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27 September 2006
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I keep coming across small pictures of a variant of the Anglo French Lynx helicopter for the French Army in the late 60s which shows a gunship helicopter. However, none of the sources has a three view. Does anyone with access to say Janes All the World's Aircraft or the old Flying Reviews have a copy of a decent three view?

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For the WG.13, I've found a photo of two models of armed variants in Aviation
Week, May 1968 and side views of other variants in AE June 1972. The Lynx
really inspired the designers.

[very large image resized as per forum guidelines - Overscan]


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Don't know, if it is helpful and that, what you are looking for,
but here are 3-views of the armed WG.13 variants.
Main source was the mentioned AE issue.
(sorry, totally forgotten, that I've once made them and sorry
for the large attachement ! :( )


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Just to be clear, Jens, images you made yourself can be posted at any size- the bigger the better. Its only scanned "fair use" type images that should be limited in size.
Thanks for the info. I can see now why I was confused by the various versions.

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Here's another version of a Lynx-based gunship. This model is on display in The Helicopter Museum, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England. Worth a visit as it has some interesting items.



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Another proposal to turn the Lynx into a somewhat more specialisd
anti-tank helicopter was the Lynx 3, although still very much a basic
Lynx, but with a redesigned tail
(from AIR Pictorial .8.82)


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WG.13 pics from other topic (http://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,975.0.html)



In Aviation Week 10/1968 the same model was shown, called an ASW helicopter
for the RAN. The registration points to a design for the french forces and I cannot
see something ASW-like. Wrong caption ? Wrong photo ? But as the stub wings
are mentioned, too, the journalist who wrote this, should have stumbled across this
point, I think. ???


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overscan said:

How exactly did you manage to straighten out the left hand side of image WG13-2.jpg?
WG.13 armed version.

Source: Flying Review International August 1968


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More about WG.13...

Interesting find, thank you !
The old blunt nose (no radar) with a nosewheel undercarriage. The two-seat close-support
version could be the one frome my post from December 27th ?
More about WG.13...


OT i know, but on the same page note the gazelle prototype, with alouette style tails and _tail rotor_,

Jemiba said:
Here's a 3-view, I've found on the net, which probably comes from JAWA:

No, the 3-views in Jane's never featured a caption in that font or position. This drawing is most certainly not from JAWA, but might have been from long defunct European publication.
"This drawing is most certainly not from JAWA"

Well, that was just a guess, I found it on a site, where I couldn't even
read the captions and thought, the drawing itself looked like those in
Jane's. But this photo of the SA 340-01 definitely is from Minidocavia N°9


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We had this here :http://www.secretprojects.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,4296.0/highlight,sa+340+gazelle.html

oops, missed that one, sorry, but i've never seen it before,


here is anther Lynx attack variant or armed recce,but
note the cockpit is different also the gun location varies
from other drawings.


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I suppose we can also include the ASW variant in this thread, right? Here it is:


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From Mr. Tony Butler.


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That image came from "Lynx - Yeovil's Revolutionary Yearling" in Air Enthusiast Vol 2, June 1972, page 284. Was Tony Buttler the author of that article?
WG.13 mock-up, from 'Airfix Magazine', April 1968, page 299.



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Jemiba said:
Another proposal to turn the Lynx into a somewhat more specialisd
anti-tank helicopter was the Lynx 3, although still very much a basic
Lynx, but with a redesigned tail
(from AIR Pictorial .8.82)

My dear Jemiba,

here is a clearer view to Lynx 3.

Air International 8/1982


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The Lynx 3 with various weapons configurations:


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I never noticed before but the Lynx 3 seems to have been the origin of the tail arrangement on the new Lynx Wildcat. I wonder how much else was carried across?

hesham said:
Thank you CostasTT.
You are welcome. Note that although in several of the pictures the helicopter carries ATGMs, there is no sight fitted on the copilot's roof mount.
CostasTT said:
...Note that although in several of the pictures the helicopter carries ATGMs, there is no sight fitted on the copilot's roof mount.

Isn't that device shown in 01, 03, 08, 09 and 10 on the left-hand side of the cockpit roof the housing for a sight ?
Westland WG.13 (Lynx) versions

Source: WG.13, Interavia Germany, June 1968, page 771


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Doubt it. S-92 has a very boxy tail and others are like it. I wonder if it has better aerodynamic effect than a traditional round tailboom.

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