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  1. trajan

    Sir George Thurston cruiser designs Type A,B,C

    I learned about these interested drawings from another forum, and there are links to the sources given by other members below. But a companion of mine believes that these are "fake drawings" made using some Australia's cruiser plan drawings and Photoshop. I feel distressed. So are these...
  2. V

    Research on British atomic testing in Australia 1952-1963

    Greetings I am undertaking some research on Woomera and Maralinga and British atomic testing in Australia 1952-1963 Does anyone have any material on where Britain obtained its uranium for this project? Still after a photo of the PAC used in the testing of Project Falstaff? Any material on...
  3. hesham

    Brabazon Type-3, possible Competitors ?

    Hi, the Brabazon Type-3 or Specification 6/45,the known tenders were; Airspeed,Armstrong-Whitworth and Avro-692 & Avro-693,but can I ask if those companies involved or not; Blackburn,Bristol ,De Havilland,Fairey,Folland,Handley Page,Miles,Percival,Scottish Aviation, Shorts,Vickers and Westland ?.
  4. Oberon_706

    Could HMAS Australia have been saved from scrapping ?

    Re: Australia and the WNT - please see link below; According to the Author, the government of Australia (if it chose) could likely have won excemption and retained HMAS Australia as an “Armoured Cruiser”. As others...
  5. overscan (PaulMM)

    British Experimental Combat Aircraft of WWII

    From Tony
  6. JFC Fuller

    UK Thermonuclear Warheads.

    Prior to the abandoning of truly indigenous British nuclear warheads in 1958/1959 and the adoption of the US Mk28 and its associated technology in various guises as Red Snow all the way through to the WE.177 series the UK pursued its own megaton Thermonuclear weapons warheads. Amongst these...
  7. P

    Avro 693

    From ‘Stuck on the Drawing Board’ by Richard Payne Avro’s original projects against the Type 3 Specifications were the Avro 690 and 692 (or Avro XXII and XXIII), both powered by six Rolls-Royce Merlin 100 engines. These were superseded by the Avro 693 in 1945, which began life powered by four...
  8. B

    British early post WWII rifles and mgs

    From The Royal Air Force Review October 1951 Vol 7 No 1.