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  1. R

    Australian Ship Building in trouble...

    Interesting...Troubled naval shipbuilding projects set to prompt another Defence Department shake-up
  2. Oberon_706

    Could HMAS Australia have been saved from scrapping ?

    Re: Australia and the WNT - please see link below; According to the Author, the government of Australia (if it chose) could likely have won excemption and retained HMAS Australia as an “Armoured Cruiser”. As others...
  3. P

    Australia to decommission Armidale-class patrol boats

    The Armidale-class should never have been built in the first place IMO. The Fremantle-class patrol boats should have been replaced by a Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) as was appreciated by the RAN - period! Regards Pioneer...
  4. SSgtC

    Cold Warriors: The Essex Class in the Cold War

    Author's Note: This is a timeline that I've been working on that explores a different Cold War where the United States Navy is forced to maintain a larger carrier fleet, one that the Essex class continues to play a large role in. The first few posts won't focus on the class themselves, but are...
  5. R

    First Australian SEA 4000 AWD Destroyer commissioned

    Federal Government finally given the keys to the ‘Hobart’ - the first of three Air Warfare Destroyers
  6. P

    Transfield Shipbuilding 'Joint Patrol Vessel' design proposal of 1990's

    G'day gents I'm looking for information, drawings, pictures of models..... of the Tranfield Shipbuilding 'Joint Patrol Vessel' design submission for the Joint Australian/Malaysian program of the 1990's. The program originally entailed the need for 27 vessels for Malaysia and 12 vessels for...
  7. Mike Pryce

    Australian Invincible

    Image of the Vickers proposal for a modified Invincible Class ship to replace HMAS Melbourne. The enlarged hangar and removal of Sea Dart are of note. Also Invincible image for comparison. Found at:
  8. GTX

    Replacement of Australia's Collins Class Submarines

    Two News Reports regarding the replacement of Australia's Collins Class: Australia to sign new submarines deal with Japan as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits Tony Abbott in Canberra New Japanese submarines to cost Abbott Government $20 billion It is increasingly looking like Australia will...
  9. Hood

    Australian AOE Replenishment Ship HMAS Protector

    In my university library I came across a pamphlet about the Australian shipbuilding industry and came across the following interesting plan for an AOE replenishment ship. HMAS Protector was cancelled in August 1973 after some work had begun. She would have been powered by four Rushton and...
  10. Tzoli

    The Cockatoo Heavy Cruiser

    From the page 80 of the book: Cockatoo Island: Sydney's Historic Dockyard: These cruisers are designed by Cockatoo Island naval Dockyards in 1924 and Vickers in 1929. They resemble a...
  11. Triton

    Hobart-class AWD (Air Warfare Destroyer)

    Published on Jun 14, 2013 A computer-generated animation has been released today which highlights the multi-mission capability of the three naval destroyers being built as part of the Air Warfare Destroyer Project. AWD Alliance CEO Rod Equid said the animation will increase understanding of the...
  12. K

    Fixed torpedo tubes for shore defence

    Could anyone provide me data and informations about fixed torpedo tubes for shore defence?I known that they saw action during WWII.In one case the German heavy cruiser "Blucher" sunk by two 533 mm torpedoes fired from an Norwegian shore torpedo launcher during German invasion in Norway.Do they...
  13. Triton

    Australia SEA 4000 Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD)

    Profile and characteristics of the Gibbs & Cox SEA 4000 Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) Evolved Design Option from 2006. This design was a variant of the Gibbs & Cox designed Arleigh Burke-class DDG. The names Hobart, Brisbane, and Sydney were announced by the Australian Minister for Defence on...
  14. Triton

    Royal Australian Navy (RAN) DDL project (1966-72)

    Artist's impression of Royal Australian Navy (RAN) light destroyer (DDL) project from 1966 to 1972. Source: For more information. URL:
  15. Abraham Gubler

    Unbuilt Kockums Submarines: Early Type 471 (Collins Class) Proposals

    The IKL/HDW T.2000 was rated the highest on the initial tender submission but it would be wrong to say it was more developed than the winning Kockums T.471. For example the T.2000 would have needed more modification to carry the US technology Rockwell combat system than the T.471. The T.471 also...
  16. TinWing

    IKL/HDW Type 2000 Submarine

    It appears that the "Type 2000" submarine was first proposed to the USN during the Ford Administration when there was a degree of interest in conventionally powered patrol subs for the mid-Atlantic ASW mission. Nearly a decade later, the design was offered to Australia, where it was apparently...
  17. P

    Australian 1980's CVE conversion proposal

    In a story called 'The Last War' by Jan Nienmczyk He mentions a 1988 proposal to turn two flat steel product ships into CVE for the RAN, this never happened due to opposition from the CNS but does anyone have any...
  18. uk 75

    australian dlg project late 60s early 70s

    Looking through an old Janes I found a drawing of an Australian DLG design similar to the British Type 42s. I gather it would have filled the same role as the later OH Perry class. Anyone got more info and drawings?