines

P.148: Meteor with MetroVick engines

P.173: Trent Meteor

P.187: Meteor Mk.IV with Derwents

P.203: High-altitude variant of the Meteor, with Derwent 5. Came with a greater wingspan, which had squared off ends.

P.263: Meteor with delta wing, slab tail and Derwent 5s or 7s.

P.309: Eight-gun Meteor, fuselage of the F.8 with the wings of the NF.11, a truly formidable aircraft.

Regarding Maveric's question above (Post #44) about whether the experimental Meteors received Gloster's "P." designation system, it seems that some did carry one. Does anyone have any drawings or artwork of the aircraft mentioned above?


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I'm intrigued by the P.263, the Delta winged Meteor! Any drawings or maybe photos of the prototype if ever built?
I'm intrigued by the P.263, the Delta winged Meteor! Any drawings or maybe photos of the prototype if ever built?
Apologies--I'm late to this party. I actually stumbled on this thread in a search for dimensions of the P.263, having seen the 3-view printed in the Aerofax book on the Gloster Meteor, by Phil Butler and Tony Buttler. It's a nice-looking ship, but it surely did not leave the drawing board.


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Not bad! Looks like a jet medium bomber or heavy fighter-bomber! Lots of space for wing hardpoints!
I am trying to find the distance between the engine nacelles center lines. Does anyone know, please?
Not strictly "one of a kind" (since there was at least 1 or 2 more like this) but this was the proper test example, I-056 a Meteor FMk.4 with Mk.3 wings and photographic equipment.
There were also another modification that I've read about but never seen, a supposed FMk.4 with 2 seats, kinda made famous at the time for being mentioned by a relatively famous broadcaster as the plane where she made her "flight baptism", kinda weird, but interesting.
Is any data for the performance data regarding the engine testbed variants of the Meteor available, and if so, where can they be found?
Some information has been unearthed on proposals for Goblin-engined Meteors (with and without reheat) for Sweden, Nene-powered variants and a lot of other stuff!

Far too much for me to copy and reupload here so if you're into Meatboxes then do yourself a favour and check it out! My apologies if it's all old news.
What carrier is that, Zoo Tycoon?
Edit: nvm, Illustrious Class.
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