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  1. Grey Havoc

    The Aurora, Revell, Monogram Models Story

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBgCRQ2wIvw
  2. P

    1963 Grumman LEM

  3. Grey Havoc

    4468 Mallard

  4. T

    Momentum bomb

    I didn't find anything about Momentum bomb project in the forum. In Chris Gibson & Tony Buttler's book "British secret projects: Hypersonics, Ramjets & missles" this project names "RAE Momentum bomb": and "Vickers Momentum bomb": What does it mean? And I have another question. Do you have any...
  5. Grey Havoc

    Lincoln Experimental Satellite series

    https://tech.slashdot.org/story/20/04/24/2248252/long-lost-us-military-satellite-found-by-amateur-radio-operator https://space.skyrocket.de/doc_sdat/les-5.htm
  6. JFC Fuller

    Rover Turboprops

    Rover developed gas turbines for automotive applications, development continued after the marque's absorption by Leyland in 1967. In addition to automotive applications Rover also produced gas turbines for APU applications, as described here. They also went as far as testing them in aircraft...
  7. Grey Havoc

    P-GEM (Princeton Ground Effect Machine)

  8. Grey Havoc

    An alternative to Soylent Green?

    ;) https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-51019798
  9. Dilandu

    Rb 08 anti-ship missile

    This rather obscure Sweden weapon system, actually, quite interesting: It is the first Western shipborne anti-ship missile ever commissioned, and the only one Western SSM close to Soviet cotemporary analogues (like P-15 "Termit"). Interesting to note, that it seems to be essentially an...
  10. C

    Boeing swing-wing fighter - TFX, FX or ?

    Based on earlier posts in this thread, this appears to be a model of the single-seat Boeing 818 variant. My understanding of the TFX requirement is that it always was a two-seater (early ones were tandem, and later side x side). So I'm not sure where this fits in ...
  11. Jemiba

    National Research Associates Inc. Hovercraft Designs

    Found in "Helicopter and VTO World, January-February 1961 issue, three designs for hovercraft aimed at te commercial and military market. On http://worldhovercraft.org/insider/aug06_printable.htm a prototype of the Aquagem (Aqua GEM) is shown and three more examples are mentioned. but with the...
  12. Triton

    North American Rockwell Mars Excursion Module (MEM) model

    North American Rockwell Mars Excursion Module (MEM) model found on eBay. URL: http://cgi.ebay.com/1967-ROCKWELL-NASA-MARS-PROTOTYPE-MODEL-SPACESHIP-RARE-/350404751800?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5195c031b8 Seller's description:
  13. Triton

    Fairchild ESV (Experimental Safety Vehicle)

    Photographs of Fairchild ESV (Experimental Safety Vehicle). Source: From the Archives at Grumman Memorial Park Calverton, Long Island, New York or The Cradle of Aviation Museum, Garden City, Long Island via Warbird Information Exchange forum...
  14. flateric

    Marquardt/GASL/Lockheed-California 1967 Scramjet

    old AWST article found at eBay
  15. Triton

    Royal Navy "Terra Nova" icebreaker

    In the mid-1950s it was decided to increase the Royal Navy presence in the Falkland Islands dependencies. It was hoped to build a new icebreaker and the United States Navy made the plans of the Wind-class icebreaker available. British engines were selected that made the ship much longer. The...
  16. uk 75

    British Army "Flying Jeeps" / "Jumping Jeeps"

    In the book Project Cancelled there is a whole chapter devoted to the British Army project for a "Jumping Jeep" which could leap across obstacles using jump jets/rotorfans. The winning bid from BAC was under development until the mid 60s when it was cancelled on cost and practicality grounds...
  17. Antonio

    Rotary recovery of spent booster stages

    While waiting for Orionblamblam posts I'd like to post this beast from Hiller (Vertical Challenge. The Hiller Aircraft Story from Jay P. Spenser. ISBN 0-295-97203-3) Formally proposed in 1965, it was designed to retrieve spent 200 ton Saturn V booster first stages. This tip-jet powered helo had...
  18. Antonio

    US Navy Type Spec TS-146 - competitors to the P3V Orion

    Revista de Aeronáutica Núm 208 March 1958. pg 228 Lockheed just announced that its model Electra would have the following versions: 1. Navigation Trainer 2. ECM Trainer 3. Medevac for 76 casualties 4. MATS Transport (91 places) 5. High Speed Cargo All five models would be powered by Allison...