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Oct 9, 2009
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Credit to oldmodelkits for the use of their images. www.oldmodelkits.com Here is a version with no background music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntIW0... another update https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/... A run down on the three big kit model companies from their humble beginnings to their eventual demises. A German Investment group created the company Blitz, with the purpose of buying Revell USA and Revell Germany. This happened in April of 2018 when the companies of Hobbico were divested through liquidation. Blitz put the offices at Revell Germany in charge of both companies. They got it for a song, both companies together were valued at something like $18million, and was purchased for less than 1/4 of that, appox. $4million, a large chunk of that to purchase inventory at Revell USA. Looking at the numbers on paper, Revell Germany as a whole was bought for just under $1million, the tooling at Revell USA (worth approx. $3.5million) was on paper purchased for the tidy sum of $50000, licensing, trademarks and copyrights made up a bulk of the remaining costs of purchase. Now just called "Revell", Revell Germany side of the business, kits are still produced in Poland, and the Revell USA side of the business kits are still produced in China, with the same usual cross pollination of ROG and RUSA kits winding up in each other's boxes for different markets. Revell in the US was slow to get back off the ground, basically ended up being a warehouse with one employee where the RUSA and ROG kits would come into, and then sent back out to distributors. They have since expanded their footprint in the US, by bringing back Ed Sexton into the fold, and that is basically where we are at today. Most of the Aurora and Renwal molds, as well as some of the older Revell and Monogram tools, have since be sold to Atlantis Models, whom are having a grand time reissuing them. Subsequently the line of Monogram Nascar kits (most of them) were sold to Salvino JR Models (through Atlantis), and are living on today. Just thought it would be prudent to tell everyone that how the video ends, is not the end of the story.