1. F

    DSCOVR The little satellite that could How a vice president’s dream led—after a very long delay—to the DSCOVR spacecraft by Dwayne A. Day Monday, August 16, 2021 If satellites had personalities, DSCOVR would be a scrappy little fighter: battered, bloody, but...
  2. F

    ISS Saga

    Probably best I post this here considering the contentious nature of the whole thing if you pardon the pun. View: View...
  3. GTX

    Crew Health and Performance Exploration Analog (CHAPEA) - NASA Mars
  4. archipeppe

    X-Planes from the X-1 to the X-60: An Illustrated History (Springer Praxis Books)

    Hi folks, I have the pleasure to introduce you my next book, always done with my friend and co-author Michael H. Gorn, dedicated to the NASA X-Planes (and we all know they aren't definitely all planes...) from X-1 to the X-60. It will released by Springer-Praxis next 8th of January 2022...
  5. U

    NASA-DLR: Sustainable Aviation Fuel Can Reduce Contrails Quotes from Richard Moore, a NASA scientist at Langley Research Center: The study finds 50 - 70% fewer ice crystals due to less soot and larger size of crystals (less persistence). Hopefully...
  6. Antonio

    The art of NASA
  7. T

    An amphibian veichle to recover the Mercury capsule

    I just found this picture in an old Italian magazine: The caption says it is a special amphibian veichle to recover the Mercury capsule. The picture was taken during an exercise, using a mockup of the Mercury, with the same dimensions and mass.
  8. E

    NASA and Apollo items coming to auction
  9. bearnard97

    The possibility of the colonization of Venus put forward by NASA

    This is a video about the possibility of the colonization of Venus put forward by NASA. Personally, I think the idea of colonizing Venus is a completely useless idea. Even more useless than colonizing Mars. Venus's environment is even more harsh than the environment on Mars which will we should...
  10. bearnard97

    NASA is going to make 2 missions to Venus

    NASA announced Wednesday that it will send, not one, but two spacecraft to Venus this decade as part of its efforts to ramp up exploration of the closest planet to Earth. The decision was hailed by scientists who study Venus and have felt neglected by a space agency decidedly more interested in...
  11. F

    NASA and ESA’s Return to Venus

    Both Venus missions won out in the Discovery competition, results announced today. View:
  12. A

    Mike Collins has passed away... :(

    As said in the tin. Now Buzz Aldrin is all alone as the last Apollo 11 crew still standing. The way things go, no Apollo crew veteran will be left by 2024 to see a tentative return to the Moon...
  13. Grey Havoc

    Able-1 / Able-2 (Thor-Able moonshot project)

    From the ever interesting Scott Manley: View: Able-2 of course was later retroactively renamed to Pioneer 1.
  14. Grey Havoc

    Mighty Eagle robotic lunar lander testbed program

  15. Grey Havoc

    Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)

  16. Grey Havoc

    Mars Dogs (CoSTAR project) View:
  17. P

    1963 Grumman LEM

  18. S

    Space Board Game Liftoff! 2.0

    Hi I really love this web site it has so much fantastic info on the hidden or forgotten space projects. Sadly, I don’t visit this website enough due to my projects. In 1989 I had my old boardgame Liftoff! Race to the Moon published; a simulation for four players with alternate proposed ways of...
  19. F

    Made In Space

    Video regarding their forthcoming Archinaut One satellite due for launch in 2023. View:
  20. A

    JPL "spare" planetary program, in the 70's.

    As said in the title... all the robotic planetary missions launched in the 70's left a spare spacecraft on the ground (and later, at the NASM aerospace museum). There were good reasons for that - providing spares - ground testing - backup in case of failures (Mariner 8...) Soooo 1978...