late 1940s

  1. Grey Havoc

    British Army Volkswagen Beetles

    Quick question: Does anyone know the official designation that the British Army and War Office used for the BAOR's Beetle saloons (initially referred to simply as the 'Volkswagen Saloon')? There seems to be some indication that other British Army commands and detachments in Western Europe may...
  2. uk 75

    RN disposes of battleships in 1947

    How useful would it have been if the Royal Navy had grasped the nettle in 1947 and decided to scrap its battleships? Admittedly this is much easier with the benefit of hindsight. But the lessons of the war and the success of air and submarine attacks on battleships were already well known. The...
  3. Grey Havoc

    The Aurora, Revell, Monogram Models Story

  4. Graham1973

    Fictional Russian Warships from 1945

    Some 'highly speculative' Soviet warship designs allegedly from Life Magazine in 1945, attributed to 'US Naval Architects' I stumbled across on Reddit... They come from this article in the 17th of December 1945 issue of the magazine... The Russian Navy is Reborn (Life Magazine, 17 December 1945)
  5. Hood

    Firestone XR-9

    The Firestone Aircraft Company, a subsidary of the tyre firm of the same name, took over the rights to some Pitcairn Autgyro Company designs. Firestone then developed the Model 45 which became the XR-9 two-seat helicopter. The Model 45B was designed to use a 126hp XO-290-5 piston engine, the...
  6. B

    RAF 1946 versus Luftwaffe 1946?

    First of all, this is my very first post on this forum and while I know that no topic will be entirely original (you guys have been at this some time!) I have done a search for RAF 1946 and didn't find anything, so... I get a bit riled at digital documentary channels and their obsession with...
  7. hesham

    Armstrong Whitworth flying wing transport aircraft

    Hi, the AW flying wing transport aircraft project from 1946.
  8. GTX

    Planet Aircraft Ltd and Firth Helicopter Prototypes

    Hi folks, Thought I would post these pics etc on the Planet Satellite light aircarft of the late '40s. It was a four seater built of magnesium alloy,retractable undercarriage fitted with a Gipsy Queen 32 amidships driving a pusher airscrew in the tail,designer was a Mr J.N.D.Heenan,she was...