Quite frankly, the model is gorgeous, and I am happy Hesham did post it.
The models are excellent and reasonably priced

Any livery of your choice is available.
I speedily found that; never saw any internal picture of the domestic version. Will try to find some more info.

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Thanks for looking. I have always been curious as to the design of the 321 passenger B2707-300 7 abreast model, especially we have all seen multiple stages of the 5 abreast prototype and the 6 abreast commercial versions. I figure if there is an illustration or model it's at the Boeing Archives. Even aviation week doesn't have anything. I tried to do it myself and I realized I should never try that again.
I apologize for this hideous cropping but someone else that I personally know didn't understand what I meant by high capacity domestic model. This is it. This would have been American's NY to LA route as example. Or Easterns's NY to FL. Coupled with the last minute idea of turbofans and downgrade to mach 2.2 I've always thought this would have sold as many models as the 234 passenger 5 abreast one. Again I apologize for the high school level crop.
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Has anyone ever seen a line drawing, plan, model or anything of the Boeing 2707-300 wide body 7 abreast 321 passenger variant? We have all seen the 280 foot 234 passenger, 286 foot 258 passenger, and the 298 foot 298 passenger versions. So I'm thinking Their had to be at least one illustration of the high capacity domestic variant.
I think I found one illustration of the domestic version. It does fit the dimensions even though it is an artistic illustration. It's from the Boeing promo "You, me, and the SST". You can find it on Youtube. But if anyone is still looking please continue.


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