1. E

    Challenger: A True Story of Heroism and Disaster on the Edge of Space

    Available now.
  2. Flyaway

    Habitable Worlds Observatory (HWO)

    Thought I better start a thread for this now. NASA Awards Advance Technologies for Future Habitable Worlds Mission
  3. Flyaway

    Vigil Solar Observatory - ESA

    NASA’s Heliophysics Experiment to Study Sun on European Mission
  4. N

    F-117X Remora

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here. For months I have been fascinated by the fictional "F-117X Remora" from the film Executive Decision. In the movie's lore, the Remora was originally created by ARPA (Now DARPA) for the space program, to conduct supersonic low-orbit link ups with the...
  5. Michel Van

    Keyhole satellite projects

    This here is overview of several projects for NRO Keyhole Spy Sats like DORIAN, SPARTAN, SAMOS or FULCRUM MOL aka KH-10 DORIAN KH-11 KENNEN The SPARTAN reconnaissance satellite program Proposal to use NRO camera on Apollo Mission Source material...
  6. Flyaway

    Apollo 17 50th Anniversary

    New video from NASA to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the mission. View:
  7. flateric

    NASA/industry small transport aircraft technology (STAT) studies from 80s

    some GA weirdo projects from early 80s
  8. Flyaway

    Mariner 4

    New Scott Manley video. Computers Were So Slow Scientists 'Painted' The First Close Up Image Of Mars View:
  9. Grey Havoc

    Low-Earth Orbit Flight Test of an Inflatable Decelerator [LOFTID] (NASA)
  10. archipeppe

    The Untold Stories of the Space Shuttle Program: Unfulfilled Dreams and Missions that Never Flew (Springer Praxis Books) 1st ed. 2022

    The latest work of my friend Davide Sivolella an aeronautical engineer and a skilled author, who lives in England. If you want to learn about never realized Space Shuttle versions, this is the right book...
  11. Grey Havoc

    Trevor Paglen 'Orbital Reflector'

    ORIGINAL CAPTION: Digital Rendering of Orbital Reflector. Copyright Trevor Paglen. Courtesy of the Artist and Nevada Museum of Art.
  12. Grey Havoc

    CAPSTONE (Cislunar Autonomous Positioning System Technology Operations and Navigation Experiment)

    Long overdue for its own topic, previously news & info on it was being posted over in the Rocket Lab Launcher thread: CAPSTONE is being funded by the Advanced Exploration Systems office of NASA's Exploration Systems...
  13. Flyaway

    Psyche Mission

    As NASA has now decided to continue on with this mission, now targeting a launch in late 2023 I thought it should have its own separate thread.
  14. KHambsch

    Plasma Magnetic sail

    I think this propulsion concept fell between the cracks at the time the Phase I and II NIAC reports were released in I believe circa 2007. To start with, this is a type of sail which exploits the solar wind, is considered a drag a sailboat in the wind. For this reason I'm not...
  15. Grey Havoc

    Ocean Atmosphere Sensor Integration System (OASIS) [NASA long duration solar powered autonomous surface vehicle, 2000s]
  16. athpilot

    Kistler K-1 Bedpost Rocket

    The Kistler K-1 is dicussed in some threads here, but I could not find a dedicated thread to it, so... Here is the animation of Bedpost Rocket by Hazegrayart. From the video description: " An early design concept sometimes referred to as the Bedpost Rocket the Kistler K-1 was a two-stage...
  17. Grey Havoc

    25 Years of Continuous Robotic Mars Exploration – From Pathfinder to Perseverance (NASA History)

    From a couple of days ago, via the Space Reddit:
  18. Flyaway

    Uranus Orbiter and Probe

  19. Flyaway

    Solar Power Satellites

    Results of ESA studies, looks like they are going to invest more into SSP. View: View:
  20. overscan (PaulMM)

    Research in NASA history - a guide to the NASA history program This document published in 2009 contains a summary of published books about NASA history and also a guide to the collections and archives found at various NASA locations. Looks potentially useful for researchers.
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