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26 May 2006
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the Australian company Commonwealth aircraft were:
CA.1 Wirraway was two seat low wing trainer monoplane,a licence
built Northamerican Na.33,followed by CA.3,CA.5,CA.7,CA.8,CA.9 and
CA.16 Wirraway. the CA.10A dive bomber and CA.10 a bomber version
of Wirraway.
CA.2 and CA.6 Wackett Trainer were single engined two seat low wing
basic trainer of indigenous design.
CA.4 and CA.11 Woomera were all metal low wing twin engined three
seat bomber/reconnaissnace aircraft.

CA.12,CA.13,CA.14 and CA.19 Boomerang were single seat low wing fighter aircraft,
CA.15 was low wing single seat fighter,CA.17 and CA.18 were a Northamerican P.51D
a single seat fighter built under licence,CA.22 and CA.25 Winjeel a side-by-side two
seat low wing basic trainer aircraft and CA.23 was two seat all weather fighter project.


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CA.26 and CA.27 Sabre was single seat jet fighter,a Northamerican
F-86F Sabre built under licence,CA.28 Ceres was single seat low-
wing agricultural aircraft,CA.29 was Dassault Mirage III built under
licence,also CA.30 was Aeromacchi MB.326 built under licence,CA.31
was a supersonic operation trainer project and CA.32 Bell Model-206B
Kiowa (Jet Ranger II) helicopter built by the company.

if anyone has an informations about CA.24 or any additions please
tell us.
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-1 Wirraway
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-2 Wackett Trainer
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-3 Wirraway
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-4 Woomera
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-5 Wirraway
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-6 Wackett Trainer
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-7 Wirraway
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-8 Wirraway
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-9 Wirraway
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-10/CA-10A Wirraway Bomber
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-11 Woomera
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-12 Boomerang
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-13 Boomerang
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-14/CA-14A Boomerang
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-15 Kangaroo (Unofficial)
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-16 Wirraway
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-17 Mustang Mk.20
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-18 Mustang Mk.21/Mk.22/Mk.23
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-19 Boomerang
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-20 Wirraway (for RAN)
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-21 Mustang (2 Seater)
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-22 Winjeel
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-23 (Proposed Vampire Replacement)
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-24 (Hawker P1081 - Not Confirmed)
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-25 Winjeel
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-26 Sabre 1
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-27 Sabre Mk.30/Mk.31/Mk.32
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-28 Ceres (Converted Wirraway)
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-29 Mirage
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-30 Macchi
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-31 Proposed Jet Trainer
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp CA-32 Kiowa
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp/Hawker deHavilland Wamira
Commonwealth Aircraft Corp/Tugan Gannet

Try http://www.adf-serials.com/research/ozbuilt.shtml for more information.


Hi all!

I am a bit confused. In Air Enthusiast No.10/1972, in the article "Antipodean finale" about CA-15, it is written that "CA-15" was... contract number rather than "true" aircraft type designation! :eek:

In 1943, therefore, the CAC design team resumed studies for what had now become a potential successor to the Mustang under contract CA-15, this contract number subsequently being utilised as a "designation" for the aircraft as it was never officially named, although at one time it was unofficially referred to as the Kangaroo.

Is it true? If so, is it also true for other CA-numbers?
Probably similar as the North American NA numbers, where the number refers to a contract. That would explain the multiple numbers for some of the Commonwealth designs.

CA-33 Contract for modifications to the RAAF fleet of Lockheed P-3C Orions; installing the Barra Sonobuoysystem (developed for the RAAF and Royal Air Force by the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO)) and associated systems after delivery of each aircraft from the USA; 20 aircraft modified (contract completed as HdHV).
CA-34 Designation used for CAC's participation in the A10 Wamira project.
CA-35Contract for modifications to a Fokker F27 Friendship (registration VH-EWP) to install the LADS system developed by the DSTO (contract completed as HdHV).
CA-36 Production sub-contract for the wing pylons, engine access panels, aft nozzle fairings, aircraft-mounted accessory drive gearboxes and engines for the GAF-built version of the F/A-18 Hornet; 73 airframe shipsets and 158 complete engines built, plus parts of another 17 engines (contract completed as HdHV).



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In the Jan-Feb 1996 issue of Air Enthusiast (No.61) there is a ten page article by Joe Vella about the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation where there is a reference to the CA-37 designation being associated with the Pilatus PC-9/A production at HdH (Victoria) between 1987-91.

There is also a useful list of production numbers and details of Australian military serials used for CAC aircraft.
Jos Heyman said:
Probably similar as the North American NA numbers, where the number refers to a contract. That would explain the multiple numbers for some of the Commonwealth designs.

That is correct. Both NAA and CAC were part of the General Motors conglomerate so adopted their contracting methodologies. “CA-xy” were applied to contracts and also used for internal billing. CAC also used a series of semi-sequential “P.xyz” and “XP-xy” numbers for prototype designs.
Early inline engine powered (as opposed to normal radial engined variant) of CA-2/CA-6:

The CA 24 was the hawker p1000 something something.

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